The following letter appeared in the Letter’s page of The Weekend Australian Magazine

“John Elliott is quoted ‘Mr Hide’ (February 19-20) as claiming that he gave his first wife Lorraine “four or five” million when he left her for someone else. The figure was absurdly exaggerated, in keeping with John’s style. He is also quoted as saying he remains good friends with Lorraine, now married to me. Readers can draw their own conclusions.”

John Kiely
Richmond, Victoria

CRIKEY: In Big Jack’s defence, his figures might stack up with somer acrobatics. Add up whatever Big Jack handed over in cash and property, plus his legal bills and any maintenance payments to the children, index the lot over 20 years and maybe $4 million would be in reach. However, it sounds like he certainly didn’t happily hand over $4 million in cash and property as part of the settlement.

John Kiely is an old Age lefty who Steve Harris recruited to the Herald Sun in 1993, where he was moderating and successful opinion page editor after the crazy extremes of the Piers Akerman days. He used to ask Crikey to write anti-Kennett opinion pieces on the Hun’s opinion pages, even though his sister Doreen was at the time married to Kennett Treasurer Alan Stockdale. Over the last decade, however, with all that exposure to Andrew Bolt and a new marriage to Victorian Liberal MP Lorraine Elliot, John is now solidly on the right, even sending Crikey the odd angry email saying that he must be jealous of Andrew Bolt’s “success”.