Re greedy Rupert’s Ansett scandal

Get a grip.  You show a distinct lack of understanding of
commercial realities by hammering Rupert over the completion of a
legally binding contract.  If Rupert had forsaken $40M most
business commentators and News Corp shareholders would be baying for
his blood.  Let alone the relevant authorities for breaching his
fiduciary duties as a director.

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As for compassion for the incompetents running Air NZ…I think I
remember something about a fool and his money being quickly
parted?  If it wasn’t Rupert it would have been a consortium led
by Trevor Chappell.

Transaction Pig

Why Rick Allert should go

You are spot on when you say that Rick Allert should give up his chairmanship of Coles and AXA.

How this most arrogant of all the smart alec chairmen can attain such
positions after the debacle at Southcorp amazes me. Worse still, Allert
was also chairman of the disastrous National Wine Centre board which
oversaw the construction (and demise in five minutes) of a $45m
taxpayer funded joke
(the centre was handed over to the University of Adelaide for $1, two years after it opened).

Allert will probably be upgraded to an AC for services to Business and
the Wine Industry when he retires.  What a bleeding joke.

“The Watcher”

Editorial independence: try four out of four

I agree wholeheartedly with Hillary Bray’s analysis of the proposed
Telstra/Fairfax marriage made in hell…..except for one little
point.  Putting the Fairfax press under the control of the
Government, would
actually result in four out of four of the quality newspapers in Australia banging the propaganda drum for the Tories.

The Australian is already a barely disguised cheersquad journal for all things conservative, with a few
token lefties, moderates and balanced commentators thrown in so that it
is not completely indistinguishable from The Sun King’s tabloid rags.

If Fairfax were to go the same way, it would be coast-to-coast Murdoch
shite and Liberal Party paraphernalia. There wouldn’t be a newspaper
worth reading in the entire country…..unless that is….you’re a
hillbilly redneck pig farmer from Western Australia!

Are we living in a democracy, or a barely disguised pseudo fascist state?

Daniel McMurray

If Fairfax was owned by Telstra

Re Hillary Bray’s comments: “Can you believe the nous of these clowns?
The political implications of a government-controlled body buying
Fairfax are overwhelming – yet these supposed top businesspeople and
public servants seemed blind to this in the pursuit of content.

The deal could have been one of the largest blows to media freedom this
country has ever seen.  It would have opened up three of the
nation’s four quality newspapers to direct political interference.”

A trio of points.

a. At least the owners would have been answerable to non-shareholder
voters like me once every three years, at least as long as the Federal
Government controlled Telstra.

b. Who says the nation’s quality newspaper are not vulnerable already
to political interference by people who are not answerable to me or any
other voting non-shareholder Australian?

c. Might I add as a former SMH sub-editor that I’m sure the journalists
who work at The Sydney Morning Herald would not be any more vulnerable
to interference than they are at present.

Dave Whittingham

Oz media obsessed?

It remains a mystery to me why so much space, time and resources are
expended on reporting what other media columnists are reporting.

The media in this country is obsessed with “exposing” the limitations
of their competitors whilst quitting the field when serious political
analysis of Government and alternative policy options is required.

Would it not be more enlightening, even if a little less titillating,
if some of the hard questions and less palatable issues were canvassed
or are the “highlights” just a means of deflecting our attention from
the main game?

Two Rocks WA

Why is the Herald Sun keeping quiet about Mark Forbes?

Normally, the Herald-Sun would crucify any Age journalist who has
stuffed up with a story. But it seems the Age’s Defence reporter, Mark
Forbes, and his misuse of sources has largely gone unnoticed by the Hun.

Could it be that the Hun doesn’t want to attack young Mark, because his father, Cameron Forbes, writes for News Ltd?

It seems young Mark Forbes has a “get out of jail card up his sleave.”

When will the media act against nepotism within the industry? When will
the toothless tigers, The Australian Press Council, and the MEAA (AJA)
launch an investigation into widespread nepotism?

It’s got to the stage where a young and up-coming journalist can’t get
a break in the media because he or she doesn’t have a family member or
friend to throw them a job.

Jo Naybors

Right wing journos

If you want to know what Jane, Andrew, Christopher, Angela etc will
write in 1 to 2 months time, check out US think tanks like the Heritage
Foundation. You will discover what a collection of monkey-see,
monkey-do journos we have in Australia.  My favourite was the
“teenage girls oral sex epidemic” that swept the right wing world last
B Ruddell  
Perth WA

Eric Beecher on media bias

Steve Price is not a red neck, he actually is an attack dog for the
establishment and has continually ridiculed and bullied One Nation, for
example Price can always be found supporting establishment causes, when

Most journalists are brainwashed into being hard left and politically
correct at university, seems to be a condition of their getting a
degree.  Andrew Bolt is a welcome balance, the fact that the
Herald Sun is brave enough to publish his stuff shows why its
australias most successful paper.

Arthur Hawley

Channel 10 News and crime from Adelaide

Some time ago I mentioned that Channel 10’s Saturday news in Sydney
always carries a crime story from Adelaide — which doesn’t help
Adelaide’s burgeoning reputation as a serious crime centre. On Saturday
February 21, Channel 10 showed that they can diversify, by showing 2
crime stories NOT from Adelaide. One was an alleged robbery with
violence from WA, caught on videotape; the other was a police bashing
of a black suspect (coincidentally surnamed King, à la Rodney King)
from Manchester (England). However, they still were able to fit in a
combined crime/cutesy story from Adelaide, with a delightful story
about the theft of a monkey from the Adelaide Zoo. Not sure if they
issued a description of the missing monk.

The sports news also included a summary of the Sri Lanka vs Australia
match in progress: “It’s one of those matches that could go either way,
and probably will.”
The Central Coaster

The Sydney ABC Sports Saga

There is an easy fix for this problem. Simply run the national sports
wrap from Adelaide. Neil Cross, Roger Wills and Peter Walsh would do a
great job. And I am sure the good people of Sydney would be as
delighted as we in Adelaide are at getting our news from them. Just
think, they might even learn about Australian Rules Football! Bad luck
about the rugby though!!

Oh well, back to the real world and half hour delays on networked TV
from Sydney or somewhere over there ….. I could have sworn that I
just saw pigs flying by!

Fulham SA

Living with Gunns in Tassie

I can not comment on the program nor any alleged bias. I can however
report that I lived on the West Coast of Tasmania for twelve long wet
months. This saw me drive up and down the Murchison Highway from Burnie
to Zeehan on a regular basis.

While not a Green or a Watermelon (Green on the outside and red on the
inside) I was saddened by the devastation Gunns’ have brought to the
Tasmanian landscape.

You can drive from around 25 ks outside Burnie to the turn off to
Cradle Mountain look left and right and see nothing but clear felled
landscapes with timber remnants pushed into long wind rows.

Where the forest have not been clear felled there are tree plantations from horizon to horizon. Closer to
the “Wilderness” region the plantation and clear fell has been screened
by a treed belt about 20 metres wide obscuring the havoc. The hapless
tourist would assume that they had now entered the “rainforest”.  

Alternatively you can drive on a parallel route about 30 kms to the
west of Murchison Highway down Hellier Gorge – the landscape is the

Tasmania is a wild contradiction; it promotes the clean green line, the
untamed wilderness aspects of its countryside but at the same time is
quickly degrading the vary natural features that under pin those claims.

When faced with the ecological craziness pushed by Crispy Bacon and his
pals no wonder people get a bit strident and seem less than objective.

Euroa VIC

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