Extraordinary General Meeting for NAB

I believe that Catherine Walter is justified in thinking herself a scapegoat.

My belief is that the extraordinary general meeting should be asked to
test shareholder confidence in every director who was a member of the
Audit Committee or the Risk Committee during the period at question.

Senator Andrew Murray
Democrats Corporate Affairs Spokesperson

Latham versus the PM

Nothing quite confirms the fact that Latham is posing a threat to your
liberal friends as the way you are becoming so consumed with putting
him down.

Almost all of your content today concerns him and telling us how badly
he is performing. The first time we have seen the prime miniature under
pressure, and he is still trying to work out how to deal with it and
you are trying to get him off the hook.

Sure we have a duty to try and rebuild Iraq having helped to destroy
their infrastructure but it should be done under the aegis of the UN
and I am sure that Latham would agree for us to stay if it were under
UN control.

The problem many of us have is that if BB&H had told us that Saddam
had to go because of his crimes against the Iraq people we would have
agreed, but they had to lie and deceive just to try and build a more
substantial case, that is what sticks in the craw.

We spend a great deal of time trying to convince our children that
lying is wrong and to take responsibility for their actions, but here
we have the PM lying, bullying or pretending not to know facts which
his staff should have passed on, it is pathetic and a grim picture of
the future for our country.

This government has created a culture among their staff and public
servants where they do not pass on, or colour their information to suit
the agenda of the minister. Mike Keelty obviously did not understand
that the PM only wants to hear what suits the story he is telling,
other views will not be tolerated.
We should be worried about our place in the world, being the deputy
sheriff bodes ill as the first one to go when the going gets tough is
the deputy!

Please renew my subscription in spite of my whingeing!!

Arthur Moore

Thorpie, what a champion!

What a shame that Ian Thorpe has been excluded from the Olympic
swimming for the 400- metres freestyle, but what the hell is going on
when people, commentators, pollies are wringing their hands and sobbing
into their beers because Thorpie has been denied “his destiny”!

I don’t understand the rules of FINA, and am not an avid sports fan,
but I know definitely know who Ian Thorpe is and would go out of my way
to watch him swim on the telly. What impressed me was the graciousness
and determination of a young man who has grown up in the public eye
accept the responsibility of his actions. OOPS, Bugger, he made a
mistake, but what a mistake! What a winner!

Isn’t this the message that we, as Australians should be sending the world, one of graciousness and sportsmanship?


Sydney united in Moore protest vote

The election of Clover Moore and her band of merry Greenies is a win
for Sydney and a win for democracy, if all politics is local then this
is a win for local politics. The entire political process has become
removed from the daily lives of many of us with cynicism ruling the day
as a result, but every once in a while the public becomes motivated to
correct an egregious wrong and this was one of those times.

The mood was a protest all right, as alluded to in Hilary’s column ie.
‘The New South Wales Labor Party – a bunch of greedy thugs – decided
they wanted to control it and exploit it’. Most voters in the newly
amalgamated city saw this as an attempted coup de etat for the
developers in cahoots with Labor and reacted accordingly with an
expression of democracy – they voted for the only true alternative
articulated. More importantly they now appear to have control of the
development process.

But according to Hilary this expression of democracy is now
anti-business. Or is it that modern globalised business is just
anti-democratic? She gets this so wrong it’s not funny and I’m tempted
to digress with some comments on the historical link between fascism
and corporatism – but why bother.

To say that the business capital of Australia is now in the hands of
people who are essentially anti-business is pretty hysterical, don’t
confuse quality of life concerns with being anti-business, don’t
confuse a rejection of the rot in the state of NSW as being
anti-business. Is it only democracy when the big end of town wins?

If it marks us as indulgent and selfish and risking the city’s economic
development then so be it, because it’s like saying the Spanish had
similar motivations in rejecting their previous government and were
risking their national defence. Should we always just shut up and take
whatever our elected representatives dish up to us?

As Hilary says, ‘they are about to learn what a protest vote really
risks’ – importantly it isn’t democracy. There is a wind blowin’ baby
we’d all better get used to it.

Redfern, NSW

A provincial perspective on the local elections

When Hillary Bray writes:

“It appears as if Moore’s candidates and the Greens will control the
[Sydney City] Council. Now, that’s great news if you’re a Redfern
revolutionary or a nimby from Elizabeth Bay – but what does it actually
mean for the greater Sydney area, the State of New South Wales and,
indeed, Australia as a whole.”

May I suggest to us in the provinces it means, like everything else about Sydney, absolutely bloody nothing.

Matthew Thredgold
One Tree Hill, South Australia.

Hillary’s lost the plot

Hilary seems to have caught a dose of the hysteria infecting the
Canberra Libs – the election of Clover Moore is the end of Sydney as a
major commercial centre! What a crock – who runs the SCC means diddly

The only place local government has any real impact is Brisbane – where
we’ve got a Lib whose going to tunnel his way to council nirvana.

That’s a REAL worry!

Bob Ducrou

More Hillary madness

Hilary Bray is completely astray in his/her “commentary”.

Brisbane was, doubtless, a protest against Beattie whose days are
probable numbered, anyway, after his insane behaviour over the wine
farce. The Western suburbs, Latham territory, didn’t protest
against the ALP. And look at Manly, where Peter McDonald, having
blitzed the hopeless David Hay when he first moved from Mayor to
Macquarie Street (as a fine Independent), has now destroyed his wife
(Jean Hay, also a Liberal) to resume the Mayor’s chair.

has lost ground in Randwick (normally a stronghold) and if you look at
certain subdivisions in the state seat of Heffron (which Sussex Street,
at Carr’s instigation, wrenched away from Deirdre Grusovin a year ago),
then you’ll see just how dire the situation is for the ALP.

But his/her put-down (on absolutely no evidence whatsoever) of the new
council, even though it’s not yet determined, is really
superficial. “Sydney” may be an “international city” but Sydney
is far more than simple the eponymous local government area. So
your commentary is facile, to put it politely! And, anyway,
“Sydney’ is – this may seem like heresy to you down there in
“Marvellous Melbourne” – more than a commercial centre.

where WE live and visit for all sorts of reasons; it doesn’t belong to
the moneymen. It has become very ugly with the various
“developments’ which are driven by the “developers” who are so
permissively treated by the ALP to which they “donate” so much
money. The worth of “Sydney” as a financial centre wouldn’t be
halted if that rapacious “development” were curbed.

So slip your brain into gear, drop the mindless and reflex ideology and
think, with a basis of empirical observation. Then it will be
worthwhile for us subscribers to continue supporting you.

JJ Carmody
Sydney, NSW

Hardy’s average mudflat

Had a real laugh at your piece on Susan Kurosawa propaganda on Hardy’s
Bay. She’s been flogging Hardy’s Bay for years! What about
that book she wrote?! Like so many people we believed the spiel
about Hardy’s Bay and were really unimpressed when we arrived!
What about Pretty Beach at Hardy’s Bay?! Pretty bloody average!

Maybe Susan’s on a deal with the real estate agents around there. If not she should be!

Media Girl

WA clash with Sydneycentric ABC

It is interesting to see the furore over the ABC/Wilko arrangement and
living in the west I can sympathise with all those from Victoria. I
refer to the spat when Deborah Kennedy was shafted to make way for
Baddeley. Every time he comes on it brings it home to me (and he’s on
every weekday) The ABC has the right to arrange their affairs, but it
was the way it was done! Move Debbie over, bring back someone who has
already resigned? Sucks. Arranged in Sydney? I don’t know the ins and
outs but that’s the feeling I get. Deborah was well liked over here and
Kim Jordan isn’t.


Is the ABC really the best station for cricket?

Got home late Saturday night, turned on the midnight 774 ABC Melbourne news for a cricket score.


This is the second time this has happened. What a joke.

On the dumbing down of Triple J

I have to agree with Side Show Bob regarding the dumbing down of Triple J (Yoursay 23 March).
I am the same age as the Crikey Mayne man, and I still remember
listening with awe to Triple J when it first reached Adelaide. After
years of being assailed with the inanity of SAFM and MMM, we truly had
a station that would play the kind of music we needed to hear. Stone
Roses and the Pixies quickly pushed aside Bon Jovi and Dragon at the
requisite listening post.

More importantly, however, was Angela Catterns and the morning show –
this was my first introduction to talk back radio, and current affairs.
Sure – some of it was pretty weird – remember Mim Beam? but for a
country kid this soon became vitally important stuff.

Now, some may argue that, yes, as I hit thirty, I should move on and
listen to other stations, and that Triple J’s charter is to target 18 –
24 year olds, however, I think we are doing a terrible disservice to
the youth of the country by no longer producing the morning show, even
if it has struggled since Francis Leach left, and the other programs
that have since departed, Cretures of the Spotlight, The J Files, etc
leave younger listeners, especially in country areas, the poorer.


“Sideshow Bob’s” spray on JJJ

I don’t know who this ‘Sideshow Bob’ is but sounds to me like
disgruntled ex-employee syndrome. Like any rant, he’s being a tad harsh.

I no longer have the time to listen to JJJ all day. I never was heavily
into the arty stuff, but would occasionally listen to it, so I can’t
really pretend to lament some of the lost programs. Yeah they were
interesting but it’s not like I’m gonna slit my wrists or anything.

I absolutely disagree that it has been dumbed down. And anyway, it
spends most of the time playing music. It is a radio station aimed at
youth. It shies away from the industry/sales-driven trash and the
shlock-horror gross-out jocks on the commercial FM stations. Adam and
Wil aren’t far enough removed from that IMO but I guess all the ABC’s
denials about not being interested in ratings are about as believable
as anything Howard’s saying these days.

JJJ is an alternative youth station and that’s why I love those Chaser
guys ripping into the news of the day. It is one of many ABC stations
on the air here in Melbourne – if you want full-on News & CA then
go listen to local ABC or Newsradio or BBC worldwide or something. The
Chaser pair’s show is called ‘Today today’ and offer the same kind of
commentary on current affairs, albeit less deliberately seeking out
controversy, as in their rag and on CNNNN. Intelligent political satire
is not ‘dumbing down’.

I don’t know anything about the centralisation of staff, but that is
the prevailing trend at the moment. Hell, they’re even moving sports
coverage away from us here in Melbourne to that tosspot Wilko in Sin
City. He was only ever useful on The Fat as a source of ridicule for
his absurd and pathetic attempts at cringeworthy poetry. He proves his
ineptitude daily.

Perhaps instead of exercising his keyboard, Bob should learn how to use
the channel buttons on his stereo. I haven’t abandoned Triple J and
don’t intend to anytime soon. Tearing down is far easier than

I thought as an ex-employee Bob might have some suggestions. Nope, just
opinionated bile. And he’s ashamed that he’s got nothing better to say
else he’d use his real name.


Loose screws at the Arthurs Seat chair lift

I remember that when I was a child, the annual Melbourne Uni Scavenger
Hunt would sometimes award big points for snagging one of the chairs of
the Arthurs Seat chairlift. So more than once a chair would disappear
during the night. If a chair could be stolen that easily, all the more
easily it could be merely loosened. My father used to say that when
secured properly, nothing could be safer than the attachment of the
chairs to the rope. But he did not have sabotage in mind.

Alan Hajek
Son of the Arthurs Seat chair lift founder

Media double standards

You can imagine the media going into overdrive if the gangland murders
in Melbourne had been within the “Muslim community”. So far I’ve
yet to hear the media refer to the ethnic backgrounds of the alleged
murderers. Is this a media double standard?

Sick of media double standards

Peter Fray

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