For easy reference we’ve gathered together some of our best political lists and if you have any additions or corrections for any of the lists, just send them though to [email protected]:
The great political stunts list
Election time does strange things to politicians, provoking otherwise dull and conservative people to the some of the strangest things. This list looks back over some of the most amusing and inventive political stunts from Australia and overseas.

Famous alumni on Latham’s hit list
Mark Latham has identified 67 high-fee schools for his funding hit list, but for many these “private” or “independent” schools are just nameless bastions of privilege. So Crikey is putting a human face to the funding furore with a list of the most celebrated (and notorious) alumni from schools on Latham’s hit list – as well as some of those he left off.

When generous pensions are not enough
Politics is one of the few professions where you can retire and get a pension no matter how young you are. However, many former ministers double dip by rejoining the private sector. In the first Crikey political register, we look at where these former political powerbrokers are now working.

The Howard record – by those who know
With a federal election looming, it’s time to look at the record of the Howard Government. “I’ll accept responsibility for what happens under my Government,” the Prime Minister told Laurie Oakes on Sunday. Fine. So that means he accepts responsibility for the following.

Where are 100-plus Hawke-Keating staffers?

After tracking the career paths of former Howard Government staffers Crikey has decided to do the same for ex Hawke and Keating staffers. Here are some more than 100 names and we’ll give a free subscription or renewal to anyone who can come up with five fresh names.

Where the 200-ex Howard staffers are now
Crikey has decided to track the career paths of former Howard Government staffers to see if there is any sort of pattern and we’re already above 200 with some fascinating results.

Hundreds of political jobs for relatives
Just how incestuous is politics? With political rorts once again in the news thanks to Trish Draper, we’re updating our political nepotism list. We already have more than 170 entries thanks to our vigilant subscribers.

The great honorary doctorate list
Australia’s universities aren’t shy about handing out honorary doctorates and usually they’re reasonably judicious in only handing them out to worthy recipients. But there are a few examples on our list where the uni might just be wishing they could take the floppy hat back.