From The Daily Briefing:

We told you so! That about sums up the word from neo-conservative
commentators and other supporters of the Iraq war as the march of
democracy continues through the Middle East. Or as Mark Steyn put it, “I don’t like to say I told you so. But, actually, I do like to
say I told you so”. Putting aside considerations about pride and falls,
or happy coincidences, or not counting your chickens, the chicken hawks
are crowing loud and long. None quite so crassly as the ever
in-your-face Mr Steyn, but these is no small whiff of it from Michael
far so good, now for more of the same), Reuel Marc Gerecht (don’t
pussy foot around with Iran) and Christopher Hitchens (whatever happened to “the Arab street”).

Members of the “not in my name” brigades might like to seek solace in
the life and works of the grand-daddy of human rights activism,
Voltaire, as described by The New Yorker. Or
they might laugh it off with The Onion which reports on
Tony’s Law, mythical legislation being considered by the US Senate that
would require the outing of drug offenders so that anyone who has run
out knows who to turn to (“Privacy-rights groups oppose the legislation
on the grounds that it violates the individual’s right to a stash”). And
if that fails, let them learn some resilience, which the NY Times says is not innate, but something you pick up by getting a grip, getting
over it and getting on with it.

And speaking of consolation, here’s comfort for anyone ever embarrassed
by not knowing some rock legend or other that absolutely everybody has
heard off. At a Buckingham Palace reception, it soon became clear the
Queen is no ” fan of virtuoso electric guitar”, as the Daily Telegraph put it. She had no idea who Jimmy Page was (“Are you a guitarist
too?”) and asked Eric Clapton “Have you been playing a long time?”

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