Outrageous ABC Bias

I’m quite happy to accuse the ABC of bias towards the left/green side of politics.

To give just one example: this morning, ABC radio news in WA has been
covering the Prime Minister’s big statement about energy. But, even
before the statement is made by the PM, ABC radio has reported
criticism of the energy policy statement based upon what the media and
green groups think will be in it. So, driving to Perth from my country
electorate this morning, I had to endure about 7 half-hourly news
services on this theme. I was none the wiser about what the PM had said
(because he hadn’t actually said anything), although I was well aware
of the broad-ranging criticism of what he was likely to say whenever it
was that he finally got around to saying it.

Three hours of anti-Howard, anti-Federal government ABC news reports! I
wonder how ABC radio will report the PM’s policy once he actually
announces it.

Bernie Masters
Member for Vasse

Andrew Bolt hits back

A writer who describes himself as a “religious conservative” attacks me in your Your say (June 11)
section for calling Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ anti-semitic.
His objection? That I have taken “Rupert Murdoch’s 30 shekels”. I
presume this is a reference to a popular conspiracists’ claim, repeated
on a Melbourne Muslim website, that the real name of the boss of News
Corp is Rupert Mordecai. But even if no such reference was intended by
your curious correspondent, can I ask you, apropos of this and other
apparently anti-Semitics material on your site: Just what kind of
audience are you appealing to? And why?

As for the Christian organisations your writer claims I regularly gave
speeches to, I confess to speaking to only one on his list – once. The
rest of his letter, like almost every other item you have ever run on
me, is similarly flawed by bizarre fantasising and untruths.

I beg you, Stephen, come back to the mainstream. This is doing you no good at all.

Andrew Bolt

Gretel and the Big Brother protest

Hasn’t anyone else been struck by how badly Gretel Killeen took all
that Merlin “Free th refugees” business? She was quite extraordinarily
tetchy and grumpy, as if it was a damn cheek for someone not to play
along with the show’s psychological mind games and thus to deprive us
all of our voyeuristic thrills.

What’s so “aggressive” about a silent protest? Are the children of
Australia really going to be scarred for life because they don’t know
what Merlin really thinks about all those farts, or whatever other
inane nonsense they usually discuss after eviction? Since when is using
your vote the only valid way to participate in politics? (Perhaps we
should ask Peter Garrett that one). And for Merlin to donate the
proceeds from the car he’s been given seems to be me a really grand
gesture – but she didn’t consider it so, and made some sarcastic remark
when handing over the i-Pod that he should donate that, too. Quite
extraordinary, especially for someone whose day job is as a comedian.
Lighten up, woman: it’s only television!


How many people are employed at our Berlin Embassy?

A week ago in Berlin I had my bag snatched and lost the lot – passport,
credit cards, tickets, cash. At 4:30pm on a Monday the local police
tried to contact the Australian embassy on my behalf. A robot female
voice said that it was closed for the day and that no one was available
and gave a number in Canberra.

The reason given was that it was the Whitsunday holiday in England.

First of all why is an embassy in Germany celebrating English public
holidays? Is this some new colonial strategy of Lexie Downer’s?

Secondly even on a public holiday is the embassy in the capital of the
most powerful country in Europe not obliged to keep just one person on
call to deal with citizens in peril?

To add to the farce, the police did dial the number in Canberra where
are laid back bloke called Robin told me that no wonder the embassy was
closed, it was 2 in the morning. When I said that it was 5pm in Berlin
he said, “Well it isn’t here”. Other than suggesting cheerfully that
the thieves were most likely spending up big on my credit cards, he had
not much else to say.

Maire Mannik
(Currently in Estonia)

Garrett a light green attraction

Mark Latham’s motivation in fast tracking Peter Garrett’s Labor
membership and enthronement on the seat of Kingsford-Smith, is clear as
it is cynical.

Latham is trying to con light green voters, while attempting to rig
things so as to not rely on Green preferences in the forthcoming
Federal election.

If Labor is successful, the end result of this exercise will be painfully predictable.

While we’re already seeing the dilution of Garrett’s once passionate
views on the environment, Labor will be just as pro-logging as they
were before the election. Garrett will have served his purpose and will
go the same way as other rebadged, trophy Labor ring-ins to become the
bald Cheryl Kernot.

Neil Cremasco
Judbury, TAS

Garrett and the NSW Labor juggernaut

I am astonished that journalists and letter-writers have not yet
cottoned-onto the sheer might, range, and rage of the NSW Labor
juggernaut, which takes no prisoners and cares little for their
electorates in terms of their bigger picture. I shall never forget the
grinning Kim Beasley (though not from the NSW Labor Right himself)
sporting on his arm Cheryl Kernot. She was taken (sorry, Gareth) not so
much to be a Labor electioneering tool (again, sorry Gareth), but
simply to screw (no pun intended) the Democrats of a leader who had a
growing personal following and was making a mark. Taking a punt on ego
is hardly a new invention.

Labor have done it again. By introducing Garrett to the fold, they have
effectively eliminated a strident voice for the environment.
Garrett must have set his price much higher – a safe Labor seat – but
the end result is the same. Another element of choice has been
removed from the electoral process. The fact that Garrett has been a
bummer regarding non-enrolment suits both Labor and Liberal. It’s a
matter of odds and evens. Most die-hard Liberals reckon Garrett is a
raging, intense nutter. I should bet my last dollar that the Labour
stalwarts in Kingsford -Smith would agree.

The ultimate effects are that Labor will retain a safe seat, that
Garrett’s formidable environmental credentials will become a lost cause
in the Labor Caucas, already beholden to Big Business; that it suits
Labor very much to have their newest recruit pilloried, which won’t
make any difference at all because they have effectively fragmented the
Greens (like the Democrats) by neutering a sincere and empassioned
advocate, and Labor will by consensus place Garrett’s stamp upon
whatever they devise in the future regarding environmental issues. The
Libs win too, for reasons which must be obvious. Well, it suits both
parties to have someone notorious to pick on. Garrett is about to be
hung out, and dried.

Michael Monk

Garrett seeling out to the highest bidder

How come you’re going soft on Peter Garrett, who closely resembles a
praying mantis? This guy has demonstrated clearly that he (like
anyone else who would like a cushy, high income, great superannuation
job) is happy to prostitute their principles to the highest
bidder. I had more respect for him, (which was about 0) when he
was ex-Nuclear Disarmament Party) then I do now.

To think that anyone would rationalise the principles they have stood
for – just for a safe seat is akin to killing their mothers to get to
the orphans’ picnic. Garrett has just joined the latter group. Oh
for a ‘safe seat’ – I would question my principles to get onto the
parliamentary gravy train.


Herald Sun and Garrett

The Herald Sun may be the country’s largest-selling daily newspaper,
but its reports on Peter Garrett (“Garrett’s flip flop”, “Easy Rider”
and “Oil’s not well”, June 12) won’t be winning it any popularity
awards for fair and impartial journalism.

Despite the well-laboured point that his transition into politics will
be “challenging”, Garrett is an articulate and well-respected member of
the community, who will provide a refreshing change from our existing
‘career politicians’.

The Herald Sun’s one-sided and patronising perspective on his decision
to run for parliament, appeared to stem more from him “shunning an
interview” with the newspaper over many years, than a genuine interest
in contributing to Australian political debate.


Garrett and the hard left

Given the involvement of the hard left in trying to infiltrate the
Nuclear Disarmament Party back in the early 1980s, you should take any
comments from disgruntled NDP office holders with a very large grain of

It was well known at the time that members of the Democratic Socialist
Party and other trots joined the NDP on-mass in the classic Trotskyite
tactic of “entryism” – or branch stacking – in an attempt to control
more popular, high profile political organisations. Garrett and others
were absolutely right to leave the NDP when they did, the party was
completely corrupted by this stage.

Given the increasingly close link between the Greens (especially in
Victoria) and the Trots latest incarnation (Socialist Alliance) it
seems the loopo-left are at it again.

The Hard Left Watcher