Another week, another Canberra Top 40, pop pickers – and covers continue to dominate the charts.

John Howard and his version of On And On And On remains at Number One.

Peter Costello has the Number Two spot. He’s gone a bit indie, doing a version of Easy Money from Nick Cave’s latest. The lyrics spoke to him. They reminded him of Howard Government policy – rake in the taxes and then
“Easy money…

Rain it down on the wife and the kids

Rain it down on the house where we live

Rain until you got nothing left to give

And rain that ever-loving stuff down on me”.

Oddly enough, however, he left out the verse that says “Life shuffles past at a low interest rate”.

Music biz insiders continue to say that Coz has some intensely personal material in the can. Will it ever see the light of day? It took how many years for Smile to be released? Will we ever hear the recording where Coz does Moz – his take on The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want?

Robert Hill’s Number Three, At Abu Ghraib, is clearly based on Johnny Cash’s legendary Folsom Prison recordings. Oddly enough, though, he’s spent hour after hour after hour denying it in God knows how many interviews.

Kim Beazley is at Number Four, doing Gary Glitter: I’m back, I’m back, as a matter of fact, I’m back.

Prolix as ever. Gary Glitter, of course, has made a number of comebacks – and where has it got him?

Most interesting of all, though, to Canberra music buffs is this week’s Number Five – Phillip Ruddock’s take on the Carole Bayer Sager/Marvin Hamlisch classic Nobody Does It Better:

“I wasn’t lookin’ but somehow you found me.
I tried to hide from your love light,
But like heaven above me the spy who loved me
Is keepin’ all my secrets safe tonight…”

Here’s hoping, hey Phillip?

Who’s hot, who’s not: The Rehame Top 40 Pols

RankNameMentionsRank LWMentions LW
1John Howard306540261
2Peter Costello11919924
3Robert Hill11277130
4Kim Beazley87119842
5Philip Ruddock7685638
6Alexander Downer76026010
7Brendan Nelson4567906
8Tony Abbott3854377
9Amanda Vanstone38115833
10Kevin Rudd3258323
11John Anderson2323888
12Robert McClelland1863251
13Nicola Roxon1703130
14Jim Lloyd1439495
15Julia Gillard13715017
16Anthony Albanese1366106
16Wayne Swan13624711
18Ian Campbell1351571
19Warren Truss12512418
20Jenny Macklin11920013
21Kerry Nettle1108224
22John Tierney1050185
23Mark Vaile9317216
24John Faulkner861160
25Lyn Allison7811421
26Bob Brown697032
26De-Anne Kelly696535
28Malcolm Turnbull6518814
29Kelvin Thomson597726
30Wilson Tuckey543548
31Fran Bailey522137
31Sharman Stone525638
31Tony Smith522856
34Chris Ellison5118814
35Peter Slipper476106
36Catherine King413130
36David Jull412137
36John Forrest412955
36Martin Ferguson413646
40John Watson401277