A special Yoursay dedicated to Mike Scrafton, John Howard and Lisa
Liberal’s controversial comment piece, which appeared on the website
earlier in the week.

Journalism overboard

“Yesterday” was obviously a favourite tune for my former colleagues in
the media, et al. Otherwise, why would they be harping on about the
children overboard issue, which is now 3 years in the past and old news
for the vast majority of Australians?

Every journalist in this country knows from first hand experience that
every politician tells lies. Big lies. Little lies. Medium-strength

There are cover-ups, softeners and outright collaborations by members
of our profession on behalf of politicians, in return for an inside

If the Fourth Estate is willing to tolerate an absence of principle, who are we to judge politicians?


Scrafton and porn

So Mike Scrafton looked but did not, as far as we know, touch. Ross
Cameron, the wayward christian soldier, presumably looked and touched.
Do the Liberals really want to cast the first stone of sex in this

As for timing – Mike Scrafton’s revelations are all in David Marr’s
Dark Victory, published earlier this year and very easily found through
the index.


Scrafton credibility

If I’m following the timeline correctly, Mr Scrafton was found out and
punished for his p**n habits prior to his appointment to Mr Reith’s
office. So if the Libs are spreading the story as a “talking point” in
a bid to damage his credibility, then they really need to explain how
they trusted him in a senior position in the office of a senior cabinet
minister, particularly as they would have known about Mr Scrafton’s
penchant for p**n. And as for his career being “stuffed” as “The
Anti Defence League” puts it, it would appear that he was on the up and
up, particularly as he was promoted after leaving Reith’s office.
I wish my career was “stuffed” like that!

Feather Bingham
(P*rn Name)

Scrafton and Cameron

Are the Liberal “attack dogs” going after that adulterer and gargantuan hypocrite Cameron as well as Scrafton?


Unclear thinking and Jenny McHenry

I would like to take issue with a Hugo Kelly item. The quote is: “By
contrast, Laws interviewed the latest public servant to dispute John
Howard’s version of events this morning.

Not the truth (seeing that is on the agenda). McHenry hasn’t done
anything like dispute Howard. All she did was to confirm she received
a phone call in which the topic was, apparently, the children said to
have been thrown overboard.

Easy to misinterpret what you hear, isn’t it? And that was
just something said today, not something nearly 3 years ago.

Michael Rozen

It’s back – border protection mark two

Just when I did not care who would win the next election, border protection has arisen like a phoenix to torment me.

Why is there so little discussion about role of migration zones and
asylum seekers? Australia has a migration zone in our north. This
represents the natural evacuation point for neighbours to escape a
disaster. For instance if there was a famine in Indonesia or a civil
war in PNG then it is expected that large refugee camps would be
established on our northern borders until the disturbance has subsided
and individuals can be returned home.

For instance refugee camps in Iran and Pakistan border Afghanistan to
house refugees from the old civil war. Any individual who has arrived
in Australia has had to dodge these camps. They have evaded the police
and immigration authorities of multiple countries, and bypassed more
refugee camps in Cambodia, Malaysia and East Timor all to arrive in our
northern migration zone. Why not declare asylum once over the first
border when you are safe? Why cross the equator to come here? These
people are not refugees as I see it. They are frauds.

Perhaps these migration zones should be instead called welfare paradise
zones. Land on them and stupid western infidels will give you public
housing, public health care, public schooling and if you bring out your
parents, they can get the old age pension. Never mind that any working
class Aussie who owns their house will not be eligible for the pension
come retirement day. Never mind that there are disadvantaged, veterans
and disabled Aussie who need public housing. Welfare groups are happy
to give these frauds everything they desire, whilst they turf out
Aussies. Even private schools are happy to give them free schooling, in
preference to local Australians!

I simply do not understand how it is that we can accept any individual who has not come from a UN sanctioned refugee camp.

Just when I thought I could rest easy and be totally indifferent to who
wins the next election, this whole kids overboard issue has re-arisen
to totally peeve me. It has been documented that these frauds have
thrown kids overboard – maybe not in October but certainly before it.
Sabotaged the engines of boats. Burnt down camps. Sailed on
unregistered vessels that do not conform with Australian maritime
standards. You name it. If I did any of these things, I would be in

As for the public sector – A public servant is somebody who writes one
thing in reports and an opposite item verbally. You are dead whatever
you do – and doubly dead in an election where the as a caretaker
government you can’t get new written assessments, and public servants
are not supposed to even deal with you.

I remember the election despite the current attempts to rewrite it. The
media was in a total frenzy to keep up negative attacks on Howard the
whole time in a ferocious attempt to bring him down. I challenge Crikey
to count the number of article on border protection during the campaign
and how none of them were pro-government.

Unless there is a disaster in Timor, Indonesia or PNG, our maritime northern border should just be mined.


Open letter to Lisa Liberal

Dear Lisa,

If your intent was to foment debate by postulating a totally ludicrous
argument, then congratulations, you’ve sucked me in completely.

If not, best find yourself a mirror, because in “Common Sense
Overbard”, you’re guilty of the same moralising, hair-splitting and
hysterical rhetoric that you accuse us chattering classes of.

Your arguments rely heavily on playing the man and not the ball, in the
finest Bolt/Henderson tradition, attacking the speaker, but resolutely
refusing to address the import of what he said.

You attempt to ascribe motives you could not possibly know. You present
a series of straw man arguments which ultimately carry no real weight.
Finally, you present a diversion, a misleading assertion of a debased
moral equivalence between coalition and Labor that collapses into the
infantile argument of “The other kids are doing it, so it’s okay if I
do it too”. Is this truly the test of moral propriety you would have us
aspire to? Or does this nation deserve better?

Finally, it matters nought what Mike Scrafton has said. He has merely
confirmed what we already knew. John Howard is a serial manipulator of
the truth, with a long, sad list of transgressions. Do the words
“ethanol tanker” ring any bells?

Also – “paragon” usually alludes to positive character traits. And – we
are all in the chattering classes. Know thyself and welcome aboard.

Surrey Hills

CRIKEY: Read Lisa Liberal’s Common Sense Overboard here.

Lisa Liberal on Howard’s linguistic gymnastics

“Oh, how precious are the chattering classes these days, how fully
consumed with their self-righteous belief that John Howard is a paragon
of knavery and deceit.” writes Lisa Liberal. (18 August 2004) How
quaint and dated, just like Howard and his government really.

The problem dear Lisa is that Howard has endless form and is already
trying to slip away from a direct confrontation with the truth by
saying he has never intended to mislead the public (no matter that his
half truths and evasions have done exactly that.)

Lisa, you may be happy to defend the indefensible and good luck to
you. On the other hand if, as I suspect, you are a paid staffer
then you may take comfort in the fact that your thankless toil is
swiftly coming to an end.

John Kotsopoulos
North Balwyn

Lisa Liberal and lies

Way to go Lisa, don’t worry about addressing the actual issue (truth in
government), just attack the person that raises it. Oh, and Little
Johnny has never said a bad word about Scrafton. Of course not, why do
you think he tolerates fools such as De-Anne Kelly? She can’t possibly
serve any other purpose than trying to sound smart, using a couple of
words she’d found in the thesaurus that morning to abuse well respected
members of the community.

I wonder where Lisa takes her view that the “Muslim” “boat people”
refugees were/are not “bona fide” refugees. Could it be directly from
the divide and conquer Rodent Rule Book of politicking. The mere fact
that they paid for a ride doesn’t make them any less persecuted. Where
does she think they got
the money to pay for these rides? Selling up their share
portfolios? I’d doubt that. More like they sold up every possession
they and their forebears had built up over who knows how long, just for
a crack at a decent life for themselves and their children.

I can’t be bothered doing a Goggle search for quotes that Coalition
politicians have spat out when referring to those dreaded boat people
(all 2 to 3 thousand of them. How many Pommy visa overstayers are now
backpacking their way around Oz presently? Oh, I forgot, they’re WASPs,
they’re OK) over the last 4 years, but no doubt you’d get some pretty
shocking stuff. You have to go back to when, to get a Labour politician
spewing such utter crap? How can she possibly get on her high horse
when talking about the Rodents humanitarian values? I only need a
few words to completely refute that joke. Indefinite detention of
children (and for that matter, indefinite detention of anybody) Lisa.

And via which country(ies) does she suggest the Vietnamese refugees
came? Surely even she’s not naive enough to think they came
directly. I’d also like Lisa to tell me where a persecuted minority
(yes Lisa even Muslims are persecuted by other Muslims. Crazy hey?)
line up to apply for refugee status? I know the local department/office
of the government that’s persecuting you. Hardly, and where in
Indonesia does one go to apply? I’ve got no answer for that, a question
mark is sufficient. It is after all a 3rd world country.

That’s about all I’ve got time for today, I’m, unlike Lisa, not paid
from the public purse to put my bosses political views forward.


The truth about Howard

Don’t know why you Aussie blokes never get it. I have known that
it was totally John Howard’s lie about the Tampa-children overboard
debacle right from day one.

You just have to watch the guy’s body language, and the way he responds
so quickly with some great idea to clear away any opposition. Not to
mention that sly smirk he sometimes gets on his face when he thinks he
is on a winner. And also how he become almost petulant and sour when he
has to do the right thing by the country. There are many signs that
this guy is very low level and the ultimate ratbag.

First instance of suspicious stuff happening after Howard won
government was with regards to the Port Arthur Massacre. (Interesting
the Unsworth almost recommended a massacre in Tassie to change the
gunlaws throughout Australia). Did you notice how suddenly they had all
the answers and quickly it was resolved, with Howard jumping to
override legalities causing the site of the crime to be cleaned out
before proper investigation and the ensuing lack of proper trial for
Bryant. This obvious cover up was more or less the start of it all.

Then the perpetual tearing at ex PM Keating went on for at least 2 years. How immature and poor leadership was this?

Why don’t you guys get cluey on all this instead of falling for
Howard’s play of “look at me, aren’t I the lucky guy having all the
fun”. Whilst behind it all is someone who relishes promoting fear and
taking power away from those who might be not totally for him. The guy
is decidedly creepy and there is zilch honourable about him.

Yours sincerely, one sickened Aussie, no doubt one of many,

Heather Cameron