It was a Who’s Who of the Victorian non-right at the opening night of The Big Con in Melbourne last Friday but the one figure whose eyebrows stuck out like a sore thumb was Alan Stockdale, the Kennett Treasurer turned millionaire Macquarie Banker.

Sure, the woman who took his seat of Brighton, Louise Asher, and her husband Ron Best, a former Victorian National Party MP, were also there but why on earth would Stockdale subject himself to a night of brutally aggressive attacks on various conservative figures including Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Philip Ruddock, John Howard, Janet Albrechtsen, Keith Windshuttle, Amanda Vanstone, Tony Abbott et al.

It became obvious at interval. There was Stockers deep in conversation with Victorian Premier Steve Bracks who was working the room efficiently. What would Stockers and Bracks be talking about?

Hmmm, let’s see now, Stockers is in charge of government and investor relations at the world’s biggest tollroad company, Macquarie Infrastructure Group. Having just won the $2 billion Mitcham-to-Frankston tollroad, MIG no doubt wants Stockers to ensure relations with the government remain healthy. Even if it means sitting at the same function as people like Joan Kirner and Julian Burnside at they laugh heartily at Max Gillies flailing the nation’s ugly right wingers.

Some of the scripts were so brutal that Crikey was denied the opportunity to reproduce them as publication in a non-comedic context was construed as potentially conveying a different meaning, if you get what we’re saying.

If Andrew Bolt or his lawyer bothers to take in the show, try and sit behind them to watch their hair stand on end.