The fireworks now going off behind the scenes at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation that earlier led to the resignation of well respected PR chief Geoff Harris is going to be a story well worth hearing if and when Harris lets fly in the media. Presumably he will bite his tongue in deference to the race being run before he starts to fire off any detailed explosive salvos in the direction of his former bosses.

But that might yet be a forlorn hope if either Nine or Seven wants to spoil Ten’s Grand Prix party in advance of this weekend, by persuading Harris to put his foot to the pedal with either A Current Affair or Today Tonight who are sure to be trying to inveigle him to do just that.

Read here about the manifest problems now confronting the Australian Grand Prix bosses on several fronts; and could it be the Victorian Government paid good money to help promote the curious Sydney Habor Bridge Mark Webber PR stunt on Sunday?