The Liberal Party is circulating this summary of the last-minute
changes made to Mark Latham’s ALP National Conference speech. Of
particular interest is the deletion of pledges to “solve problems
without forcing up taxes, deficits or interest rates” and to “say
‘sorry’ and
work with Aboriginal people to bring about a genuine reconciliation”.
The Liberals have set up a website at to moniter the ALP National Conference and the word document showing the changes made to Latham’s speech in full can be found here.

The original leaked document showed tracked changes – a feature of Microsoft Word. You
could view who made each change and when by holding the cursor over the
highlighted passages.

Alison Brynes is a Latham staffer. 


Deleted by

I will solve
problems without forcing up taxes, deficits or interest rates

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I don’t believe in

That’s why I like to save
before I spend

Creans (deletion

That’s why we’ll
look after casual workers and support a decent minimum wage in this country

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deleted by creans

We’re got to put
them where they belong – in gaol. 

when people smugglers are responsible for the death of the people they carry,
make that life in gaol.


I also believe in
mandatory detention – an orderly and prompt processing system that sorts out
the credentials of asylum seekers as quickly as possible. 

Genuine refugees should be welcomed into
the Australian community. 

And those
who are not genuine have to go home.

Byrnesaj (deletion

Big enough to say
‘sorry’ and work with the Aboriginal people to bring about a genuine
reconciliation with justice

Byrnesaj (deletion
number 8)

Big enough to say
that multiculturalism is good and that it should always be part of the
Australian way

Byrnesaj (deletion
number 8)

Big enough to pay
our child care workers more than $13 an hour

Byrnesaj (deletion
number 8)

I want to work with
the union movement – with the great working men and women of this nation –
not against them

Byrnesaj (deletion
number 8)

My message is John
Howard is beatable in 2004

Byrnesaj (deletion
number 8)

When I was young, my
mum used to tell me there were two types of people in our street – the slackers and the hard workers. (final


When I was young, my
mum used to tell me there were two types of people in our street – the no-hopers and the hard workers.
(earlier draft)


Creans deleted
‘no-hopers’ and inserted ‘slackers’

I want to thank my
Deputy, Jenny Mackling for developing these great higher education policies

Byrnesaj (deletion

We’re going to pay
for our priorities by re-directing public spending where it is really needed.

Byrnesaj (deletion

Give people value
for taxes

Byrnesaj (deletion



The Party that made us relevant in Asia
and proudly told the rest of the world that we believe in Aboriginal

And we believe in
Australian independence – an Australian Republic.



I don’t believe in a
dog-eat-dog industrial relations system.

I want cooperation
and productivity in Australian workplaces. 

And as we work
together as a nation, we need a better balance between work and family.

I don’t want
Australians having to make a choice – a false choice – between being a good
parent and a good employee.


That’s why a Labor
Government will introduce Paid Maternity Leave and improve the rights of
working parents.





protecting Australia’s national security is the first and final
responsibility of an Australian Government. 


And in this country,
it’s always been a Labor responsibility.


When Fisher
established the Australian Navy. 

Curtin brought the AIF home from the Middle East and created the American

When Whitlam ended our
involvement in Vietnam and recognised China. 

When Hawke and Keating took us further into Asia – security in our


That’s Labor’s
foreign policy. 

Always putting
Australia first.


Our policy has three

Our membership of the United
Nations; our alliance with the United States; and comprehensive engagement
with Asia.


But delegates,
Labor’s three pillars rest on a rock. 

And the rock is an independent, self-reliant Australia.


When I have to make
a decision on Australia’s national security, I’ll only ask one question: what
is in Australia’s national interest?


It’s true,

I haven’t been to as many
international summits as Mr Howard. 

And I haven’t stayed in that many posh hotels.


But I’ll tell you
one thing: your travel budget doesn’t teach you how to stand up for

Your love of this country


It’s in your heart,
not your itinerary.


And delegates, I can
assure you: you will never hear me call Australia a Deputy Sheriff. 


I know who we are –
strong, proud and independent. 

nobody’s deputy.


I believe in the
American Alliance, but with Australia as an equal partner, not a deputy.


I believe in ANZUS,
but not as a rubber stamp.


I haven’t got it in
me to bite my tongue and stay silent if Australia’s interests are on the

I couldn’t on Iraq. 

I haven’t on the Free Trade

I won’t when it matters.


I will always stand
up for Australia.


And delegates I give
you this pledge: a Labor Government will never send young Australians to war
in search of weapons that don’t exist, for a purpose that’s not true.


I believe in the
defence of Australia, first and foremost.


We need to make our
country more self-reliant in the war against terror. 


Because, delegates,
the Howard Government has been neglecting the home front. 


We are the world’s
largest island with 37,000 km of coastline. 


That’s why we need a
Coastguard – to keep Australia safe from the people smugglers, the gun
runners and the drug merchants.


We have regional
airports in this country with 100,000 passenger movements a year – but no
screening facilities for passengers or their luggage. 


I don’t want the Son
of Star Wars. 

I want screening
devices at Australian airports, for the safety of the Australian people.


I also want a
Department of Homeland Security – a single Commonwealth agency to do the
practical work with the States and Territories on national security.


Delegates, Labor
will never neglect the home front. 


There is one central idea which will drive
our policy: to keep our island home safe and secure. 

Always, Australia first.


Creans (in fact the
whole national security appears to have been inserted by creans)