For easy reference we’ve gathered together some of our best business lists and if you have any additions or corrections for any of the lists, just send them though to [email protected]:
Rupert climbs the $3million-plus pay list
Crikey is tracking the highest paid executives working for companies listed on the Australian market. We now have a stunning 50 executives and we will continue to update the list with the latest figures available.

Top 50 Aussies in overseas business
The appointment of Australian Charlie Bell as CEO of McDonalds, following the sudden death of incumbent Jim Cantalupo, brings to 5 the number of Australians running global top 100 companies in recent years. Find out who is doing well in our list of top Aussies in business.

Lowest votes for incumbent directors
Incumbent directors in Australia typically receive around 99% of votes when they are up for re-election. Crikey has trawled through the records and found the directors who have received (shock, horror) less than 90%.

Australia’s terrible foreign ownership record
Australia may rule the world in sport, but our performance on the business front is very disappointing. This story contains lists of Australian companies generating more than $200m a year offshore and foreign companies generating more than $200m in Australia each year.

Crikey’s ASIC jail list
Is ASIC an effective corporate cop? You be the judge as this is the list of 213 people they have sent to jail since ASIC was set up in January 1991. Crikey reckons there are not enough big fish but ASIC will hopefully improve its record as HIH charts its natural course.

The foreign business lists
The sale of TXU’s Australian power industry assets for a whopping $5.1 billion to Singapore Power has sparked interest in some of the Crikey lists we produce that track the performance and scale of foreign investors in Australia.

Foreign winners and losers in Australia
Australia has one of the most globalised western economies in the world but have the stampede of foreign investors actually made a quid Down Under. We say there are more sad than happy players but ING is the latest happy player having sold its half share in the Mercantile Mutual to QBE for $740 million.

How open proxies have shafted Crikey
In anticipation of next month’s AMP board vote, Crikey has been looking back through the voting results from our 18 tilts at public company boards over the past three years. What follows is comprehensive proof of how boards use undirected and open proxies to shaft outside candidates.

Biggest pay packets for 2003-04
The annual reports are pouring in and we can now get a pretty good fix on the biggest pay packets for 2003-04. We’ll keep a running total as they emerge but this is starting to take the shape of a pretty comprehensive list and check out some of the sealed section commentary below on individual pay packets.

The great Australian power sell-off
The Singapore government is spending $5.1 billion buying the Australian assets of Texas Utilities so it is time to once again fire up Crikey’s great list of energy sector deals over the past decade which now includes the investment bankers who advised on each sale.

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