It is now standard practice for politicians to have a taxpayers funded website which they need to perform their role in the community. However, one thing that hasn’t really caught on in Australia is the concept of individual journalists having their own sites.

The only one that we are aware of is former Fin Review correspondent Eric Ellis, who now strings and freelances out of Asia for a range of quality titles – and The Bulletin. Check out Eric’s website here:

Other professionals and advocates also have their own websites such as this one for QC and refugee advocate Julian Burnside:

The speakers circuit is another area where prominent people have their own web page with their agent. Check out what Saxton says about Murdoch’s bearded business burbler Terry McCrann:

Even the odd company director has a site. We’ve previously linked to Boral chairman Ken Moss although his site is now “under construction” again as you can see here:

We’d like to compile a list of interesting Australians with their own websites so if you know of one please email it through to [email protected].