I read with interest Don BoardWalk’s 24th Feb article on the plight of Pac
Brands – Deja vu for PacBrands. I was quite surprised at the hype and investor confidence during
last year’s float. During my time what I saw was a company sweeping numerous
cobwebs away out of sight and failing to address real issues of business

In my opinion the company needs a complete overhaul, rather then the poor
facelift it has undertaken to show investors. Despite the rhetoric spoken by
‘microphone’ Moore, things behind the scenes have changed only minimally.
Ask Coles Myer about Bonds delivery into store and you are likely to get
more then a raised eyebrow, likewise operational issues about the King Gee
business have had the company tearing its hair out.

There’s more on the site here: http://www.crikey.com.au/articles/2005/03/003-0001-4220.html