The Herald Sun has been found guilty of
“irresponsible journalism” which “seriously misled” by the Australian
Press Council over those front page attacks on the Green’s “kooky”
policies during last year’s Federal election campaign.

Green’s leader Bob Brown has jumped on the announcement, labelling the Hun a “disgrace to the profession of journalism”.

perverted democracy. When a journalist misinforms readers on their way
to the ballot box democracy is sacrificed,” he said in a press release
this morning.

“This was no accident or mistake. The aim
was to attack the Greens, not through the editorial column, but through
the news pages. The outcome of the false concoction of the Greens
policies was to lose our party tens of thousands of votes and, in my
calculation, seats in parliament.”

And it looks like Ben Oquist is back from Brussels – he is listed as the press contact on today’s release with a Sydney number.

ABC withdraws “Lords of the Forest” program from sale

Meanwhile, the timber lobby has been quick to “congratulate” the ABC on withdrawing it’s “discredited” Four Corners “Lords of the Forest’ from sales to schools, institutions and the general public.

ABC’s own Independent Complaints Review Panel found that the program contained instances of bias, lack
of balance and unfair treatment.

“This removal from sale
of the “Lords of the Forests” video is a step in the right direction
but the ABC needs to do more to correct this biased and inaccurate
portrayal of Tasmania,” said Barry Chipman of Timber
Communities Australia.
“If the “Lords of the
Forests” video has been sold to schools, then those teachers need to
know of the programs inaccuracies and bias, to ensure school children
are not influenced by this seriously flawed program.”