Interesting Product Placement or a slow news day in Melbourne

Did anyone else notice the closing story on the 6pm news for both 7 and
9 on Saturday 9 February was a story about the Tuppaware Sales
Convention and the award of the prizes to sales people in a manner
reminiscent of “The Price is Right”.  Thought it odd that the
sales in the plastic container cult should warrant such coverage, or
was it otherwise a very slow news day?

Outraged from Carnegie

PS. Did anyone else hear the John Alexander fiasco where he assured us
Mark P would win on Sunday based on the way he came on Court and served
an ace first up.  He maintained that position for quite a while
until the obvious overcame all spin.

Poor treatment of the Poo-Man

Shouldn’t Australians feel so ashamed of themselves? To treat MP as
they have the last week or two and now expect him to win ‘for
Australia’. Joke. If only Australians treated their sportsmen as well
as they treated, let’s say, their pets. If they had the smallest of
brains between them and the least inkling of human nature. He must feel
like a complete shit out there, and that ain’t his fault it is ours…


Frank Cicutto’s payout

Your comment about CEOs on big salaries shouldn’t get holiday pay?
Problem is mate, this is the LAW.   All employees have a
statutory right to holiday pay and it is an offence to try and contract
out of it. Something NAB could never afford to be seen to do.

Just think of the precedent. The Mad Monk would leap on that – no doubt
he would love to remove that award benefit from all employee contracts
and make annual leave subject to individual negotiation. Oh yeah?!!
Wouldn’t the Unions love that, considering that annual and long service
leave for all employees was one of their greatest achievements and
which the vast majority of the population would support.

What do you want – the US system? We already enjoy, outside of the US,
the meanest holiday entitlements of most of the west, especially
Europe. You got that wrong the other day too.
Who does the HR stuff at Crikey? Not you obviously!!

Brian Wilder

In Howard’s best interest?

Twice in last week when Howard was asked about his retirement plans, he
states he will be leaving the job when it is determined by his
colleagues and in the “best interest of his party”. Not a mention about
the interests of the country.

This sort of arrogant self-interest must be responded to by we “ordinary Australians” in the appropriate fashion.

Paul Jaffe

Lay off Bolta, but go Bazza

C’mon Crikey, methinks your dislike of Andrew Bolt is becoming as
irrational as you claim his comments to be. A careful perusal of the
Bolt column you aver to be “over the top” was, for the most part a
debunking of some of the more general claims made against the case for
WMD. The content doesn’t differ that greatly from offerings made by
other conservative columnists both here and overseas. Phillip Adams
might consider them “over the top” but for the most part they were a
legitimate repost to some blinkered and selective scribblings from the

However I did love your quoting that battle-scarred veteran of the
Primrose Dunlop wars, Barry Everingham. For those who remember him as
the Phantom of Gough Whitlam’s office, the spectacle of him lecturing
anyone about “impudence” was an ironic delight!


Thet Davis Cup – Good Friday Appeal clash

You are so right about Melbourne’s Herald Sun – it is the laxative of
the print media. Sports obsessed, and bordering on a level of red
neckery you would expect from the far-flung north of the state.

When will this rag get the message that Good Friday is not as
sacrosanct as it once was – our nation is diverse, pluralistic,
multicultural….oops, I’ve just been a tad tautological! I bet the Hun
wouldn’t have a clue what that means – it doesn’t exist in sports
jargon handbooks!

An appeal to all Australian patriots

Oh no the Super Bowl was on our TV screens recently. I must admit I
love watching American Football or human chess, if you wanna call it
that. No doubt Austraya’s (Australia’s) two biggest Sports
commentators, Eddie McGuire and Bruce (Brooth, pardon the lithp, lisp!)
McIlvaney, would have been watching it and writing down American
sporting terms to use in their commentary for 2004.

To be honest, I’m tired of hearing the Yank word turnover. Is that a
dessert? In proper Australian English it’s loss of possession!

So Eddie and Bruce, please leave out the Yank terms! Eddie, you’re
involved in the Australian Republican Movement, yet you like to be
un-patriotic by using American expressions. Show some Aussie patriotism.

I beg you Eddie don’t say Three-peat! It’s just three wins in
succession. I get down on bended knee and plead with you Bruce, that
it’s not a Road Game but simply an away game.

Aussie Jo Naybors

Late call on Australia Day awards

This call is a little late, but readers may have noticed that one
recipient of an AM in the Australia Day honours list was Dagmar
Schmidmaier, State Librarian at the New South Wales State Library.
The touted reason was “services to librarianship including new technical innovations”.
If anyone could specify what these services were, other than
reorganising organisations (ie. getting rid of librarians and sticking
in human resources staff at the State Library or NSW TAFE libraries),
perhaps they could tell the few remaining librarians at either
organisation. I’m assuming that shifting offices, changing font size on
official notices or recarpeting don’t really qualify as new technical
Lucy Librarian

Marlin – banning the sale but not the capture?

On a more salient and relevant note though limiting the size of striped
marlin for sale as raised in the article has other implications. Read
it as implied but it is the quasi-autonomous markets decision not that
of NSW fisheries or the feds. Commercial fishers are still allowed to
capture large stripies just SFMA (syd fish marketing auth) have limited
the sale across their floor.

Even if the govt was remotely pro-active on this matter it still
wouldn’t stop the slaughter of large breeders as methods used by the
commercial sector are indiscriminate not only on size but species. This
results in the continuing high levels of capture for not only large
stripies, but for banned fish like blue and black marlin also. But
these fish are released you say?  Yeah right, if they aren’t sold
on the black, the practice its usually done dead from them hanging on a
long line for a week or killed quickly cos to release a slightly more
than annoyed 300kg marlin humanely is too much time, hassle and of no
economic benefit to the commercial fisher.

Thus it’s a waste of these cowboys time and beer money to release
banned or large fish without a 303 to the head. I mean after all
longline hooks and clips cost about 5 bucks a piece buddy, but back to
the govt bashing issue at hand. It’s a bit dumb huh, ban the sale but
not the capture. What needs to be done to remedy the excessive capture
and marketing trendification of Marlin and broadbill is a total ban on
commercial bill fish anything less is window dressing.

Allen Glover
Shearwater custom built fishing rods

PS. One positive aside here is that Woolworths who once sold “marlin”
steaks by the container load stopped the sale of them due to pressure
from one rec fishing Internet chat forum. pro action at its best I

Tobacco Picture Plan

What will the anti-smoking fanatics think of next! Can we extend this
public health education program to other problem activities?  I
can picture it now: pictures of vomiting drunks, domestic violence and
inebriated persons sleeping in the streets on all alcohol purchases. A
picture of a male person beating his wife and kids on the label of
Tooheys new.

I can’t wait for the wowsers to have cigarette consumption declared
illegal (like Heroin). The price of a packet of fags will drop
dramatically (after all, governments cannot tax illegal substances),
the Uniting Church will set up ‘safe smoking rooms’, but unlike those
at airports, these will be well ventilated, clean and be appropriately
staffed, and NSW Health will set up tax-payer funded cigarette butt
exchange programs (if I turn up with my ashtray will they give me a new
packet of cigarettes).

I want heroin and other so-called illegal drugs made legal – then the junkies will have to pay tax on their fix.

Peter Fray

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