Not even K-Tel could package up the Labor Party this week

The coming week is going
to be a stinker for the ALP, the first week back in Canberra since the
election loss – and don’t the charts reflect it.

If someone had issued a compilation of Lawrence Welk polka favourites –
played on the piano accordion, natch – it would have done better in
this week’s Canberra Top 40.

The PM is in his usual number one place – the true Australian
Idol. Other members of his frontbench – Brendan Nelson, Peter
Costello, Alexander Downer and John Anderson – make up the rest of the
Top Five.

Labor doesn’t get a look in until Mark Latham appears at Number Six – and he’s the only person on the Labor label in the Top 10.

Talking about Australian Idol, look who’s climbed to Number 14 this
week. The Paradise Assemblies of God in South Australia produced
both Guy Sebastian and the Family First Party – and Family First’s
Steve Fielding has jumped six places in the charts, even though he
won’t formally be a Senator for seven and a half months.

We all know Chuck Berry’s lyric “I’m gonna write a little letter/Gonna
mail it to my local DJ”. Well, Rehame, the compilers of the
Canberra Top 40, keep track of the issues talkback callers raise with
the shockjocks.

The only really tricky thing they wanted to talk about concerning the
Prime Minister was how his views on abortion would affect the debate
that’s currently going on. Clearly the punters are beginning to
detect dog-whistles and waking up to the “I didn’t raise this issue,
but…” modus operandi the PM has deployed in every ugly debate since
Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech.

With Latham, though, it’s a different matter. “Callers discussed
what they liked and disliked about Mark Latham’s general personality,”
Rehame said. “Callers wondered if the defeat of the Federal ALP
at the election would prompt them to look for a new leader.”

They also wanted to talk about the “troops home by Christmas” pledge – if that still holds.

Everyone knows that that line on Iraq was a slip of the tongue – but
one that the Labor leader felt he couldn’t withdraw without admitting
he’d stuffed up. It also seems to be about the only thing he’s
said or done that’s lodged in people’s minds.

It seems like just about every decent idea that Labor might have had
through the election campaign has been buried under the weight of
Latham’s poisonous leadership.

Hmmm. The bruvvers will be hoping no one slips out a yodelling CD
over the next week – ‘cos that would probably chart better than them,

Who’s hot, who’s not: The Rehame Top 40 Pols

Last Report
Last Report
1John Howard197320821
2Brendan Nelson7057404
3Peter Costello6755125
4Alexander Downer6734688
5Tony Abbott5487563
6Mark Latham56316142
7John Anderson3583649
8Philip Ruddock3057028
9Amanda Vanstone2773845
10Helen Coonan25714621
11Kevin Rudd24326312
12Lyn Allison12132510
13Jenny Macklin11711923
14Steve Fielding11615320
15Warren Truss10915719
16Peter Garrett941087
17Julia Gillard903845
18Andrew Bartlett834796
19Chris Pyne8123214
19Malcolm Turnbull815108
21Mark Vaile6118217
22Bronwyn Bishop566929
22Ian Macdonald564539
22Sharman Stone5620016
25Eric Abetz544935
26Jim Lloyd536101
27Bob Brown5010624
27De Anne Kelly501668
29Kevin Andrews4918018
29Robert Hill4931911
31Peter Lindsay482357
32Kim Carr472139
33Rod Kemp451766
34Bruce Baird434539
35Barnaby Joyce414796
36Andrew Robb382139
37Stephen Conroy366101
38David Hawker351087
38Ian Campbell3510025
40Kelvin Thomson344119
40Penny Wong342139