The weekly political mentions charts sure do bounce around from week to week as political editor Christian Kerr explains.

What a week on the charts, pop-pickers!

At Number One there’s the Prime Minister doing Abba’s On And On And On.
It was fascinating to hear him tell interviewers that he thinks it will
still be at the top of the charts during the APEC meeting in Sydney in

At Number Two there’s Kim Beazley. Last year’s Eagles’ tour told us something about the surprising popularity of revival acts.

Amanda Vanstone is Number Three with an incredible performance of Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein – recorded, amazingly, when she was in deep, deep water.

Costello is at Number Four. He’s one of those people who always is in
the Top 10 but never quite makes the Number One spot. Industry
insiders, however, say he has a track in the can that could blow us all
away – if he ever releases it. It’s a fascinating cover of Sparks’ This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us. Of course, it might just be one of those rock legends.

what about the Number Five, Jim Lloyd, who was way, way down the charts
at number 132 only a week ago. Incredible! Up 127 places in seven short

We’ve all heard of Mississippi delta blues. Well
folks, this is the hip new sound. Tumbi Creek delta blues. We’re going
to hear a lot more of it. Tumbi Creek. What’s the betting Jim’s going
to dredge it for all it’s worth?

Who’s hot and who’s not: The Rehame Top 40 pols

RankNameMentionsLW MentionsLW Rank
1John Howard402631482
2Kim Beazley198431591
3Amanda Vanstone15831756
4Peter Costello9926904
5Jim Lloyd9492132
6Brendan Nelson79012518
7Tony Abbott4375586
8John Anderson3883249
9Laurie Ferguson3842643
10Alexander Downer2607373
11Wayne Swan24721212
12Tony Windsor2323748
13Jenny Macklin20018913
14Chris Ellison18812916
14Malcolm Turnbull1884103
16Mark Vaile1727026
17Julia Gillard15021811
18Warren Truss12412319
19Kay Patterson1196230
19Stephen Smith11910021
21Lyn Allison1146230
22Petro Georgiou980160
23Kevin Rudd8325610
24Kerry Nettle826132
25Kim Carr791067
26Kelvin Thomson77875
27Ian Macdonald754336
28Warren Entsch73779
29Mal Washer720160
30Robert Hill7118414
30Ron Boswell715595
32Bob Brown706429
33Andrew Bartlett683111
34Alan Cadman66687
35De Anne Kelly656528
36Erica Betz61595
37Kevin Andrews582941
38Philip Ruddock563997
38Sharman Stone5616115
40Helen Coonan559722

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