With our fifth anniversary beckoning, the challenge is on to come up with a list of our best stories from the Crikey website since it all began on February 14, 2000. Here are 80 personal favourites of the editor’s to kick things off. If you have any suggestions on what should be added, please email boss@crikey.com.au.

Bringing down the Democrats

Richard Howard’s White House internship

Delia Delegate dishes dirty doozies

Howard’s tax reform con

Crikey election editorial – time for a change

Crikey demolishes Bracks budget

How an average hack became the PM’s Prime Spinner

Pissing in the sink

Voodoo economics of major events

Greenway to heaven and a religious wedge

Tabloid TV at its exploitative worst

The Egan Diaries – thoughts of a bored state Treasurer

Time to sack the NRMA board again

Why would the WA Libs want Cronin

Glory without power – the loyal deputy and me

Aussie soccer – Jeffed again

The complete history and future of Ansett

Kooka Bros farewell The Munster

The Kooka Brothers at Benji’s last ride

Sticking it to John Singleton

Graeme Samuel vs Gerry Harvey
Every angle on the 2003 News Corp AGM

McCrann delivers biggest ever Crikey spray

Ian Frykberg and the great racing bunfight

Bob Carr’s sleazy fundraiser

Inside the election debate haggling

Alan Jackson’s ill-fated industrial conglomerate

The best and worst of Andrew Robb

The Quills: a donkey or a mule?

John Maconochie vs National Australia Bank

Rupert’s Orwellian vision

Rupert’s long march for a Chinese blessing

NSW: the corrupt state

Rupert and Wendi on their Chinese joy ride

Exclusive – Lowy and Westfield sign erroneous EY accounts

An entertaining and independent HTV card for the nation

Boilermaker Bill on Green donations

Eddie McGuire’s Herald Sun plug-fest
Downer: pompous colonial git

The Lion Nathan pub raid

Labor heavyweights win free subs for mentions

John Alexander’s many business networks

Mad Max vs the fourth estate

Diana Burleigh: how I won The Einstein Factor

The rorting aspirations of Senator Sue Knowles

Crullers takes on Eddie McGuire and distributes through Steve Price

Alex Sanchez – my NRMA nightmare

Hilmer censors Keating on cross-media laws

Tuckey travel rorts and other WA Liberal shenanigans

Revisiting the Marks Royal Commission

Hillary Bray on tax and spend

Did Peter Jess look after Carlton footballer Steve Oliver properly?

How Aunty’s History Detectives became defective
How open proxies have shafted Crikey

Crikey at the 2004 Walkley Awards

Fraud hits the ABC

Every conceivable angle on Eddie’s conflicts
Old and new from the parrot

Parrot droppings: big mouth strikes again

Kennett’s carnival is over

Kennett’s contempt: the Parliamentary Super ultimatum affair

Hillary visits the Territory and observes the wild life

Tasmanian election: the parties, the issues, the people

Hutchison embraces HIH legacy

Diary of a talkback tragic

Patrick Fitzgerald/Max Factor comes out

Aunty’s George Negus Tonight debacle

Exposed: the Ruth Dunkin PHD

The slow rise of the social entrepreneur

Spinning numbers in the pokies tax war

Paul Keating unplugged
$30,000 in freebies and still skinny

World’s oldest columnist: how I saw all of the 20th century

Hamlet, Prince of Maroubra

Boilermaker Bill on Labor leadership

Boilermaker Bill’s Labour Day Lament

Boilermaker Bill on Clover Moore’s rise and rise

George Pell – In the footy boots of the fisherman

George Pell – Crunching the College of Cardinals

Boilermaker Bill on civil imperial England

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