Who said discretion is the better part of valour?
Welsh Labour MP and former C of E vicar Chris Bryant was literally left
exposed before Christmas when the Mail on Sunday reproduced a photo
he’d posted at the queer contact site Gaydar of himself sporting
nothing but a pair of Y-fronts.

The Rt Hon Member became the focus of a storm of interest – not the member he’d been trying to highlight in the picture.

Thankfully Australian politics is free of the sad and sleazy characters that provide so much good copy for the British tabloids.

Though there is a personal up on gaydar.com.au with a photo of an
adviser to a senior Howard Government Minister that has clearly been
taken in a Parliament House suite. Who is he? Here are some clues.

Our hero says “I am a single gay man interested in meeting a single
man… I’m 6ft, average build and professionally employed. I’m searching
for someone special to share my life with. I am a fun guy who is
committed and ambitious and looking for that magic connection…
Basically a genuine guy with a great sense of humour, lots of wit and
who enjoys life and intelligent conversation. Someone who values trust,
friendship and communication. Someone who is family and friends
oriented and has heaps of romance, passion and witty banter.”

Any guesses? Here’s the full profile:

Height – 6′ 0″ (183 cm)
Body Type – Average
Ethnic Origins – Caucasian
Hair Colour – Brown
Eye Colour – Brown
Attire – Casual
Out – Yes

etc, etc…

And, yes, he likes Kylie. But still no guesses?

Well, we could actually publish the link to his full Gaydar profile.
That happened recently to another Gaydar member, a Mr O’Dowd – known
better as Boy George.

We might be doing our lad a favour. Here’s what happened in George’s
case, according to a Guardian report on the Member for Rhondda:

“George’s Gaydar address was printed by the scandal-mongering gossip
website Popbitch. However, George sent Popbitch a message of thanks,
saying that his sex life had perked up immeasurably since its free
advert. Whatever Bryant may come to feel from the Labour whips will be
small beer compared to the jam in his inbox.”

We might – or we mightn’t. Our hero clearly doesn’t believe that
discretion is the better part of valour – but we’ve been indiscreet
enough ourselves. He’s out – and this story is out now, too.

We’ll leave you to make your guesses about who he is in private – where his sex life belongs.

Hillary Bray can be contacted at [email protected]