It’s all a bit incestuous…
Who remembers Peter’s Friends, Kenneth Branagh’s answer to The Big
Chill? No-one? Thought so. It was all a bit too
luvvie dahling, a bit too incestuous for anyone who isn’t a luvvie
dahling themselves.

Another Peter and another set of friends, however, seem to be firmly lodged in the minds of New South Wales Liberals.

Things seem a bit incestuous there, too – and that’s distressing the Libs.

Distressing some so much that they want to see him expelled from the party or at least given a strong dressing down.

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The Peter is Peter Collins, their former state leader and parliamentary representative for 23 years.

And the friends? They’re people he seems to have got close to
during the Sydney City Council campaign. Look at the picture
below. There’s Carr Cabinet Member Frank Sartor and…

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