Paddy quits the SMH through Crikey

Lead item, second sealed section, May 26

been a big day for veteran SMH columnists. First we had Alan Ramsey
copping the greatest towelling in the history of hypocritical political
abuse of parliamentary privilege. Now we have Paddy McGuinness

Believing Crikey would inevitably be leaked a
distorted version of his resignation letter, Paddy McGuinness has
decided to get in first with the correct version of the letter sent to
SMH editor Robert Whitehead today:

“Dear Robert,

you rang me the other day, I had been contemplating whether I wished to
retain any connection with the Sydney Morning Herald, and with the
increasingly chaotic and badly managed Fairfax company. Your courteous
call the other day, followed by a discourteous silence despite the
promise of a further call, only helped to hasten my decision.

is to sever my relationship with the SMH. I am supposed to give three
months’ notice. But before your call I had already bought and paid for
my ticket to Europe in July, during which I intended to take leave, and
I am not prepared to change this arrangement. Therefore, I would like
to resign effective as of the end of June. If you wished me to serve
out the full three months’ notice, I would feel obliged to work during
August and September, but would prefer not to.

I offer you
my commiserations on the situation in which you find yourself. It is
not only your fault, but that of the SMH and Fairfax journalistic staff

Yours sincerely,

Padraic Pearse McGuinness, AO
Editor, Quadrant”