Something’s missing from the top 40 charts and it goes to the heart of Labor’s credibility, as Christian Kerr explains.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Led Zep and The Song Remains the Same or that monument of Victorian kitsch, Sir Arthur Sullivan’s The Lost Chord. You’ll agree. We never hear one thing in the Canberra Charts. Labor economic policies.

Look at this week’s Top 40. Iron Mark’s there as number two – but the Coalition dominates almost all of the rest of the Top 10. His colleagues the Bomber and Kevin Rudd – defence and foreign affairs respectively – just scrape in at the end.

Julliard Gillard – health – comes in at number 11, Mar’n Fer’sun – Transport – is number 12, Jenny Macklin – Employment – 14, Craig Emerson – IR – at number 18 – but you have to go all the way down to Number 29 and Wayne Swan before the Labor economics people appear.

There are only three of them in the charts this week. Swan at 29, Shadow Minister for Trade, Corporate Governance and Financial Services Stephen Conroy in the second to last spot, 39, and just scraping onto the list, Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training Anthony Albanese at number 40.

No Simon Crean. No Shadow Treasurer. No Bob McMullan. No Shadow Minister for Finance. No David Cox. No Assistant Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Revenue. And no Nick Sherry. No Shadow Minister for Retirement Incomes and Savings.

The highest charting Labor economics man, Wayne Swan, comes in at Number 29 – and he’s only there by default. He’s Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services. He just gets used as a spokesman on how things economic affect families because the bloke who’s suppose to do the job, Crean, goes down with punters like pizza topped with rancid anchovies.

We have record levels of personal debt. We have the highest taxing and biggest spending government in Australia’s history. And we don’t hear anything about it from the ALP. Week in, week out. Chart after chart. Nothing registers.

On election eve, economic management remains Labor’s weak link.

Who’s hot, who’s not: The Rehame Top 40 Pols

1 John Howard
2 Mark Latham
3 Alexander Downer
4 John Anderson
5 Peter Costello
6 Tony Abbott
7 Robert Hill
8 Ross Cameron
9 Kim Beazley
10 Kevin Rudd
11 Julia Gillard
12 Martin Ferguson
13 Philip Ruddock
14 Jenny Macklin
15 Amanda Vanstone
15 Warren Truss
17 Ian Campbell
18 Craig Emerson
19 Larry Anthony 1
20 Ian Macfarlane
21 Brendan Nelson
21 Fran Bailey
23 Peter McGauran
24 Bob Baldwin
25 Andrew Bartlett
26 Kay Patterson
27 Helen Coonan
28 Chris Ellison
29 Wayne Swan
30 Sophie Panopoulos
31 Joel Fitzgibbon
32 Joseph Hockey
33 David Hawker
34 Mark Vaile
35 Meg Lees
36 Stephen Smith
37 Danna Vale
37 Julie Bishop
39 Stephen Conroy
40 Anthony Albanese

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