Last week’s economic turmoil and Labor’s win in the West continues Kim Beazley’s golden run of luck since he ascended the leadership. He’s got himself some juicy issues to attack the Government when Parliament resumes this week – but can he control the prolixity and land a few blows in the bear pit?

Reining in the windbaggery will be the the key job for his new press secretary, Walkey-award winning hack Kate Hannon. Crikey hears Hannon has been dusted off from her PR job with the Rann Government, and will start with Beazley this month.

A former presser to Laurie Brereton, Hannon (and her family) has impeccable Labor credentials. Crikey tragics will recall that her big brother, Peter, was counsel for Nick Bolkus in his action against Crikey which yielded $25,000 for the always sober driver in May 2003.

Kate came to prominence five years ago winning a Walkley when she exposed the kerosine bath episode – the nursing home scandal that finished off Bronwyn Bishop’s political career.

With Labor pursuing the government over the economy and interest rates – and no doubt dredging up a few more regional rorts – Beazley would kill for an issue as powerful in the public mind as forced kerosine baths for old folks.

But his most important job is to make the Government wear the responsibility for the faltering economy. He’s talked a lot about accountability, now he has to take advantage of the parliamentary forum to make it count.