The Crikey subscription list, as readers know, is 24 carat stuff – so
it should come as no surprise that just a fortnight out from the big
day the two leaders have chosen this website as a platform for some
special statements. Read on for Crikey’s greatest hits – for blooper
tapes at least.

Yes. They mightn’t meet at the Press Club, but John Howard and
Mark Latham have come together here at Crikey to update us on our the
campaign is going.

Have a listen here:

feel privileged. Indeed, Mike Carlton’s New York-based nephew Josh
Zepps did a fabulous job on the Howard and Latham voices and enhancing
the scripts. Special thanks also to Famous 3d for all the great creative and technical work on the talking heads and to Bionic ( for its part in the concept creation & technology strategy.

Crikey’s classic bootleg tapes
– a new bombshell

This one has only just arrived in the Crikey inbox. Does the voice sound familiar:

Oh dear, not very patriotic.

Ray Hadley’s f-bomb tirade

speaking of memorable bootleg tapes that came the way of Crikey who
could forget Ray Hadley going ballistic down the line from Athens
(which has had more than 20,000 downloads since we published it on the
site late last month):

Legendary Parrot blooper tape

And then, of course, there was The Parrot’s legendary blooper reel from back in 2001:

The Kennett-Peacock phone call

We erred last month in suggesting the original rodent
reference came from the notorious car phone coversation between Andrew
Peacock and John Howard.

Just to prove our point, why not have another listen to that famous bootleg tape here:

Warnie and the stump mike

Have a listen to the classic Warnie “F*cking a*sey c*nt” classic that was broadcast on Channel Nine via the stump mike here.