Here is Crikey’s list of journalists now or recently working for politicians dating back to early 2000. It hasn’t been properly updated since then so for any additions or corrections please email lists @ and we’ll have this knocked into shape in no time.

Matthew Abbott: Australian Financial Review, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Joe Hockey, Westfield
James Baker: Ten Network, National Party
Kevin Balshaw: ABC regional, Jeff Kennett, freelance
Karen Boalch: Daily Telegraph, Peter Collins, somewhere
Jim Bonnor: ABC, Malcolm Fraser, Ian McLachlan, SA Liberal Party Director, Federal Secretariat
Rebecca Bryant: Nine, Cheryl Kernot, Kim Beazley
Glenn Byers: Cumberland Newspapers, Harry Woods (NSW ALP), Mark Latham
Cheryl Cartwright: AAP, Alexander Downer, John Moore, Warren Truss
Graham Cassidy: Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Knight, somewhere.
Paul Chamberlin: Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, NineMSN, John Anderson
Adam Connolly: The Australian, Telegraph, John Sharp, John Howard, Michael Wooldridge, Oxford, Macquarie Bank
Michael Costello: somewhere, Hayden, DFAT, Australian Stock Exchange, Kim Beazley, The Australian
Paul Cowdy: journalist in PNG, NT Country Liberal Party
Kevin Donnellan: 5DN, Dean Brown, Amanda Vanstone
Matt Dowling: radio, Peter Ryan (Vic Nat)
Anna Fitzgerald: somewhere, Meg Lees
Greg Friedewald: The Sunday Sun, AAP, press secretary to NSW Planning Minister Eric Bedford, Jon Stanhope
Luis Garcia: Sydney Morning Herald, Kerry Chikarovski, Sydney Morning Herald, Chikarovski, PR consultancy
Steve Gartland: Herald Sun, MEAA, Bob McMullan, Steve Bracks
Wendy George: 2WS, Bob Carr, News Ltd
Rachel Gleeson: Regional media, Kerry Chikarovski, somewhere
Kris Gough: The Australian, John Brumby
Kate Griffin: The Advertiser, Adelaide TV, SA Liberal Party
Adrian Grundy: Radio, Denis Napthine
Ian Hanke: The Age, radio, Peter Reith, Robert Doyle, Kevin Andrews
Sandra Harvey: Sydney Morning Herald, Paul Whelan (NSW Labor)
Jane Henschke: Ten, Peter McGauran
Sam Herron: Channel Ten, David Kemp
Steve Ingram: somewhere, Phil Ruddock, Australian Bankers’ Association, Phil Ruddock
Simon Kellly: Queensland Times, Queensland Nats
Jason Laird: Horsham Gazette, Geelong Advertiser, Jeff Kennett, Telstra
Amanda Lampe: West Australian, Con Sciacca, Bob Carr
Dieter Lehmann: Leader Newspapers, Denis Napthine (Vic Lib)
Shoshana Lenthen: AAP, Harry Woods (NSW ALP)
Peter Lewis: Daily Telegraph, Jeff Shaw (NSW Labor), NSW Labor council, Workers Online, PR agency
Liz Lopes: The Age, Lyn Allison (Democrat), Spanish newspaper
David Luff: Daily Telegraph, John Howard press secretary
Ainslee Maccullum: WA radio, Senator Andrew Murray
Paul Malone: Canberra Times, various Labor ministers
Lachlan McDonald: Sun News Pictorial, Kirner, Peter Batchelor (Victorian ALP)
Sandra McKay: AAP, The Age, John Thwaites (Vic deputy Premier)
Jane McMillan: Cumberland Newspapers, Helen Coonan
Michael Moore: Hobart Mercury, Tasmanian Government (Ray Groom), Jeff Kennett, Turnbull Porter Novelli, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Steve Murphy: 3MP, 3AK, 3UZ, 3AW, Jeff Kennett, John Brogden
George Negus: ABC, Lionel Murphy (Fed Labor), Nine, ABC, SBS
Jim O’Brien: Melbourne Herald, NT Country Liberal Party
Terry O’Connor: AAP, Richard Alston
Tony O’Leary: Brisbane Sun, Ten, Herald Sun, Federal Liberal Party, John Howard
Matthew Phelan: Herald Sun, Steve Bracks
Jane Phillips: Ten, Steve Bracks
Amanda Platell: West Australian, William Hague (UK Tory leader), The Mirror
Colin Radford: ABC Radio, MEAA, John Brumby, Steve Bracks, TAC
Jon Richards: regional media, comic script writer, Jeff Kennett, Peter Ryan (Vic Nat), Basslink
Nikki Savva: Herald Sun, Age, Peter Costello
Walt Secord: Australian Jewish News, Sutherland Council, Bob Carr
Andrew Sholl: ABC, Alan Griffith, Tony Blair
Michael Smith: Leader Newspapers, David Kemp, Phil Honeywood (Vic Lib)
Anne Stanford: Regional TV, Jeff Kennett, Monash University, National Gallery of Victoria
Russ Street: 2SM, 3XY, for self, Ian Macdonald (Lib).
Carina Tan-Van Baren: The West Australian, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Daryl Williams
Jon Taylor: ABC News, NT Country Liberal Party
Jim Tennyson: The Sun, Steve Crabb, Herald Sun, Steve Bracks
Greg Turnbull: ABC Brisbane, Paul Keating, Kim Beazley, Ten
Geoff Walsh: Melbourne Herald, ALP, Bob Hawke, DFAT, Paul Keating, DFAT, ALP national secretary, Gavin Anderson
Serena Williams: Geelong Advertiser, Jeff Kennett, Michael Wooldridge, Mayne
Innes Willox: The Age, Alexander Downer
John Wilson: somewhere, Bronwyn Bishop
James Woods: News Ltd, John Herron
Viv Wynter: ABC Radio, Senator John Woodley (Qld Dem)

Additions or corrections to lists @

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