The colourful Quadrant email list have just been sent this tantalising invitation to hear an Andrew Bolt rave. 

Dear Friend,

33rd Quadrant dinner at American Club

(Level 15, 131 Macquarie Street )

Paddy McGuinness, the editor of Quadrant, has asked me to organise the
33rdnd non-fund-raising dinner for friends and supporters of Quadrant
on Thursday night, February 26.   The Speaker will be:

Andrew Bolt

He will speak on:  anti-Americanism.

Or as he himself put it:

Anti-Americanism—the undeclared war on Christianity 

“Kill, torture, rip off, humiliate—this is one of the themes of
Christianity 2003, as the three leading liars of the Coalition, George
W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard sink into the delusional torpor of
their fundamentalist Christian pud…”  —Richard Neville.

“[This is] a fearsome picture of an administration of the Republican
new right hell-bent on a Manichean crusade to remake an evil world in
its own Christian fundamentalist image.” — Mike Carlton

“An unelected fundamentalist Christian regime.” — John Pilger.

“The thought that this monumental mediocrity [George Bush] is the most
powerful man on Earth will reassure Bush’s Christian fundamentalist
followers that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is utterly wrong.
Descended from apes? The US President hasn’t descended at all.” — Phillip Adams.

The Nazis hated Jews. The Communists hated Christians.  And now Islamic fascists despise both Jews and Christians.

Tragically, so do many now in the Western Left—and for them, nothing
better symbolises the old Judeo-Christian enemy than the United States
of George W. Bush.

The usual explanations for anti-Americanism—envy, mortification,
mistrust of power—do not fully explain the depth of this hatred, felt
by intellectuals from Sydney to Paris , or their post-fact 
rationalisation of it.

To understand it fully—and perceive the scale of its threat—we need to
understand that anti-Americanism is a barely-disguised hatred of
Christianity. It is a hatred of a Judeo-Christian philosophy which for
centuries has been the enemy of totalitarian ideologues, from
Robespierre to Osama bin Laden.

 It is for that reason that Bush’s America   is hated,
rather that the totalitarians who actually unleashed  this
war—this war not of Civilisations, but for civilisation.

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is a columnist with the Herald Sun, Australia ‘s
biggest-selling daily newspaper, and the Sunday Herald Sun, and is a
panellist on ABC TV’s Insiders and a weekly commentator on 3AW.

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating last year named Bolt as one of the
four media figures who he believed “have somehow got the upper hand” in
the culture war.

Labor front bencher, Julia Gillard, accused him of having combined with
six other commentators in Australia to “create an environment in which
progressive views are lampooned as soon as uttered”.

Labor leader Mark Latham for some reason accused him in parliament (of
course) of being a nancy boy, and Media Watch’s David Marr has
repeatedly tried, on “your” ABC, to prove he is a liar. Robert Manne
even claimed that Bolt was part of a conspiracy led by “General” Paddy
McGuinness to destroy the “stolen generation” myth.

With enemies like that, who needs friends?

In fact, Bolt is a shy and modest columnist who blushes even as he
writes these words. Still, born to Dutch parents and raised in Darwin
and outback South Australia , and without a degree to his name, who
wouldn’t be modest?

Bolt’s career as a journalist started with The Age in 1979, and was
interrupted by periods of employment as a Labor staffer and an opera
publicist. He was an assistant editor of The Herald Sun , and later
worked as the Asia correspondent of News Ltd, reporting from Hong Kong
during its handover to China.

He has been a full-time columnist for the past five years, and is
notorious for revealing that Lowitja O’Donoghue was not stolen,
Rabbit-Proof Fence was not a true story, “safe” injecting rooms do not
“save lives”, people “helped” by euthanasia guru Phillip Nitschke were
not dying or even in much pain, and the Greens really do represent a
threat to civilisation.

The Dinner on Thursday, February 26

The total cost of the two-course meal  (entrée and main) will be
$55.  (That includes travelling costs for Andrew Bolt from
Melbourne , (taxis and air-fares) tips to the dinner waiters, the cost
of the speaker’s dinner, and incidentals.)
The American Club has strict dress rules.  Dress is formal, i.e.,
for men, coat and tie. Mobile phones must not be used in the
Club.  On behalf of Quadrant diners, I have promised the Club that
we will observe its rules. Initially, those people who wish to attend
any Quadrant dinner can do so only by invitation and/or consultation
with me.

Date: Thursday, February 26. 
Time : 5.45 pm for drinks, with dinner at 6.30 pm sharp.(Note earlier start)
Cost: $55.
Place: American Club, Level 15, 131 Macquarie Street .

Attendance: Please don’t try and pay me on the night of the dinner.  Method of payment is as below.

Payment: Cheques or money orders are to be made out to Peter Kelly and
sent to me at 7 Barclay Street, Waverley , NSW 2024, at the earliest
opportunity.  This is because it is so hard to estimate the
numbers beforehand and depending on the numbers is the choice of which
room we book to dine in. (There are at least three dining rooms of
different sizes.)   TOTAL COST $55 .

Parking: Parking is available underneath the building at Secure Parking
and while they sometimes charge $24, they charged me only $18 at the
last dinner from 5.30pm onwards.  You can be lucky!

Media: This dinner will be completely off-the-record.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Kelly