Political analysts and commentators come out of the woodwork during elections so Crikey is going to list every single one of them that pops up on a semi-regular basis over the coming six weeks. You have journalists, pollsters, academics, former staffers, former pollies and the like all clamouring to give their point of view. We’re only interested in campaign specialists so don’t expect to see “Michelle Grattan – The Age” on this list.

Let’s start with these names:

Tony Abbott: how appropriate that the former Oz editorial writer is back writing columns for his old paper.

Piers Akerman: Daily Telegraph columnist is doing Insiders and News Ltd’s Monday night election show on Sky News.

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David Barnett: John Howard’s ponderous official biographer lost his Fin Review column and will probably only appear the once on the Sky News election show after a waffly performance.

Greg Barns: the Liberal-turned-Democrat did an SBS Insight panel and has also written for New Mathilda on top of his regular column with the Hobart Mercury and another that appeared in the AFR in week three of the campaign.

Michael Baume: the former Liberal senator is appearing on the SBS Insight forum and also Sky News panels.

Andrew Bolt: the Herald Sun columnist is still appearing regularly on Insiders and is also doing the News Ltd show on Monday nights on Sky News.

Rod Cameron: the former ALP pollster had done the Sky News election show.

Brian Costar: the Monash University political heavy was on Radio National’s Australia Talks Back.

Peter Costello: A regular Herald Sun columnist for the duration of the campaign.

Malcolm Farr: The Daily Telegraph’s chief political reporter is hosting the News Ltd election show on Sky News each Monday night.

Julia Gillard: The Labor representative paired with Peter Costello on the Herald Sun.

Michelle Grattan: The Fairfax veteran did Meet The Press on Channel Ten interviewing Peter Costello on the first Sunday morning of the campaign.

Antony Green: the ABC’s election analyst is doing a regular spot on PM.

Bruce Hawker: the man running Labor’s media strategy has appeared on the Sky News election show and still does occasional spin doctor spots with Sally Loane, much to the chagrin of Media Watch.

Gerard Henderson: opinion writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, did Insiders at the end of week three.

John Hewson: A regular on The World Today to be paired with Susan Ryan. Aren’t they both anti-Howard? Hewson is still a Liberal member. Regular AFR column continues.

Greg Hywood: former editor-in-chief of The Age has been on the Insiders couch.

Dean Jaensch: the Professor of politcs at Flinders University is being used by PM.

Christian Kerr: Crikey’s political editor is doing regular panel work on the Sky News election show, and also appeared on the first Sunday election on Channel Nine. This emerging media tart is also writing a weekly column for Murdoch’s Messenger Press in Adelaide and is doing Jon Faine’s ABC Victoria show. Like so many others he also did the SBS Insight forum and there have also been appearances on Triple J and ABC Adelaide.

Michael Kroger: the Liberal heavyweight is writing columns for The Sunday Telegraph.

Steve Lewis: The Australian’s chief political reporter did Ten’s Meet The Press with Costello on the first Sunday morning of the campaign.

Sally Loane: ABC Sydney’s morning host did the Sky News debate panel.

Samantha Maiden: federal politics reporter for The Australian did Insiders early on in the campaign.

Helen McCabe: One of The Australian’s political reporters is participating in the Sky News nightly election panel.

Malcolm McKerras: the eratic psephologist is also a media tart with gigs on The Oz and The AFR.

Clem McIntyre: associate professor of politics at the University of Adelaide has been doing ABC Adelaide punditry.

Bob McMullan: Labor’s grey numbers man is paired with Tony Abbott on The Oz.

George Megalogenis: has also appeared on the Sky News election panel.

Karen Middleton: Political journalist Karen Middleton is national politics correspondent for The West Australian and appeared prominently on the SBS Insight forum as well as her regular occasional gig with Insiders.

Glenn Milne: The News Ltd columnist has already popped up on Insiders, the Sky News election show, Ten’s Meet The Press and the SBS Insight forum so he’s enjoying multiple platforms since leaving Channel Seven.

Grahame Morris: former Liberal staffer and Jackson Wells Morris spinner writes for The Australian, does the Sky News election panel and appeared on the SBS Insight forum.

Paul Murray: the Nova talk host is doing very occasional regular spots on Sky News.

John Roskam: offering pro-Liberal columns in the AFR recently and also the Daily Telegraph and appearedon the SBS Insight forum.

Susan Ryan: The World Today is using the first Mrs Butler as a regular commentator.

Misha Schubert: covers federal politics for The Age and was back on the Insiders couch at the end of week three.

Dennis Shanahan: The Australian’s political editor spoke to ABC Victoria’s Virginia Trioli and also did the News Ltd election show on Sky News on the second Monday of the campaign.

Bill Shorten: writes columns for The Sunday Herald Sun.

John Stone: former Treasury secretary and National Party senator is writing columns for The Sunday Telegraph.

Emma-Kate Symons:The Australian’s social affairs reporter stuck it to Tony Abbott on Meet The Press at the end of week three.

Virginia Trioli: ABC Victoria’s Drive presenter has fronted the Insiders panel during the campaign.

Geoff Walsh: the former ALP national secretary has appeared twice on the Sky News election show.

Kerry-Anne Walsh:The Sun-Herald’s political reporter does the Saturday night shift on the Sky News election show.

Michael Wooldridge and ex-Senate president Michael Beahan are writing for The West Australian. Wooldridge’s first effort on Monday was nothing less than partisan tripe – worthless, and nothing resembling analysis. Beahan’ was much more measured, albeit with a slight Labor lean.

CRIKEY: We suspect the final figure will reach almost 100 so please send them all through to boss@crikey.com.au.