It’s good to see some of our subscribers have managed to find their way to the bottom of Terry McCrann’s longest ever Crikey spray, prompting a stream of letters on the subject. Here’s a taste of what’s been said:

These missives all went directly to McCrann’s personal email:


Hello Mr McCrann, I have seen your attack on Crikey. I was always
taught that the use of profanities indicated a lack of command of the
English language.

I did think that as one of Australia’s premier journalists,
you would not have to resort to such offensive language to make your
point. Obviously I was wrong.

You have disappointed me
greatly, Mr McCrann. You no longer have any credibility as far as I am
concerned. I will in future regard your writings and opinions as the
product of an offensive and foul-mouthed individual.

John K


my heart bleeds over a journalist complaining about someone else only
printing half the story. Most Australians have had to put up with
journalists doing this to please their masters for the past 100 years!
Liberal use of the facts, distortion of the truth, snippets to justify
journalistic positions that are completely removed from the substance
of the issue, the list goes on and on.

Having been a victim
of journalistic licence many times over the past 10 years I say to you
Terry McCrann “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” At least Mr Mayne has the
decency to print your apparent correction of his position. A courtesy
you and your masters rarely afford the common, decent, hard working
Australians that you and your ilk regularly attempt to marginalise via
your columns.

Crikey, keep up the good work.

Andrew, Sydney


am sorry Mr McCrann that you feel so very angry with these people. In
fairness, I cannot say that you are right and they are wrong. For many
years I have never had the Herald Sun in my home (except for the
occasional weekend magazines) as I find it the most biased of all
papers for political balance.

In crikey’s defence, one
would never have known what their political persuasions were prior to
Christian coming out last week. Whether, Liberal, Labor, Green or
whatever, they at least endeavour to provide a balanced view of
society. Perhaps, having vented your anger so succinctly, you will
reassess your opinions of this worthy site.



Hello Terry, Good to see the 800 pound gorilla bullying Crikey. Gone on, get a life you idiot.



Dear Mr McCrann,

After reading your invective harangue I’ve only one question: What would you know of polite circles?

Kind Regards,



He has won!

By becoming so irrational and emotional you have let Mr Mayne get the better of you!



Oh dear, Terry.

If you are so upset by an e.zine,, don’t you think you
should take more mylanta/morphine/painkillers? Just because you got
shot in the foot, there is no need to go off like a rampant tortilla,
petal: grow up. Come back with some sensible responses.

Bev Brill

And these responses came straight to Crikey:


I notice you took McCrann’s more robust sentences out of
context on your web-site, better impact I expect to dumb readers and how
they jump to your tune. Obviously you have mortally hurt Mr McCrann’s
feelings, and his professional standing by your continual sniping. You
are like a sail boat continually and obsessively changing sails despite
weather conditions.

Deanna Navarro

ps Will this get an airing?


Down at
the fag end of his piece, Terry McCrann dares you to make his attack
“unreadable as you can, by jumbling up the paragraphing”, but I find
his Herald Sun columns – owing to his constant yet idiosyncratic
overuse of dashes – in the most unusual places – are often pretty much
unreadable all on their own.

Anyway, doesn’t McCrann know that the current euphemism in polite circles is to call someone a “complete Cheney”?



Dear Crikey,

believe that Mr McCrann has completely lost the plot. To someone to sit
down and compose a riposte like that means that that person
completely lack self-esteem; which is also strongly proven by the usage of swearing.

unbalanced act and letter shows that does its job well on
which you and your whole team must be congratulated (and at the same
time warned: “don’t get a big head now…!”).

Andrew Decker


Congrats to McCrann !

He has finally exposed how Crikey’s hot air will always be defeated by
cold, hard (and boring) facts. The longest spray ever. The best
spray ever.

Notice how not one of the readers responses to McCrann have been
content based. No challenges to the meat of his argument.
McCrann has exhibited how superior intellect will defeat sloganeering
hands down.

I wonder if this will get an airing, or is Crikey only publishing negative responses to McCrann?

The Intrepid Cruiser


CRIKEY: If you’d like to share your thoughts on the matter with Crikey or Terry McCrann (or both) just send an email to [email protected] or mccrannt Meanwhile, you can refresh your memory and/or find inspiration in McCrann’s original 6000-word letter here:

Peter Fray

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