Crikey has decided to track the career paths of former Howard
Government staffers to see if there is any sort of pattern and we’re
already above 220 with some fascinating results. Send all your
contributions and corrections to smayne

Matthew Abbott: Joe Hockey’s former press secretary when he had
Financial Services, went to Westfield and then Lend Lease and is now
chief of staff to NSW opposition leader Peter Debnam.

Richard Allsop: Rod Kemp’s press secretary is now with Melbourne PR and lobbying firm Globe Communications.

Peter Anderson: Former Reith senior adviser on workplace
relations is now Director of Workplace Relations at ACCI so he’s still working
for Peter Hendy, which is what he did while in Reith’s office.

Chris Argent:
Former Chris Gallus advisor, now with Philip Morris.

Kareena Arthy: Former David Kemp now in a senior role with ANTA in Queensland, her home state.

Genevieve Atkinson: Former spinner for Bronwyn Bishop, then to CPR as an operative in Brisbane but has since moved on.

Robyn Bain: Former senior adviser to John Anderson, then chief
of staff to Vaile (before she got “Wendied”), is now CEO of the Cement
Industry Federation. Starting her career as a lobbyist for the logging
industry she has had quite a politically incorrect career and was defending the big polluters on Four Corners recently.

James Baker: Former press sec to Downer/Anderson/Vaile/Qld
Opposition – was Senate candidate in Qld for Nats in 2004 but lost and
now positioning himself for Ron Boswell’s seat.

Mark Baker:
The PM’s former speech writer is now with Westpac.

Chris Barnes:
Former press sec to John Fahey now doing Government Relations at the Commonwealth Bank.

Greg Barns:
Former John Fahey chief of staff, now a Democrat member
living in Hobart, writing columns and sitting on a couple of little
known mining boards after an earlier stint as CEO of The Australian
Gold Council. Also formerly a director of Parker & Partners, a past
adviser to Tassie tree-loppers.

Jim Barron: Former David Kemp CoS, now Managing Director Group Training Australia.

Mairi Barton:
Former Chris Ellison press secretary, now General Manager of Public Relations at the National Farmers Federation.

Meriana Baxter: Former adviser to Joe Hockey, now with John Connelly spindoctors.

Sarah Baxter: former media adviser to Phil Ruddock and then Helen Coonan, then to Gavin Anderson before heading to Asia.

Anthony Benscher:
Former Howard press secretary, went to PBL, then left to do an MBA.

Gladys Berejeklean:
Former Coonan staffer who went to CBA managing Government Relations, now a NSW State MP.

Nick Berman: Former adviser to Jackie Kelly, now Mayor of Hornsby in the north of Sydney.

Yvonne Best: Former staffer for Ministers John Fahey and Warren
Truss, now National Marketing Manager, AusIndustry in the Department of
Industry, Tourism and Resources.

Leon Beswick: Another former staffer to Health
Minister Michael Wooldridge, now works as a director of Canberra
lobbyists Parker & Partners.

Duncan Bremner:
press secretary to John Anderson, then worked in PR in London, now an
account manager at Parker & Partners’ Canberra office.

Aldo Borgu:

Former adviser for four coalition defence ministers (Bishop, Moore,
Reith and in the transition, Hill), then with Australian Strategic
Policy Institute, now back as Senior Adviser to new defence minister Brendan Nelson.

Dr Peter Boxall: Former key Costello staffer, then Secretary of
the Department of Finance and Administration under John Fahey MP, and
now the Secretary of the Department of Employment and Workplace

Michael Brealey:
Former Richard Alston liaison officer, now working on regulatory affairs with Vodafone.

Hamish Browne:
Former Joe Hockey staffer who then joined the NSW Division of
the Liberal Party.

Rod Bruem:
Former Robert Hill
press secretary and staffer to independent MP Peter Andren, now top of
the heap with Telstra in spin and lobbying.

Trevor Burns:

former Warwirck Smith staffer, then ABC point man in Canberra, then a
public affairs lobbyist with Australian Automobile Association and now
a manager public affairs Macquarie Bank.

Simon Bush: Former Jocelyn Newman adviser, joined Accenture
Consulting as a spinner. In Sydney as CEO of the Australian Visual
Software Distributors Association and still consulting to Accenture’s
government business.

Julie Butler:
Former Geoff Prosser media adviser moved overseas, ended up back in WA and is now living in Spain.

Nick Campbell:
Ex-Heffernan staffer, now head of Govt
Relations at Johnson & Johnson

Russ Campbell:
Former Coonan adviser now working at Access Economics.

Kathy Casey:
Formerly of Richard Alston’s office, now with Beyond Blue, the anti-depression initiative headed by Jeff Kennett in Melbourne.

Peter Cassuben: Former media adviser to Jackie Kelly, now running a consultancy which reportedly specialises in wine and tourism promotions.

Claire Chadwick: Former assistant media adviser to Nikki Savva
(or the Treasurer, depending on how you interpreted it), then worked
in PR in London, then the Health Insurance Commission’s
Pharmecutical Benefit Scheme review and now with Gavin Anderson.

Creina Chapman:
Former Ruddock staffer who was advising Richard
Alston on IT when she landed the gig of Manager, Regulatory &
Corporate Affairs at Kerry Packer’s PBL.

Jeremy Chitty: Former indigenous adviser to Philip Ruddock now with commonwealth Health Department.

Patrick Coleman: Former adviser to both Minister Peter McGauran
and Prime Minister John Howard, then went to Department of Prime
Minister & Cabinet before joining the Business Council of Australia… Now back with McGauran.

Mark Connell: Former Andrew Thomson press sec, went to work with Nick Greiner at British American Tobacco Australasia.

Adam Connolly:
Former John Sharp and Howard press secretary, had a
brief stint at Macquarie Bank before moving to the NSW Farmers’
Federation, which he has now left and is doing a bit of work for rural
PR specialist Cox Innall in Sydney. Just landed T3 spinning job,
presumably looking after bush media and voters.

Michael Cooke: Former Tony Abbott adviser and pre-selection candidate for NSW seat of Manly, now with Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).

Jacquie Corbett: Former Liberal Party staffer now with Crosby Textor.

Mathias Cormann:
Former Chris Ellison senior adviser, now WA Liberal Party Vice President.

Rowena Cowan: From Richard Alston’s staff to consulting and now back with Minchin.

Peta Credlin: Former Richard Alston advisor who also worked for
Robert Hill, now with Victoria Racing Commission and married to Federal
Liberal director Brian Loughnane. Now with Minchin.

Sarah Cruickshank:

Former staffer with Brendan Nelson and Helen Coonan, now a
Canberra-based senior account manager with Parker & Partners following a
stint with the NSW State Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Cross: From Michael Wooldridge’s office to drug giant Merck
Sharpe & Dohme and then to Parker & Partners as head of the
Canberra office.

Mark Croxford: Former press sec to Bruce Scott and Mark Vaile,
then a freelance Canberra spinner and lobbyist, but now back as a
roving staffer for the Nats.

Peter Cullen: Former adviser to Finance Minister John Fahey and Financial Services Minister Joe Hockey, now at the Sydney Bar.

Alistair Davey: Former advisor to Peter Costello and mate of Tony Smith, now back in the public service.

Rachel David: From Michael Wooldridge’s office, briefly at Pfizer, now Director of Public Affairs with CSL.

Gary Dawson:

Formerly with the PM’s office, then with the Law Society of NSW and did
some punditry on Sky News during last federal election. Now spinning
for the ABC.

Charlotte Dickie: Former assistant press secretary to Health Minister Kay Patterson, now PR Manager for Racing Victoria.

Mark Domitrak: Former Liberal Party staffer now with Crosby Textor.

Alexander Drake: Former staffer to Industry Minister Ian McDonald, now government relations with Suncorp Metway.

Jen Eddy:
Nick Minchin’s former press secretary has recently joined Gavin Anderson and helped it win the T3 gig.

Colin Edwardes: Former Ian Campbell chief of staff, ran in WA state seat of Kingsley.

Paul Edwards: Former press secretary to John Fahey, then AAMI PR in Sydney, now back in Brisbane.

Simon Edwards: Former Warwick Smith, did stint with AMP, now government affairs for Microsoft Australia.

Jeff Egan: Former Helen Coonan adviser, now runs his own public affairs consultancy called Flagship Communications.

Stephen Elder: Former David Kemp, now Catholic Education Office.

Mark Elliott: Former Philip Ruddock adviser, now at Pfizer as Corporate Communications Manager.

Greg Evans:
Former McGauran’s Chief of Staff, has just been appointed Director of Industry Policy at ACCI.

Paul “Evro” Everingham: Former John Fahey and Nick Minchin to WA Liberal State Director and now with US oil giant Chevron.

Chris Falvey:
Former with John Sharp and Mark Vaile, then to Sydney Airport and now James Hardie Industries.

Chris Faris:
Former Alston IT adviser now with the UNDP based in Bhutan.

Ian Farrow: Former Minchin adviser, now at KPMG and a regular newspaper letter writer with no disclosure of affiliations.

Nicole Feeley:
Former PM Chief-of-Staff, now head of St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Mitch Fifield:
Former long-time Costello adviser took Richard Alston’s spot in the Senate.

Marcin Firek:
Former staffer to Helen Coonan, now working as a solicitor for Minter Ellison in Sydney.

Margaret Fitzherbert:
Left David Kemp’s office to go to NEMMCO, and has just published Liberal Women: Federation to 1949.

Paul Fletcher:
Former Alston Chief-of-Staff, now Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Optus.

James Florent: Formerly Ian Macdonald’s forestry adviser now at the NFF as environment adviser

Lincoln Folo: Erica media heavy who left to work for his dad’s family construction business. Now back with GMS.

Clayton Ford:
Former David Kemp staffer, now at Diageo and the
Distilled Spirits Industry Council, was until the end of June working
at Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical
companies, working with the head of corporate affairs at BMS Michael
Moore (yes his real name) a former press sec for Kennett during his
glory days.

Joey Francis:
Former adviser to Tony Abbott, then to Corporate Comms at Harvey Norman head office, now an officer in the RAN.

Ben Franklin: Former Brendan Nelson staffer, then worked for NSW
upper house MLC Greg Pearce, and ran Liberal Party’s 2004 campaign
in Greenway for Hillsong candidate Louise Markus. Now working for NSW Liberal MP and Shadow Treasurer Peter Debnam.

Todd Frew:

Another CoS to Health Minister Kay Patterson, now a branch head in the
Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

Stephen Galilee: Former
Howard electorate officer, then Abbott Adviser, then Macfarlane Chief
of Staff, then to private sector in Sydney but now back working for
Peter Debnam.

John Galligan:
Former Bronwyn Bishop staffer, then head of Corporate Affairs at British American Tobacco and now…

Lisa Gates:
Former adviser to Tim Fischer, now homemaker, partner
of Adam Kilgour (former Labor staffer and Steve Bracks’ best mate), and
mother of his two kids.

David Gazard: Former Howard pressie, who went to Westpac in
government relations and then to Cos to John Brogden, then to Kay
Patterson, then Abbott and now with Costello.

Andrew Gibbs: Former Coonan adviser who now works as a freelance public affairs consultant.

Amanda Goodban: Former Coonan adviser, now at Trowbridge Deloitte.

Martin Gordon: Former adviser to former Social Security Minister
Jocelyn Newman, now works for the federal Department of Health &
Ageing in Canberra.

Melanie Granger: Former adviser to Daryl Williams when
Attorney-General, returned to Perth with Lib-turned-Independent Alan
Rocher and now a senior associate at Perth government and issues
consultancy Riley Mathewson.

Geoffrey Greene: Former long-time adviser to SA Senator Alan Ferguson, now State Director of the Queensland Liberal Party.

Rohan Greenland: Former media adviser to Michael Wooldridge, now
works for the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in
Canberra doing their public affairs.

Jeremy Griffith: Former policy adviser to Industry Minister John
Moore, now public affairs manager at St George Bank after a couple of
year at Foster’s.

Nick Grono: Former adviser to AG Daryl Williams, won a
scholarship to Princeton and then went to work for Gareth Evans at the International
Crisis Group and now covers such tragedies as the Sudan situation.

Jennifer Grove:
Former Daryl Williams advisor, now with Perth recruitment agencies Gerard Daniels.

James Groves: Former speechwriter for various ministers including
Warwick Parer, Michael Wooldridge, Kay Patterson and Kevin Andrews. Now
writing speeches in-house with the Department of Industry, Science and

Jason Groves: Andrew Thompson adviser who went to London as an insurance journalist.

Peter Gutwein:
Was a staffer for Senator Jocelyn Newman during the late 90s. He is now a Liberal member in Tasmanian parliament.

Mathew Guy: Former Rod Kemp staffer, now VFF.

Martine Haley: Media advisor to Judi Moylan when Minister, to Jackson, Wells and Morris, in Sydney, now Hobart Mercury Chief-of-staff.

Andrew Hall: Warren Truss’s long-time staffer is now Federal
Director of the National party, (who’ve now changed their name to “The
Nationals”. There was a glorious moment on local ABC radio in Canberra
when this was announced last year and Drive presenter Rod Quinn was
interviewing Andrew. Asked why, Andrew said that everyone called them
the Nats, anyway. A very professional ten seconds stunned silence
followed Quinn’s observation that it was “just as well you’re not still
called the Country Party”.

Emma Hanleyside: former Wooldridge staffer, now in private enterprise.

Lisa Hansen:
Former adviser to Mark Vaile, now running new public affairs company in Canberra – Capital Policy and Trade.

Nick Harford: Former Daryl Williams media advisor, now Corporate Affairs at Visy.

Ben Harris: Former Wooldridge adviser on HIV issues, now
Executive Director of the Optometrists Association Australia Victorian
Division. Gained some community cred by serving a couple of (unpaid
volunteer) terms on the Board of the Australian Federation of AIDS
Organisations after leaving Wooldridge which raised a few Liberal
eyebrows when AFAO was a major public critic of the stonewalling by Kay
Patterson on the review of the 4th National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Kate Harvey: Journeywoman who worked for David Kemp and Nick Minchin before heading up ASIC’s PR.

Alex Hawke: Former adviser to Helen Coonan, then NSW Young
Liberal President and staffer to controversial NSW Upper House Member David Clarke,
the hard right faction boss.

Malcolm Hazell: Former adviser to the PM, now the secretary to the Governor General.

Peter Hendy: Formerly Peter Reith’s chief of staff from his time
in Workplace Relations is now in charge of ACCI and doing the
benchmarking study on tax for Peter Costello.

Nigel Henham: was the moderate’s moderate when on Robert Hill’s staff, now PR man for The Age.

Jane Henschke:

formerly Press Sec to Jocelyn Newman & Judi Moylan; back at Ten in
Brisbane, married Terry McCarthy (former protection officer to the PM)
and last on maternity leave.

Annabelle Herd: Former Alston Senior Adviser (Broadcasting) now
Network Manager, Broadcasting Policy and Regulatory Affairs with
Channel Ten in Sydney.

Samantha Herron: Sister to PM’s media advisor Willie and daughter
of former Senator John, to Optus Sydney. Joined her boss at Microsoft
earlier this year.

John Hewitt:
Former Jocelyn Newman staffer then to a PR firm in Canberra.

Now working for AusAccess – Canberra

Jenny Higgs:
Formerly of PM Howard’s office, now living and working in Singapore.

Darryl Hockey:
Former John Anderson adviser and CoS to SA Deputy Premier Rob Kerin, now working with Ausaid in Iraq.

Katrina Hodgkinson: Former Nick Minchin adviser now National Party Member for Burrinjuck in NSW Parliament.

Brett Hogan: Former Peter Reith now ACCI.

Simone Holzapfel: Former Abbott spinner and Young Lib type, then to Leightons, now…

Chris Hood: Former adviser to Vaile/Truss – now snr member white shoe brigade on SE Qld waterways.

Nick Hossack: Former adviser to Howard, left in 1998 to go to Australian Bankers Association.

Nick Howarth: The former David Kemp staffer ran the 1500 in the Sydney Olympics and is now joining the NFF as economics adviser.

Damon Hunt:
Former Vanstone press sec left to go travelling in Europe.

Greg Hunt: Former Alexander Downer adviser and son of Victorian Liberal Alan Hunt is now warming Peter Reith’s old seat of Flinders.

Greg Hunting: Former long-time Chief-of-Staff to John Herron, has been with the Australian Automobile Association since Herron stood down.

Carolyn Jack: Former Jocelyn Newman staffer, now in London with Phil Williams of the ABC.

Andrew Jackson: Former Alston IT Adviser now Government Relations Executive with IBM Australia.

Frank Jackson: Former long time staffer of Qld National Party
premier Rob Borbidge also spent some time with David Kemp and is going
to the National Competition Council.

Julianne Jaques: Then Rod Kemp now barrister in Victoria.

Peter Jennings: Formerly worked for Ian MacLachlan in Defence,
went to work in John Howard’s Office and then for the security
think-tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). Now back in Defence.

Nicole Johnston:
Former Ellison press sec now with Leighton Holdings.

Tim Johnston:
Former Forestry Adviser to Sen. Ian Macdonald, now Govt Relations
Manager for Carter Holt Harvey. Now back in Agriculture, Fisheries and
Forestry with McGuaran.

Owen Johnstone-Donnet: Former chief of staff to Mark Vaille, now deputy CEO of the Tourism & Transport Forum Australia.

Miles Jordana: Formerly interntional adviser to the PM now a Deputy Secretary in the Attorney General’s Department.

Harvey Kalman: Former adviser to Ian McLachlan (of secret womens
documents fame) now general manager – funds management at Equity
Trustees in Melbourne.

Michael Keenan: Former Amanda Vanstone advisor, then ran for Liberals in Stirling in 2004 after Paul Afkos was disendorsed, now an MP.

David Kennedy: Former Alston communications adviser, now National office for Information Economy.

Joshua Kennedy-White: Former Geoff Prosser staffer, then to Accenture and the Queensland bureaucracy in between reality TV gigs.

Peter Kerestes: Formerly with Vanstone in the first term, now General Manager Healthcare with Australian Unity.

Christian Kerr: Amanda Vanstone’s former press secretary is Crikey’s political editor and the man behind the Hillary Bray gossip column.

Richard King:
Former Rod Kemp, then to NAB, now with Government Relations Australia.

Al Kinloch:
The former Warwick Smith chief of staff is now with AMP.

Janine Lacy:

Former staffer to Liberal Ricky Johnston who became Mrs Mark Latham.

Dr Andrew Laming: The former Kay Patterson staffer is now the Federal Liberal member for Bowman in Queensland.

Michael L’Estrange: Secretary to Cabinet, then High Commissioner in the UK and now secretary of DFAT.

Brooke Lord: Former David Kemp, went to Vic Environmental Protection Authority, now spinning for Melbourne Airports.

David Losberg: Former Grant Tambling, now Government Relations Adviser at Medibank Private.

Brian Loughnane: Former staffer to Howard and Chief of Staff to
Qld Minister John Moore MP in Government after 1996, then State
Director of the Victorian Liberal Party, and now the Federal Director
of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Andrew Lumsden: Went from Corrs to be Joe Hockey’s chief of staff and is now back at Corrs as a partner.

Angela Magarry:
Briefly with Kay Patterson but shaken out by Tony Abbott taking over
the health portfolio, then worked for ACT Health Department before
joining Palliative Care Australia.

Suresh Manickam: Former Marise Payne staffer, now at NSW Minerals Council doing Economics and Industry Affairs.

Randal Markey: Former flak for Kay Patterson now manager of communications at the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association.

Ian Matheson: Spent time with Alexander Downer pre-election win, now consulting.

Margaret May: Former staffer to former Queensland Liberal MP John Bradford, now herself the current Federal Member for McPherson.

Terry McCarthy:
of AFP protection, attached to PM Howard, resigned from the AFP in
2001, running his own security consultancy in Queensland. Married to
Jane Henschke, formerly pressie to Jocelyn Newman & Judi Moylan.

Paul McClintock: Head of Cabinet Policy Unit 2000-2003, now on
the board of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, and runs an
investment banking firm McClintock Associates. He is also a director of
ADI Limited and Thales International Pacific Holdings.

Catherine McGovern:
Former Minchin now Glaxo Smith Klein.

David McLachlan: John Fahey’s first press secretary is now a
spindoctor with Leighton in Brisbane after an earlier stint in
government affairs for the Commonwealth Bank.

Peter McMahon: Former Michael Wooldridge’s Office to managing
the introduction of the HIC’s electronic claims and billing
system for doctors known as ECLIPSE and then to Senator Patterson’s staff until her resignation from the Ministry.

Anna McPhee: Former staffer to Nick Minchin and now Director of Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.

Fiona Menzies: Former Alston and then McGauren now a full time mum to her two children with Richard King (now at NAB).

Doug Miell: Former chief of staff to Judy Moylan, after a stint
with the NFF, left to set-up a telecommunications company called
Heartland Communications. A regular visitor to the Lindsay electorate
office and a campaign supporter of Jackie Kelly.
David Miles: Ex-Minchin staffer, now spinning for Pfizer.

Bruce Mills: Former press sec Vaile – now adviser to Qld Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg.

Jeremy Mitchell: Former Bronwyn Bishop staffer, now works in the media unit at Australia’s High Commission in London.

Scott Mitchell:
Former adviser to Mark Vaile, challenged Julian McGauran in preselection for his Senate spot, now doing trade with NFF.

Danielle Moore: Former Bruce Scott pressie and Abetz pressie, then to Gavin Anderson, now at…

Grahame Morris:
John Howard’s original chief of staff,
went to News Ltd for a couple of years, then was a partner at Jackson
Wells Morris and now running the Canberra practice for PwC.

Trent Mumford: former Baird adviser now an account manager with Parker & Partners in Sydney

Ben Myers:

Formerly of Pete Slipper’s office, then went to Retailers Association
and now Brisbane City Council where he spins for Lord Mayor Campbell

Daniel Myles: Former staffer for Kerry Bartlett, now Chief Government Whip, a Councillor on Blue Mountains Council.

Kate Nevett: Former John Fahey staffer, then to CPR in Brisbane, before joining a local competitor.

Rod Nockles:
Long-time Jocelyn Newman chief-of-staff to
Hill and Knowlton in Melbourne, then started his own public affairs
consultancy. Now running for Corangamite, of course.

Andrew Norton: The former David Kemp staffer is now working for Melbourne University.

Robert Oakeshott:
Former adviser to Mark Vaile, now Independent NSW State MP.

Michael O’Brien: Costello’s office, went to the bar back in Melbourne.

Terry O’Connor:
Alston first press sec as Minister is now with the British High Commission.

Megan O’Connor:

Former Conservation Adviser to Sen. Ian Macdonald, now the Australian
Government Liaison for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Paddy O’Sullivan: Did an early stint with Peter McGauran, moved to Vic Nats with McNamara, now with Hotels Association in Victoria.

David Oldfield: Former Tony Abbott right hand man (and ex-Lib
candidate for the state seat of Manly) is sitting in the NSW upper
house courtesy of One Nation.

Justin Owen:
Former Bronwyn Bishop staffer now with the Australian Hotels Association.

Guy Pearce: Robert Hill’s former speak writer went consulting and dumped a bucket on the polluting lobby on Four Corners this year.

Andrew Power: Long term Bill Taylor advisor. Is now a self employed inventor and land developer.

Christopher Pearson:
Howard speechwriter, now Australian Museum and Australia Council director.

Sasha Pendal: Former CoS to Mal Brough, now Deputy Director at Lions Eye Institute, a WA based medical research institute.

Emily Perry: Former Gallus advisor now media spinner for Holden.

Stan Piperoglou: Once CoS to Bronwyn Bishop when she
was Minister for Ageing, he returned to the Department of Health when
she got the flick, until someone had a brainwave about how to save on
stationery and made him CoS to Senator (Julie) Bishop, Minister for
Ageing, and he has now followed her to Education.

James Pirie: (of Pirie Wines), Senior Adviser to Jocelyn Newman now a Tassie bureaucrat.

Simon Price: Former Kemp now at the VFF.

Michael Priebe: Former adviser to Nationals MP De-Anne
Kelly, then Trade Minister Mark Vaile, worked as the State
Director of the NSW Nationals, then for PR firm Third Person before
launching his own government affairs business Statecraft. Is married to
former John Anderson staffer Jessica Maine (now Priebe).

Elke Purnell:
Phil Ruddock diary sec, then to Medicines Australia and now doing government relations for pharma company Amgen.

Robert Reid: Former Kevin Andrews Advisor, now CEO of Australian Nursing Homes and Extended Care Association.

Craig Regan: Formerly worked in Philip Ruddock’s office, now works as media affairs manager at Pfizer.

Linda Reynolds:
Former Chief-of-Staff to Ellison, then with Raytheon, now Deputy Federal Director of the Liberal

Peter Richards: Peter Reith’s first chief of staff, then spent
time at the Business Council of Australia, then headed up the
Industrial Registry and now is a Commissioner on the Australian
Industrial Relations Commission.

Anthony “digger” Roberts:
The former Howard electorate officer went
from being in charge of relations with the Parrot to being the MP for
Lane Cove in the NSW Parliament.

Malcolm Roberts:
Former Macfarlane adviser, now doing Government Affairs for the Housing Industry Association.

Sarah Robertson: Former consumer affairs adviser to Financial Services Minister Joe Hockey, now a solicitor at Cutler Hughes Harris in Sydney.

Steve Ronson: Former Southcott and Calvert staffer, now union bashing as SA State Manager of the Office of the Employment Advocate.

John Roskam: Former David Kemp, now a research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs after a failed Senate preselection tilt.

Bill Royce:
from Michael Wooldridge’s Office to PR firm Hill & Knowlton in Melbourne and now in London.

Sarah Ryan: Former Personal Assistant to Alston now Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia

Terry Ryan: Former snr adviser to Tim Fishcher/Vaile now snr spinner with Electricity Supply Association of Australia in Canberra.

Kieran Schneeman:
Former McGauran chief of staff is now the chief executive of Medicines Australia.

Adam Schofield: Former adviser to Warwick Parer. Now a self employed public affairs consultant and secretary of the Point Piper branch.

Georgia-Kate Schubert: Former Ian Campbell press sec is now Manager of Government Affairs at Vodafone Australia

Kate Schulze: Former Nick Minchin spinner – married to rising Channel Nine political reporter Nigel
Blunden – left for the NFF and
went to Parker and Partners, then moved to Crosby
Textor , now at…

Mike Scrafton:
Former Peter Reith Senior
Adviser (in the Defence days), went back to Defence as the First
Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure Division, now with the Victorian
Department of Infrastructure after tipping a bucket on.

Craig Simonetto: Former Wooldridge press secretary and Andrews adviser, working for the HIC on special projects.

Peta Slack Smith: used to be with Sen Judith Troeth (when Parl Sec to AG
Minister), before joining the ill-fated AWB.

Dean Smith: Former Bronwyn Bishop chief of staff and advisor,
then corporate affairs at Insurance Australia Group and now doing
government relations with Optus.

Karen Smith: Former policy adviser to ill fated Senator Bob
Woods – Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Family
Affairs, now policy adviser with Australian Credit Union Network,
formally known as CUSCAL.

Michael Smith: From David Kemp to Splash Media.

Tony Smith: Peter Costello’s longest serving adviser is now a Federal MP.

Brendan Smyth: Small business adviser to Reith, now leader of the opposition in the ACT Assembly.

Victoria Somlyay: Former Minchin adviser now with Westpac in Sydney.

Juliana Stackpool: Former Vanstone, Hill and Nelson staffer now working for peak body for private education and training in Melbourne.

Andre Stein: Alston adviser now at Clayton Utz.

David Stevens: Former Cabinet Policy Unit, now partner with KPMG in Melbourne.

Craig Symon: Former Senior Adviser to Tim Fisher currently in DEWR.

David Taylor:
Former Geoff Prosser adviser now with Max “the axe” Moore-Wilton at Sydney Airport.

Donna Taylor: Former Chris Ellison advisor, now a member of the WA upper house.

Michael Thawley:

Howard’s international adviser, went to Washington as Australian
ambassador and now providing strategic advice to a global funds
management firm.

Martin Tolar: Former Policy Adviser to ill fated Senator Bob
Woods – Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Family
Affairs, see position title below and current Baulkham Hills Shire

Matt Trewin: Former Anderson staffer now with the the hapless AWB in Melbourne.

Angus Trigg: Former Baird staffer now at Gavin Anderson.

Darcy Tronson: Barrister and former senior adviser to Erica Betz is now a consultant with a “strategic analysis” outfit called Trinitas.

David van den Berg: Former advisor to Allan Rocher. Now national employee relations manager with Sigma Company Limited in Melbourne.

Peter van Onsolen: Ex-Abbott staffer, now academic at Edith
Cowan University.

Jane Wagner: Former long-term staffer to Senator Eric Abetz in
both Opposition and Government, now working for the Budget Group in
Department of Finance.

Virginia Wallace: Former Vanstone and Ellison staffer now married with one child and back working in corporate relations with NAB.

Peter Walsh:
Former adviser to Anderson/Vaile now adviser with Local Govt Association in Victoria.

Susan Warren:
Former Hill and Alston adviser now Government Relations at Raytheon.

Chris Wenden: Former ABC journalist and media adviser for John
Cobb, now Product Manager – Accounting & Assurance & Public
Sector Portfolios, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Simon Westaway: Former staffer to backbencher Liberal MP Bob Baldwin, now managing Media Affairs for the new budget airline Jetstar.

Gerry Wheeler: Ex-PM staffer, now working for Raytheon.

Serena Williams: Michael Wooldridge’s press secretary went to Mayne as a spinner-lobbyist and is now a mum who does RRR’s The Spin each Sunday.

Kate Winter: Former adviser to Peter Slipper now pressie to Lord Mayor Campbell Newman.

Caroline Wilkie: Former Coonan adviser, then to the Financial Planning Association and now with Tourism Task Force.

Richard Wilson:
Former Newman press secretary to chief spinner for two Tassie Opposition Leaders, now Federal public servant.

Richard Wise: formerly with John Fahey and Rod Kemp, now with Business Council for
Sustainable Energy

Mary Wooldridge: Michael Wooldridge’s sister is a former Minchin staffer and now CEO Foundation for Young Australians.

Russ Wood: Former Alston advisor now with Melbourne City Council.

Christopher Wordsworth: Former John Moore staffer now Queensland manager of the ABC.

This is a great list but keep the corrections and additions coming to smayne