Now that election has been called what are the major concerns of our subscriber when it comes to politics? Read on to find out:

Scrafton and corroboration

we know. Mike Scrafton’s version of kids overboard was corroborated
three years ago by what he told Major-General Powell and Commander

How can Crikey (and the media) keep repeating this line? No, this is
not corroboration! Not only does what Scrafton told anyone else
not amount to corroboration – it would not even be admissible into
evidence in any Australian court of law (except to counter a specific
allegation of recent invention).

Any party attempting to back up his case with a parade of people to
whom he had repeated his version of events would be censured by a judge
– such evidence is merely self-serving and thus irrelevant. The same
would go for any account which the PM gave of the conversation to a
third party.

The fact that the Senate, together with the media, regards this sort of
carrying-on as significant, speaks volumes for how desperate they are
to gather evidence against the PM.

It was a private conversation. Therefore it cannot be corroborated. The
outcome of any inquiry conducted on judicial lines would be solely a
test of each participant’s credibility, greatly assisted by an
examination of any prior statements either of them may have made, or
omitted to make, which are inconsistent with their present version. In
any such contest, Howard would be in the clear, and Scrafton would be
deep in the mire, as any fool should know.

I usually value Crikey for it’s ability to stand at a distance from the
Canberra fish-bowl and see the world from the real-life perspective.
Not in this case.

A lawyer

Who needs Labor when you’ve got Brandis?

Who needs Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition when we have the Queensland
Liberals to make scurrilous suggestions about our beloved Prime

As the campaign draws on, I expect we may learn a little more about the
irrepressible Deep North Senator George Brandis who allegedly described
Mr Howard as a “lying rodent”.

But who will stand firm against this plague as its sweeps over the land devouring all in its path?

Peter Woodforde

Is Crikey a Democrats front?

It’s good fun reading Crikey bagging Labor, Libs, Nats, One Nation,
Greens etc, but the Dems seem to be getting a dream run, with at least
one Crikey stable hand being avowedly pro-Dem. The tilts at the Greens
are especially silly – the Greens stand for a lot more than
stopping the world and smoking ganja, as anyone who has visited their
website will know. Without fear or favour, Crikey! At the
least, give EVERYONE a serve.

Mike Puleston

Give the Greens a fair go!

I look forward to my daily dose of crikey’s risque, insightful and
entertaining missives. On the whole, I find myself nodding in agreement
when I read the various columns. However, I find the regular tendency
to bashing the greens a but unnerving.

The greens are a young, inexperienced and idealistic party true, and
are by no means perfect (who is?!). However, I feel your commentators
go too far at times and do the party a grave injustice.

When did I last read something positive about the greens in Crikey? Hmmm …. Seems like a long, long time ago.

Maybe Crikey could so something fair and balanced on some of the greens
very well-thought out policies and initiatives on health, education,
sustainability, declaration of vested interests, corporate donations,
corporate responsibility (e.g. James Hardie), prison reform, green
bonds, etc?

What about a comparison of the Green’s Renewable Energy Policy versus
that of Labor or Liberal? Now that would make interesting reading! As a
Director of a small but pioneering company working in this field I have
a few thoughts on the matter that I could share with Crikey readers if
they are interested!

C’mon Crikey, let’s give some credit where credit is due! Give the Greens a Fair Go!

Tim Walsh

Dems and Greens Preferences

I must say I nearly choked on my late morning coffee when I read that
the Democrats and the Greens had done a deal to swap preferences in all
states for the Senate elections. Is this a new development? What
happened to the “honest democrats” who would hand out double sided
cards with preferences to both parties? Perhaps the more knowledgeable
may be able to point out that this is not new, but I don’t recall such
a blanket agreement before. I wonder how the ‘conservative wing” of the
Dems feels about handing potential control of the senate to the left
wing Greens? Smacks of desperation to me.


Who’s got the answers?

So here we are at another election and none of it is very inspiring.
There’s no real future vision here (from either side). What irks me the
most is the media’s unwillingness to ask the hard questions. I’ve seen
a lot of interviews with politicians which seem more aimed at some sort
of point scoring than making a point. Our politicians seem occupied
with competing while we’re left with very little change. The world is
changing and none of the current ‘solutions’ will work well in future.
How ‘innovative’ is a tax policy that says we’re growing older as a
nation so we’ll now have to work till we drop. It should be about
solutions not point scoring, because I don’t care which side dreams it


Who can you trust?

Latham may be in favour of truth in government, but he doesn’t mind bending/spinning it a little himself.

I could not help but be impressed when reading this article – Latham’s quiet Sunday – ear glued to the radio
. What a dedicated father he must be to “bounce out of bed and play a
bit with the kids” when the election speculation is at fever pitch.

my surprise, therefore, when I tuned in to my normal Sunday morning’s
viewing and there’s big Mark in the hot seat on Meet the Press.

reflection, he may have been better off staying at home, as he managed
to display an appalling ignorance of basic economic principles when
discussing their much anticipated tax policy.


Interest rates will rise regardless

comment about Michelle Grattan’s interest question being silly seems to
have missed the point that John Howard is pushing, that interest rates
will rise under a Labor government. In the current economic climate,
interest rates are likely to rise regardless of the political
persuasion of the government aren’t they?

John C Jeffreys

Howard’s misleading interest rate claim

Grattan’s question to John Howard about interest rates was fair enough
considering the fact that Howard is claiming that rates will go up
under a Labor government. The implied message is that they won’t go up
if he is re-elected, which is not a bald faced lie, but misleading
nevertheless given that they are trending upwards, not downwards.


Go get ‘em Grattan

Rather than bagging Michelle, Crikey should see she gets a prize for copping the first “lie” of the campaign.


Howards and Harbours

is it about Jannette’s men and harbours? First, we had John Howard’s
Bottom of the Harbour fiasco and now we have Tim Howard’s “Net Harbour”
becoming another fiasco. Oh! Let’s not forget too Jannette luxuriating
at Kirribilli-on-the-Harbour – a fiasco for the taxpayer.

Crikey, let’s hope that they all end up at the bottom of the harbour – figuratively speaking, of course!

Concerned of Canberra

Howard is way out of touch

Howard today talking if his son’s business, and how he was funding it.
Just shows how old he is, encouraging Australian entrepreneurs to make
money out of spam! What a dickhead.

Sir Humphrey (subscriber)

Over the children overboard

am most amused that the only bad comment that the Labor machine can
come up with in an election run-up is the “children overboard”
incident. They have already run and lost an election on that issue.
Labor needs to lift its game and get away from failed lawyers and bent
union organisers to have any chance of winning an election. Howard may
not be the greatest Prime Minister of all time but he has far greater
credibility than anything Labor has to offer. The only possible
opposition comes from the cross benches and the “nutter” fraternity! We
may uncomfortable look forward to more of the same!

Brian Purdue

Oct 9 and the Bush Presidency

9 has, perhaps, been coming for a while. But in light of the tough week
that the PM has had (and the reaction to the planned purchase of cruise
missiles and renewed association with torture in Abu Grahib are only
just beginning), it still seems like an (uncharacteristically)
inopportune time politically for the Coalition.

brings me to my question: does this mean that the PM no longer wants to
tie his fortunes to Bush’s tilt? If so, what has happened (or is about
to emerge) that has crystallised this opinion? I guess we’ll find out
in good time.


Not everyone hates Howard

am getting pretty tired of the Liberal and Howard bashing by Christian
Kerr. Might be time for him to get a new hobby. Not everyone believes
John Howard has lied, in fact recent polls shows the majority believe
he has told the truth at all times. I think the PM is doing a great job
and I totally believe him.

If Kerr is that eager to see
truth in government, I suggest he change his focus to the LABOR
government in NSW. For too long Bob Carr and his team of incompetents
have gotten away with lies, scandals and broken promises. There are
many ministers in that cabinet who simply should not be there. And
because of journalists like you, who spit poison at the Howard
Government while turning a blind eye to the sins of state Labor
governments (notably Carr’s, but there are others), the criminal
neglect the people of NSW are having to endure under Labor continues,
while you lot petition us to vote Labor at a Federal Level. You have
got to be joking! Imagine the damage that could occur!

Brendon Jenkins
(Staunch Liberal supporter)

John Howard and the Joker – Who do you trust?

I watched Tim Burton’s 1989 seminal superhero film, Batman, a few weeks
ago I gave pause to the scene where the Joker (Jack Nicholson) holds a
parade down the middle of the main street in Gotham City. The parade
has wonderful colours, music, energy and some giant animal balloons
filled with poison gas. Whilst the Joker throws money by the handful of
the population to get them onside before he poisons them, he shouts
“Hubba hubba hubba – WHO DO YA TRUST?”.

I commented to a friend of mine that I thought it would be funny to see John Howard do the same thing in his campaign.

it was with amusement verging on disbelief that I watched the PM’s
press conference announcing the election, drawing the immediate

John “The Joker” Howard – Who do ya trust?

The Sneak

Getting it right on Meg Lees

are some in the media going to get Senator Meg Lees party affiliation
correct. er title is not “an ex-Democrat” or “the former Democrat
leader” or “an Independent.”

Senator Lees is the founder
and leader of the “Australian Progressive Alliance.” It is a registered
political party that has been in existence of just over 12 months.

The web page with all the readable and sensible policies is

Adrian Jackson