Poll wonks will probably know these sites already, but if you want to
follow the election online, here are some sites you won’t be able to do
without, plus some you will:

The election and the blog boom

Christopher Shiel – http://backpagesblog.com

William Bowe – www.pollbludger.com

Simon Jarman – www.liarsforhoward.org

Eric Lee – LabourStart

Tim Blair – timblair.spleenville.com/

Janet Giles –www.getridofhoward.org.au

Stuart Geddes – www.dearjohn.org

Margo Kingston – www.nothappyjohn.com

And for those after something a little more light-hearted there is:

Advanced hair – Johnny
Advanced hair – Latham

Where to go for all the official facts and figures

The Australian Electoral Commission
website. It’s badly designed, hard to navigate and boring as batsh*t –
but has everything you want from previous election results to the rules
about how polling booth workers will have to behave on the big day.

Much more navigable – and much more fun – is Antony Green’s Election Guide.
The ABC’s election gnome is brilliantly concise and comprehensive, as
always. A perfect site for the curious or for fans of hardcore action.

Speaking of hardcore, these two sites are the Barracks Bar of psephology. William Bowe’s The Poll Bludger
is packed with facts ‘n’ figures and plenty of analysis, while Peter
Brent offers just the same – but more idiosyncratically – at Mumble Politics. Don’t miss either.

Then you have the campaigners online as this little press release demonstrates:

McPhee, former Liberal Immigration Minister in the Fraser Government,
has written an article headed “Asylum seeker policy could decide the
election” for the Defeat Howard website. The article is given as a link
on the home page of www.defeathoward.com and also a link in the Human
Rights section of this website.

Two quotes from the article are
as follows; “The refugee issue was the grit that produced the 2001
electoral pearl for Howard. It is now poisoning the oyster: Australia’s

“The Howard Government, however, has ignored the precedent of the Chifley, Menzies, Fraser and Hawke eras.”

Robin Rothfield

Then there are all the unauthorisedelection websites:

John Howard Lies – http://www.johnhowardlies.com/
Defeat Howard – http://www.defeathoward.com/
Liars for Howard – http://www.liarsforhoward.org
Not Happy John – http://www.nothappyjohn.com
Mark Latham Sucks – http://www.marklathamsucks.com/
They’re All Arselickers! – http://markl.tblog.com/ – fictitious blog by “Mark Latham”
Gabriell Reilly – http://www.gabriellereilly.com/ – pro Howard Aussie political commentator and bikini model.

Howard sings the Sound of Music

breakfast host Mike Carlton has been having a bit of fun in the early
days of the election campaign and we’ve got a taste for all our
non-Sydney subscribers.

In case you where ever wondering what John Howard does when things don’t seem to be going his way, this little rendition of These are a few of my favourite things might give you some idea.

And you can also hear Mark Latham and his band The Labourites perform The Ladder of Opportunity to the tune of The Beatles’ Lady Madonna.

Bruce Billson’s cyber squatter

The sitting Liberal Member for Dunkley, Bruce Billson has had a website for years at www.billson4dunkley.com.
However, he may begin to wish that he had registered brucebillson.com
all those years ago as until 4 weeks ago the domain name had never been

Now a website has popped up at www.brucebillson.com that he may prefer didn’t exist.

Just another example how much of this election will be fought online.

Multi-pronged web attack on Bruce Billson

hopes Bruce Billson had of a predictable run at Dunkley have been
dashed by the surprise appearance of a sophisticated campaign being
waged on the Web.

Like the multi headed Hydra, the campaign
to vote out the sitting Liberal Member for Dunkley, Bruce Billson,
keeps popping up in different places.

First there was www.brucebillson.com , which first appeared the day the election was called, then a mirror appeared at www.bruce4dunkley in case the former was pulled down.

Now this weekend two more sites have appeared. A community participation oriented www.BillsonReport.com which encourages feedback from Dunkley voters with a Forum and article comment system.

Then there is, what appears to be a revelation of the core of this internet assault. www.BillsonLast.com
has a downloadable flyer, news and links to other Bruce Billson and
John Howard sites and also links to other political parties, notably
missing the Liberals site.

Oh dear – Democrat launches Greenswatch website

last week Bob Brown and Andrew Bartlett were holding a joint press
conference to announce the Greens and Democrats were swapping
preferences. Now, a Democrat has set up an anti-Greens web site, as the
man behind the initiative explains:

Dear Crikey,

I would like to invite you to use my new website, http://www.australiangreenswatch.com
devoted to sensible scrutiny of the Greens Party. It’s an assemblage of
factual stories that challenge the warm fuzzy stereotypes.

brand new so I will add more content as I go. Anyone, including Bob
Brown or John Howard, is welcome to send me articles that might be
relevant. People can also write comments using the form under every
story, or sign the guestbook.

envisage this website will develop into an important resource to keep
the Greens honest and to help everyone else see through their hype. I
am a Democrat supporter but the site is unofficial and not endorsed.
You can find out more about me by clicking the ‘about’ link on the
sidebar menu.

Aaron Hewett
[email protected]

John Howard lies booms

A missive reaches the Crikey Bunker from Tim Grau and the Labor stooges at

Howard has called a Federal election for Saturday, 9 October, 2004. Now
it’s time for all Australians to become lie detectors and return truth,
honesty and integrity to public life.

will continue to expose the lies, misrepresentations and distortions of John Howard and his Ministers throughout the campaign.

JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM was established in mid July the site has been
visited by more than 200,000 people, received more than 3.5 million
hits and had almost 600,000 page views. More than 10,000 Australians
have subscribed to the site. We are going to make sure truth in
Government is returned.

All Australians are encouraged to do their part:


Join the more than 10,000 online activists at JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM

Tell a Friend about JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM

Enrol to Vote

Confirm you are correctly enrolled


The US election on the web:

political websites aren’t unique to Australia. The Yanks are
light-years ahead of us when it come to putting a bit of humour into
politics if the good folks at JibJab
are anything to go by. Their catchy and highly amusing parody of Woody
Guthrie’s “This Land” sung by animated versions of Bush and Kerry,
shows what a little imagination can do. And best of all, it’s
non-partisan so everyone can enjoy it.

Check it out here (with sound) if you haven’t already seen it.

Indeed the Yanks are so devoted to sending up their election they even have website devoted to the task, such as “Mock the Vote 2004” – which describes itself as:

than G.W. pronouncing “nuclear.” More powerful than John Kerry’s hair
spray. It’s the Web’s best and brightest political satire shorts all in
one place. Check back regularly for every electoral evisceration and
political pot-shot.

You can even see
Bush and Blair expressing their true feelings for each other as they
sing Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s breathless ballad “Endless Love” here.

you don’t even have to go to extreme lengths. This simple website
allows you to play around with George Bush’s features to see how he
might look with say a comb-over and some missing teeth. Try it out here.

if our websavvy Australians struggle with comedy, not all political
website have to be amusing, such as this sobering take on how the state
of Florida was won by Bush in 2000. Check it out here.

CRIKEY: Send any good candidate or campaigning sites you come across to boss @crikey.com.au and we’ll add them to the list.