Payola – or a tax cut?

In Canberra they don’t read Popbitch – but they love the Rehame
Federal Report, the chart of the number of mentions members of the
Commonwealth Parliament have got in the last week.

And it’s
pretty bad news when you’re Shadow Treasurer – or that’s your title,
anyway – and your performance is even worse than Fiona Apple’s second

Yup. That’s right, Simon Crean hasn’t even managed to rate in the top forty most-mentioned Federal politicians for the week.

he a dud? That shouldn’t hold him back. Jim Lloyd is on the list, after
all. And it wasn’t the winner of Australian Idol who got Paris Hilton.

We suspect the reason Crean isn’t charting is that the hitmakers won’t
put him on high rotation. They’ve heard his tune down at Centenary
House – and pulled the plug on him.

How many times have we
said it? The big on values, small on economic specifics strategy that
Labor are running just won’t get them across the line if they have to
carry Crean.

Indeed, looking at the Federal Report, one
gets the impression Labor either simply hasn’t got an economic or a tax
policy – or the one they sketched out on the back of a napkin has
become far too expensive because Howard’s spending has stretched the
envelope way too far.

Crean isn’t the only Labor figure
conspicuous by his absence from this week’s Top 40. Finance spokesman
Bob McMullan and assistant Shadow Treasurer and Revenue Minister David
Cox don’t rate a mention either.

The charts are usually
about street cred – but the Rehame Top 40 suggest that Labor’s hitting
the wrong note if it wants to win fans amongst the business and finance

The only performer they have is Mark
Latham. A one man band. And as we saw on Lateline last week, when you
try to play all the economic instruments by yourself all at once, you
end up with the wrong number.

Who’s hot, who’s not: The Rehame Top 40 Pols

RankNameMentionsMentions –
last report
Rank –
last report
1John Howard422349581
2Mark Latham362345772
3Alexander Downer67210834
4Tony Abbott64649110
5Peter Costello6056516
6Kevin Rudd46947211
7Kim Beazley45916573
8Helen Coonan41744512
9John Anderson39730915
10Ian Campbell3415848
11Robert Hill3206047
12Larry Anthony2485051
13Warren Truss24536713
14Chris Ellison21221822
15Lindsay Tanner20511530
16Julia Gillard1915348
17Wayne Swan1843168
18Mark Vaile17710531
19Bob Brown17532214
20Philip Ruddock16924920
21Jim Lloyd16323021
22Robert McClelland1561797
23Sharman Stone14716427
24Geoff Prosser1438118
25Eric Abetz1406840
26Kay Patterson1382580
27Nick Minchin13419423
28Meg Lees1222384
29Amanda Vanstone1215159
30Brendan Nelson11417825
31David Kemp1068395
32Natasha Stott Despoja893168
33Julia Irwin843961
34Jenny Macklin772092
34Mal Brough7727417
36Fran Bailey6627118
37Nicola Roxon614141
38Andrew Bartlett6016826
39De Anne Kelly593168
40Martin Ferguson582676
40Stephen Conroy585051
40Teresa Gambaro584654

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