An election is looming and it’s time for yet
another Crikey list – Federal MPs who don’t live in
their electorates.

Kevin Andrews: lives in the Melbourne suburb, Eaglemont.
He moved there when a redistribution put Eaglemont in his seat of
Menzies, but only a term or two later another redistribution returned
the area to Labor-held Jaga jaga. The Rev didn’t move. (He’s hardly ever
there, anyway.)

Kim Beasley:
lives in comfortable middle class South Perth
– about ½ hour or so drive from his very
working class electorate of Brand, which is centered on the industrial town of

Peter Costello:
The Federal Treasurer’s Camberwell residence is just outside his seat of Higgins in neighboring Kooyong.

Simon Crean:
lives in Middle Park (Melbourne Ports), which
is very similar to his own electorate of Hotham.

Graham Edwards: The member for Cowan, has lived in North
Beach – a pretty flash oceanside suburb quite different to the diverse
electorate he represents, some 15 kilometres inland – since before he
was elected to Federal parliament.

Martin Ferguson:
Lives in Ivanhoe, which is in Jenny
Macklin’s electorate of Jaga Jaga, rather than in his own electorate of
Batman (the safest Labor seat in the country).

John Howard:
Both Kirribilli House and his former
home in Wollstonecraft are not in Bennelong.

Mark Latham:
The Federal opposition leader doesn’t live in
his electorate either. Latham residence used to be in the seat of
Werriwa but it was redistributed into Liberal-held McArthur.

Judi Moylan:
the Liberal member for Pearce lives in the leafy
Perth suburb of Cottesloe by the sea, which is more than 30km from her
mainly rural seat.

Harry Quick: The Member for the seat of Franklin has not
lived in the electorate for the entire time he has represented it. When
the issue comes up he claims that where he lives used to be in Franklin
before they changed the boundaries. His electorate office is located in
Bridgewater, which is in the very north eastern section of the
electorate – quite a hike from the bigger centres of Kingston and Rosny
where most services and offices in the electorate can be found.

Mal Washer: The member for Moore is not only a doctor, a wine-maker and the largest supplier of
avocados in WA but he lives outside his electorate – in the seat of
Pearce, though only because of a rather drastic redistribution at the last election, which pruned off all the
rural/semi-rural areas of the previously vast electorate – including
Mal’s place.

****David Tollner was previously on the list incorrectly. He has lived in Stuart Park, Darwin – almost dead centre of his electorate of
Solomon – for the past 18 months. ****

This will make a cracking list so keep them coming to boss