Canberra was in a tizz today following revelations in the venerable Washington Post that our own Lex Loser had been approached to become Uncle Sam’s International Atomic Energy Agency head.

But what sort of backhanded compliment was this? “Our original strategy was to get Alexander Downer to throw his hat in the ring,
but we couldn’t,” one administration official told The Washington Post’s Dafna Linzer. “Anyone in politics will tell you that you can’t
beat somebody with nobody, but we’re going to try to disprove that.”

So there you have it. Maybe the Bush administration mistook Downer for one of the high-powered puppets in the latest effort from the South Park outfit: Team America – World Police.

Meanwhile, a poignant card has landed on Crikey’s desk: “Season’s Greetings from Alexander and Nicky Downer”. The fetching photo on
the front features Lex & former ABC hack Nicky strolling along a desolate beach.

We know the Downers own a shack at Victor Harbour, but the beachfront looks more like Pyongyang Industrial Harbour. Any clues?

Would anyone who also received the card and knows the location email [email protected].