Fin Review has just suffered another blow with the man mooted as
possibly the next Chanticleer columnist, Brett Clegg, resigning to join
the Macquarie Bank millionaires factory in the investment banking

Cynics are already combing through the various
Clegg stories (our initial search of the AFR data base threw up 77)
about Macquarie over the years and we’ll have a look at this in the
coming days. Crikey has heard one business journalist on The Australian
claim that Macquarie’s investment banking boss Nicholas Moore privately
refers to Clegg as “the lap dog”.

This is typical of the
petty jealousies that circulate in newsrooms as the rise and rise of
Macquarie has been one of the biggest corporate stories in Australia
over Clegg’s 5 years on the Fin Review and he has covered it in more
detail than anyone.

It should be remembered that Clegg
did have a joint by-line with Adam Shand on the Fin Review story which
caused the bank so much grief with Alan Jones over the Sydney Airport
purchase and has written several other stories over the years which has
annoyed the bank.

However, there has also been plenty of
sympathetic stories for Macquarie and in Crikey’s view Clegg should
have gone in harder against the biggest remaining conflict of interest
in corporate Australia – the $100 million a year in fees that Macquarie
Bank rips out of tollroad giant Macquarie Infrastructure Group in fees
each year.

Fin Review insiders now say that Clegg’s
departure brings to 32 the number of journalists that have left the
national financial daily since prickly editor Glenn Burge took charge
four years ago. If you go back another couple of years to the
controversial appointment of editor-in-chief and Fairfax Business
Publications publisher Michael Gill in 1998, then the numbers get even

We’ll try to name every one of them and the year they left but here is a start and please send additions or corrections to boss


Peter Freeman: quit as associate editor to joni Max Walsh on The Bulletin
Michelle Grattan: left for The Age in Nov 1998
Deborah Light: former editor, to The Bulletin
Michael Stutchbury: Key rival of Michael Gill, went to The Australian which he now edits


Finola Burke: Left the AFR in late 1998 to join The Australian and become a media analyst in 2001
Steve Burrell: deputy editor, to SMH
Eric Ellis: former US correspondent lef for Time/Fortune
Jeremy Flint: a banking newsbreaker who left for British American Tobacco in the Philipines in 1999
Stephen Mayne: left after two months on Rear Window to run against Jeff Kennett and then set up Crikey
Andreea Papuc: now at Bloomberg HK
Ian Porter: to The Age
Pam Walkley: the news editor and chief of staff joined The Bulletin


Louise Dodson: from the Canberra bureau
Nicholas Reece: to Victorian government as media adviser to treasurer John Brumby
Paul Syvret: to The Courier Mail via The Bulletin
Stuart Washington: to Asia and then BRW
Michael Yiannakis: deputy business editor, left to join the AWSJ in HK


Sheryle Bagwell: former Europe correspondent, quit when her time was up in Feb 2001, now freelancing in France
Grant Butler: to Editor group in 2001
Mathew Carr: the companies reporter left to join Bloomberg in 2001
Alan Deans: to The Bulletin after returing from New York
Ivor Ries: to The Bulletin and EL & EC Baillieu
Ian Rogers: to banking ezine The Sheet
Malcolm Schmidtke: former editor of The Australian who quit The AFR for The Age
Hans Van Leeuwen: to Asia and then the NSW Greens


Winsome Byrne: chief sub, to the Financial Times in London
Paul Cleary: left the Canberra bureau
Jacquie Hayes: left to go to The Oz in late 2002
Simon Hoyle: Smart Money editor, left for the SMH
Lachlan Johnston: to London
Peter Kormendy: left in 2002
Stephen Koukoulas: left to join TD Securities in February 2002
Christine Lacy: to the SMH as CBD gossip columnist
George Lekakis: to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission as a judge’s associate
Steve Lewis: quit the Canberra bureau for The Australian
Stephen Long: industrial reporter who joined ABC radio as a finance reporter
Ray Moynihan: health/medical reporter, now writes for medical journals
Aaron Patrick: a former New York correspondent who left the Canberra bureau to go freelancing
Emily Pettafor: joined The Australian in February 2002
Robyn Stubbs: the marketer whe became marketing writer joined Nickelodeon in Dec 2002


Jane Boyle: to Qantas, a company she covered in great depth
John Breusch: to work overseas
Mathew Chandler: property editor left to join PR in late 2003
Luke Collins: stayed in New York, meaning the paper lost 3 straight US correspondents
Ashley Crossland: left in 2003
Michael Dwyer: never returned from being China correspondent, Mar 2003
Nina Field: from Melbourne left in 2003
Peter Hartcher: quit after his Washington posting, Oct 2003
Anne Hyland: quit the HK office in 2003 and now in Spain
Alan Kohler: to the ABC and The Age/SMH after The Fin cut his pay
Jacqueline McArthur: property writer left to join PR in late 2003
Adam Shand: to Sunday-Bulletin in 2003
Sam Strutt: Queensland political reporter
Bernard O’Riordan: former deputy news editor to The Evening Standard in London in early 2003
Tom Switzer: to The Australian as opinion editor


Cathy Bolt: to The West Australian
Mark Drummond: to The West Australian as chief reporter
Jason Koutsoukis: left the Canberra bureau to replace Annabel Crabb on The Age
Chelsey Martin: left the Canberra bureau for DFAT
Lisa Murray: left in Aug 2004
Ben Power: left in Aug 2004
Neale Prior: left to go back to The West in Aug 2004
Ben Schneiders: to the Melbourne Times
Jennifer Stynes: left but will continue to write the thoroughbreds column as a freelancer
Chris Wright: left in Aug 2004

Who has been hired to replace them all

is not easy to gauge whether the collective writing and reporting
talent of a paper has declined so it is only fair to list the people
who have been hired to fill all these gaps at the Fin Review. This is
not complete so keep the tips coming to boss

Yvonne Ball: from AAP in Perth in 2004
Luke Collins: from The Courier-Mail in early 1999
Simon Evans: from Adelaide Advertiser in 2000
Tansy Harcourt: from Aug 2003
Annabel Hepworth: from 2000
Jennifer Hewitt: from Age/SMH in 2003
Anthony Hughes: from the SMH in June 2004
Geoff Kitney: from the SMH in 2003
Chris Milne: from Adelaide Advertiser in 2002
Sophie Morris: from The Oz, to join its Canberra bureau
Joyce Moulakis:
Cherelle Murphy: from July 2000
Lisa Murray:
Toni O’Loughlin: from Nov 2002
Aaron Patrick: from Bloomberg in early 1999
Ben Power:
Marcus Priest: from Media Watch, November 2002
Neil Shoebridge: from BRW in 2003
Michael Short: from Europe in 2002
Laura Tingle: from The Age June 2002
Jemima Whyte: from July 2000
Stephen Wisenthal: