Crikey is compiling a list of books written by Australian journalists
and will offer a free subscription to anyone who can come up with 5 new
additions by separate authors to this list.
Many Australian journalists are so prolific they have branched out of the
mainstream media and into writing non-fiction books. Sometimes they even double
up with two journalists simultaneously throwing themselves at books on John
Hewson, the HIH debacle and the gruesome murderer Katherine Knight.
So, we are embarking on the large task of building a list of all the
non-fiction books written by working Australian journalists over the past 20
years with a ranking based on sales figures. People like Paul Barry, Paul Kelly,
Edna Carew and Trevor Sykes will be near the top in terms of total sales but
please send in the details with author, title, publisher and sales to Crikey intern Kate who is in charge of this
large research project.

This list might also enable us to point out some areas where there are
notable gaps. For instance, why didn’t anyone write a book on WA Inc and where
is the book on Coles Myer’s 17 years of chaos?

As we have so few sales figures, we are initially publishing this list in
alphabetical order. Contributions must non-fiction and news-based so don’t
bother sending in your gardening or cook books.

The A-Z of the great Australian journalistic book


Authors A-C

Tony Abbott (ex The Bulletin)
“The Minimal Monarchy: And
Why it Still Makes Sense for Australia,” Wakefield Press, 1995.
“How to Win the Constitutional War: and
Give Both Sides What They Want,” Australians for Constitutional Monarchy in
association with Wakefield Press, 1997.
“Two Nations: The Causes
and Effects of The Rise of The One Nation Party in Australia,” Bookman Press,
Norman Abjorensen (Canberra Times)
“John Hewson: A Biography,” Lothian Books,
Hugo Armstrong (ex ABC)
“Tricontinental: The Rise
and Fall of a Merchant Bank,” Melbourne University Press, 1995.
Alan Atkinson, (ABC Adelaide)
“Three Weeks in Bali: The Diary of a
Holiday Blown to Hell,” ABC Books, 2002.
Monica Attard (ABC)
“Russia, Which Way Paradise?,” Transworld
Publishers, 1997.
David Barnett (ex Bulletin)
Pru Goward: “John Howard: Prime Minister,
Viking Penguin, 1997
Paul Barry (Sydney Morning Herald)
“The Rise and Fall of Alan
Bond,” Bantam Books, 1990.
“The Rise and Rise of Kerry Packer,”
Bantam and ABC Books, 1993.
“Going for Broke: How Bond
Got Away With It,” Bantum Books, 2000.
“Rich Kids: how the Murdochs and Packers
lost $950 million in One.Tel,” Bantam Books, 2002.
David Bernstein (The Age)
“Diamonds & Demons:
The Joseph Gutnick Story”, 2001.
David Bevan (ABC Adelaide and Adelaide
“A Case to Answer: The Story of
Australia’s First European War Crimes Prosecution,” Wakefield Press Pty,
Limited, 1998.
Tim Bowden (ABC)
“Changi Photographer: George Aspinall’s
Record of Captivity,” ABC Enterprises & W. Collins, 1984
“One Crowded Hour: Neil
Davis, Combat Cameraman,” Collins, 1987.
“Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days,” ABC
Enterprises, 1991.
Over 100,000 copies
“The Way My Father Tells
It: The Story of an Australian Life,” ABC Enterprises, 1997.
Wallace Brown (The Courier-Mail)
“Ten Prime Ministers: Life Among the
Politicians,” Longueville Books, 2002.
Brian Buckley (The Australian)
“Dawning of a Republic,” Oberon
Enterprises for the Republican Association, 1979.
“Lynched: The Life of Sir
Phillip Lynch, Mastermind of the Ambush that Ended Gough’s Run,” Salzburg Pub.,
Grant Butler (ex Fin Review)
“Where’s the Loot?” Allen & Unwin,
Ita Buttrose (ex Woman’s Weekly)
“Ita Buttrose: A
Passionate Life,” Viking, 1998.
Edna Carew (ex Fin Review)
“The Language of Money,” Allen &
Unwin, 1985.
“Fast Money: The Money
Market in Australia,” George Allen & Unwin, 1985.
“Keating. A Biography.” Allen & Unwin,
“Forex: The Techniques of
Foreign Exchange,” Allen & Unwin, 1989.
“Fast Forward: the History of the Sydney
Futures Exchange,” Allen & Unwin, 1993.
“Westpac: The Bank That
Broke The Bank,” Doubleday, 1997.
Shaun Carney (The Age)
“Peter Costello: The New Liberal”, Allen
& Unwin, 2001
Bob Carr (ex Bulletin and ABC)
Reflections of a Public Man”, Penguin, 2002.
Peter Charlton (Courier Mail)
“The Thirty-Niners,” Macmillan, 1981.
“The Unnecessary War:
Island Campaigns of the South-West Pacific 1944-45,” Macmillan, 1983.
“Pozieres 1916: Australians on the Somme,”
Methuen Haynes, 1986.
“Two Flies up a Wall: The
Australian Passion for Gambling,” Methuen Haynes, 1987.
“State of Mind: Why Queensland is
Different,” Methuen Haynes, 1987.
“The War against Japan
1941-42,” Time Life, 1988.
“The War Against Japan 1942-45,” Time
Life, 1989.
“South Queensland WWII,
1941-1945,” Boolarong Publications, 1991.
“United Service Club, Queensland: The
First Century, 1892-1992,” United Service Club, 1992.
Neil Chenoweth (Fin Review)
“Virtual Murdoch,” Random
House, 2002.
Andrew Clarke
“A Pictorial History of the Australian
Automobile,” Bison Books, 1990.
50,000 copies
Peter Coleman (ex editor The
“School Power in Australia,” Coleman,
“Obscenity, Blasphemy,
Sedition: 100 Years of Censorship in Australia,” Angus & Robertson,
“The Heart of James McAuley: Life and Work
of the Australian Poet,” Wildcat Press, 1980.
“The Liberal Conspiracy:
The Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Struggle for the Mind of Postwar
Europe,” Collier Macmillan, c1989.
“The Real Barry Humphries,” Robson, 1990.
“Bruce Beresford:
Instincts of the Heart,” Angus & Robertson, 1992.
“Memoirs of a Slow Learner,” Angus &
Robertson, 1994.
Peter Collins (ex ABC TV)
“The Bear Pit: A Life in
Politics,” Allen & Unwin, 2000.
Paul Conroy (ex Age)
“10 Months in Laos: A Vast Web of
Intrigue, Missing Millions and Murder”, Crown Content, 2001
Kaz Cooke (ex The Age)
“Up The Duff,” Viking,

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Authors D-F

Michael Davie (ex The Age)
“The Titanic: The Full
Story of a Tragedy,” Bodley Head, 1986.
“Anglo Australian Attitudes” Secker &
Warburg, 2000.
Anne Davies and Helen Trinca (SMH)
“Waterfront: The battle
that changed Australia,” Doubleday, 2000.
Quentin Dempster (ABC)
“Whistleblowers: people with the courage
to put the truth first,” ABC Books 1997.
“Death Struggle: How
Political Malice and Boardroom Powerplays are Killing the ABC,” Allen &
Unwin, 2000.
Graeme Dobell (ABC)
“Australia Finds Home: The Choices and
Chances of an Asia Pacific Journey, ” ABC Books, 2000.
Sean Dorney (ABC)
“Papua New Guinea: People,
Politics and History Since 1975,” Random House, 1990.
“The Sandline Affair: Politics and
Mercenaries and the Bougainville Crisis,” ABC Books, 1998
Robert Drewe (West Australian, The
“The Shark Net: Memories and Murder,”
Penguin Books, 2000.
Suelette Dreyfus (The Age / SMH)
“Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness
and Obsession on the Eelectronic Frontier,” Random House, 1997.
Geoff Easdown (Herald-Sun) and Peter Wilms
(ex-Melbourne Herald)
“Ford, a History of the
Ford Motor Company in Australia,” Golden Press, 1987.
“The Ford Falcon Story: An Illustrated
History,” Lothian, 1989.
“Ansett: The Collapse,”
Lothian, 2002.
Ian Eckersley (ABC Sports)
“Running on a Dream: The
Pat Farmer Story,” Allen & Unwin, 2000.
Les Everett (Fremantle Herald)
“Gravel Rash: 100 Years of Goldfields
Football,” Goldfields Football League, 1996.
Peter FitzSimons (SMH)
“Basking in Beirut and other adventures
with Peter FitzSimons,” Allen & Unwin, 1991.
11,000 copies
“Little theories of life,”
Allen & Unwin, 1991.
8,000 copies
“Rugby stories : some rucking good yarns,”
Allen & Unwin, 1993.
13,000 copies
“Nick Farr-Jones: The
Authorised Biography,” Random House Australia, 1993.
49,000 copies
“Hitchhiking for ugly people : –and other
life experiences,” Random House Australia, 1994
14,000 copies
“The Rugby war”,
HarperSports, 1996.
12,000 copies
“Everyone but Phar Lap : face to face with
the best of Australian sport,” HarperCollins, 1997.
27,000 copies
“Beazley: A Biography,”
Harper Collins Publishers, 1998
26,000 copies
“Everyone and Phar Lap : face to face with
the best of Australian sport,” HarperSports 1999.
15,000 copies
“Nancy Wake: A Biography
of our Greatest War Heroine,” HarperCollins, 2001.
135,000 copies
“John Eales: The Biography,” ABC Books for
the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2002.
97,000 copies
“Nene,” HarperCollins,
Martin Flanagan (The Age)
“One of the Crowd: A Personal View of
Newspapers,” Sun Books, 1990.
11,000 copies
“Going Away,” Ringwood,
8,000 copies
“Southern Sky, Western Oval,” McPhee
Gribble, 1994.
13,000 copies
“1970 & Other Stories
of the Australian Game,” Allen & Unwin , 1999.
49,000 copies
“In Sunshine or in Shadow,” Picador,
Ticky Fullerton (ABC 4 Corners)
“Watershed: Deciding Our Water Future,”
ABC Books, 2001.

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Authors G-H

Robert Garran (The Australian)
“Tigers Tamed: the end of
the Asian Miracle,” Allen & Unwin, 1998.
Tom Gilling (ex SMH, Bulletin, The
“Trial and Error: Mordechai Vanunu &
Israelis Nuclear Bomb”, Monarch Publications (UK), 1991.
Michael Gleeson (ABC) Toni Allan, Michael
“An Act of Corruption?” ABC Books,
Michael Gleeson (Herald Sun)
“The Jaidyn Leskie
Murder,” HarperCollins, 1999.
Harry Gordon (editor The Sun,
editor-in-chief HWT, Queensland Newspapers)
“An Eyewitness History of
Australia,” Penguin, 1988.
22,000 copies
“The Hard Way: The Story of the Hawthorn
Football Club,” Lester-Townsend, 1990.
10,000 copies
“Voyage from Shame: The
Cowra Breakout and Afterwards,” University of Queensland Press, 1994.
6000 copies
“Australia and The Olympic Games,”
University of Queensland Press, 1994.
Michael Gordon (The Age)
“A Question of Leadership: Paul Keating,”
University of Queensland Press, 1993.
“A True Believer: Paul
Keating,” University of Queensland Press, 1996.
“Reconciliation: A Journey,” UNSW Press,
Michelle Grattan (Age)
“Editorial Independence: An Outdated
Concept?” University of Queensland, 1998.
“Reporting Federal
Politics,” 1988.
Michelle Grattan (Age), Patrick Weller
“Can ministers cope?: Australian Federal
Ministers at Work,” Hutchinson of Australia, 1981.
Michelle Grattan (Age), Margaret Bowman
“Reformers: Shaping Australian Society
from the 60s to the 80s,” Collins Dove, 1989.
Michelle Grattan (Age), Fred Gruen
“Managing Government: Labor’s Achievements
& Failures,” Longman Cheshire, 1993.
Don Greenlees (The Australian) and Robert
“Deliverance: The Inside
Story of East Timor’s Fight for Freedom,” ABC Books, 2000.
Gideon Haigh (ex Age and Australian)
“The Battle for BHP,” Information
Australia with Allen & Unwin Australia, 1988.
“Cricket War: The Inside
Story of Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket,” Text Publishing, 1993.
“The Border years,” Text Publishing, 1994.
“Australian Cricket
Anecdotes,” Oxford University Press, 1996.
“Summer Game Australia in Test Cricket
1949-71,” Text Publishing, 1997.
“One of a Kind: The Story
of Bankers Trust Australia 1969-99”, Text Publishing, 1999.
“Mystery Spinner: The Story Of Jack
Iverson,” Text Publishing, 2000.
“The Big Ship: Warwick
Armstrong and the Making of Modern Cricket,” Text Publishing, c2001.
“Endless summer: 140 years of Australian
cricket in Wisden,” Hardie Grant Books, 2002.
“The Vincibles: A Suburban
Cricket Season,” Text Publishing, 2002.
Gideon Haigh (ex Age and Australian)and
Ray Robinson
“On Top Down Under: Australia’s Cricket
Captains,” Wakefield Press, 1996.
Peter Hartcher (Fin Review)
“The Ministry: How Japan’s
Most Powerful Institution Endangers World Markets,” Harvard Business School,
Robert Haupt ( The Age)
“Last Boat to Astrakhan: A Russian Memoir
1990-1996,” Random House, 1998.
Robert Haupt (The Age) and Michelle
“31 Days to Power: Hawke’s
Victory,” Allen & Unwin, 1983.
Ben Hills (SMH)
“Blue Murder, two Thousand Doomed to Die:
The Shocking Truth About Wittenoom’s Deadly Dust,” Sun Books, 1989.
“Japan Behind the Lines,”
Hodder Headline, 1996.
Derryn Hinch (ex everywhere)
“Death at Newport,” Angus & Robertson,
“Death in Paradise,” Angus
& Robertson, 1989.
“That’s Life,” Penguin, 1992.
Donald Horne (ex editor The Bulletin, The
“The Lucky Country: Australia in the
Sixties,” Penguin Books, 1964.
“The Australian People:
Biography of a Nation,” Angus and Robertson, 1972.
“Death of the Lucky Country,” Penguin
Books Australia, 1976.
“The Public Culture: The
Triumph of Industrialism,” Pluto, 1986.
“The Lucky Country Revisited,” Dent,
“Looking for Leadership:
Australia in the Howard Years,” Penguin, 2001.

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Authors J-L

Linda Jaivin (Freelance Journalist)
“The Monkey and the Dragon: A True Story
About Friendship, Music, Politics and Life on the Edge,” Text Publishing, 2001.
Jeff Jenkins (ex Sun News Pic and TV
“Ego is Not a Dirty Word:
The Skyhooks story,” Kelly & Withers, 1994.
“Molly”, 2000.
Hugo Kelly (ex The Age)
“Sky Pirates: The Pilots’
Strike that Grounded Australia,” ABC Books, 1990.
Paul Kelly (The Australian)
“Unmaking of Gough”, Angus
& Robertson, 1976.
“The End of Certainty: The Story of the
1980s,” Allen & Unwin, 1992.
“The End of Certainty :
Power, Politics and Business in Australia,” Allen & Unwin, 1994.
“The Hawke Ascendancy,” Angus and
Robertson, 1984.
“Paradise Divided: the
Changes, The Challenges, the Choices”, Allen & Unwin, 2000.
Les Kennedy (SMH) and Mark Wittaker
“Sins of the Brother: The definitive story
of Ivan Milat and the Backpacker Murders,” Macmillan, 1998.
Margo Kingston (SMH)
“Off the Rails: The
Pauline Hanson Trip,” Allen & Unwin, 1999.
Phillip Knightley (Truth to The Sunday
“The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia,”
Nelson, 1969.
“The First Casualty: The
War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker,” Pan, 1975.
“Suffer the Children: The Story of
Thalidomide,” Deutsch, 1979.
“The Vestey Affair,”
Macdonald, 1981.
“The Second Oldest Profession: The Spy as
Bureaucrat, Patriot, Fantasist, and Whore,” A. Deutsch, 1986.
“Philby: The Life and
Views of the K.G.B. Masterspy,” A. Deutsch, 1988.
“A Hack’s Progress,” Jonathan Cape,
“Australia – A Biography
of a Nation,” Jonathan Cape, 2000.
Phillip Knightley (Truth to The Sunday
Times) and Caroline Kennedy
“An Affair of State: The Profumo Case and
the Framing of Stephen Ward,” Cape, 1987.
Christopher Kremmer (Herald)
“The Carpet Wars,”
HarperCollins, 2002.
Peter Lalor (Daily Telegraph)
“Blood Stain”, Allen & Unwin,
Terry Lane (ABC)
“As The Twig is Bent,”
Collins Dove, 1979.
Valerie Lawson (SMH)
“Constance Sweetheart,”
Macmillan 1992.
“The Allens Affair: How One Man Shook the
Foundations of a Leading Australian Law Firm,” Macmillan, 1995.
“Out of the Sky She Came :
The Life of P.L. Travers, Creator of Mary Poppins,” Hodder Headline Australia,
Sandra Lee (ex Daily Telegraph)
“Beyond Bad: The Life And Crimes Of
Katherine Knight, Australia’s Hannibal,” Bantam Books, 2002.
Garry Linnell (The Bulletin)
“Football Ltd: The Inside Story of the
AFL,” Ironbark, 1995.
Stuart Littlemore (ex ABC)
“The Media and Me,” ABC Books for the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1996.
“Mistake of Law?: The
Vanuatu Sedition Trial, Port Vila, 20 February-7 March 1989,” International
Commission of Jurists, Australian Section, 1989.
Clem Lloyd (ex SMH, AFR)
Gordon Reid: “Out of the
Wilderness: The Return of Labor,” Cassell, 1974.
“National Estate: Australia’s Heritage,”
Cassell, 1977.
Kim Lockwood (News Ltd)
“Big John: The
Extraordinary Adventures of John McKinlay 1819-1872,” State Library of Victoria,
Catherine Lumby (The Bulletin)
“Bad Girls: The Media, Sex
and Feminism in the ’90’s,” Allen & Unwin, 1997.
“Gotcha: Life in a Tabloid World,” Allen
& Unwin, 1999.
“Tim Storrier: The Art of
the Outsider,” Craftsman House, 2000.
Hugh Lunn (ex Courier Mail)
“Joh: The Life and Political Adventures of
Johannes Bjelke-Petersen,” University of Queensland Press, 1978.
“Behind the Banana
Curtain,” University of Queensland Press, 1980.
“Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, A Political
Biography,” University of Queensland Press, 1984.
University of Queensland Press, 1984.
“Vietnam, a Reporter’s War,” University of
Queensland Press, 1985.
“Over the Top with Jim:
Hugh Lunn’s Tap-Dancing, Bugle-Blowing Memoir of a Well-Spent Boyhood,”
University of Queensland Press, 1989.
“Head Over Heels: Hugh Lunn’s High Octane,
Girl-Chasing Scoop of a ’60s Sequel to Over the Top With Jim,” University of
Queensland Press, 1992.
“Spies Like Us,”
University of Queensland Press, 1995.
“Working for Rupert,” Hodder Headline
Australia, 2001.

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Authors M-O

Mungo MacCallum (ex Canberra Press
“Mungo’s Canberra,”
University of Queensland Press, 1977.
“Mungo on the Zoo Plane: Elections
1972-77,” University of Queensland Press, 1979.
“Complete Guide to
Australian Politics,” Dynamo Press, 1984 .
“Mungo MacCallum’s Australian Political
Anecdotes,” Oxford University Press, 1994.
“Mungo: The Man Who
Laughs,” Duffy & Snellgrove, 2001.
“How to be a Megalomaniac, or, Advice to a
Young Politician,” Duffy & Snellgrove, 2002.
Terry Maher (ex everywhere, now Crikey
“Bond,” William Heinemann,
Robert Manne (SMH)
The Petrov Affair: Politics and Espionage,
Pergamon Press, 1987.
The Way We Live Now: The
Controversies of the Nineties, Text Publishing, 1998.
The Shadow of 1917: Cold War Conflict in
Australia, Text Publishing, 1994.
The Culture of Forgetting:
Helen Demidenko and the Holocaust, Text Publishing, 1996.
Peter Mares (ABC Radio)
“Borderline: Australia’s Treatment of
Refugees and Asylum Seekers,” UNSW Press, 2001.
Jill Margo (Fin Review)
“Frank Lowy: Pushing the
Limits,” Harper Collins Publishers, 2000.
David Marr (ABC Media Watch)
“Barwick,” Allen & Unwin, 1980.
“The Ivanov Trail”,
Nelson, 1984.
“Patrick White: Letters,” University of
Chicago Press, 1996.
“The High Price of
Heaven,” Allen & Unwin, 1999.
Chris Masters (4 Corners)
“Inside Story”, Angus and Robertson,
“Not for Publication”, ABC
Books, 2002.
Roy Masters (SMH)
“Inside League,” Pan Books, 1990.
“Inside Out: Rugby League
Under Scrutiny,” Ironbark, 1997.
Adrian McGregor (The Australian)
“Wally and the Broncos,” University of
Queensland Press, 1989.
“Greg Chappell: Cricket’s
Incomparable Artist,” University of Queensland Press, 1990.
“Simply the Best, the 1990 Kangaroos,”
University of Queensland Press, c1991.
“The Emperor Wally Lewis,”
University of Queensland Press, 1993.
“Cathy Freeman: A Journey Just Begun,”
Random House Australia, 1998.
Jeff McMullen (ABC Nine)
“A Life of Extremes,”
HarperCollins, 2001.
Neil Mercer (SMH, 7, 9, ABC and Daily
“Fate”, Random House, 1997.
Susan Mitchell (ex ABC Radio Qld)
“Winning Women:
Challenging the Norms in Australian Sport,” Penguin, 1985.
“The Scent of Power,” Angus &
Robertson, 1996.
“Splitting the World Open:
Taller Poppies and Me,” Allen & Unwin, 2001.
“Kerryn & Jackie: The Shared Life of
Kerryn Phelps and Jackie Stricker,” Allen & Unwin, 2002.
Rob Mundle (freelance TV, print)
“Fatal Storm,”
HarperCollins, 1999.
Rod Myer (The Age)
“Victor Smorgon: Living the Dream”, New
Holland, 2000.
George Negus (ABC, etc)
“The World from Italy:
Football, Food and Politics,” HarperCollins, 2001.
Rosemary Neill (The Australian, ex
“White Out: How Politics is Killing Black
Australia”, Allen & Unwin, 2002.
Jake Niall (The Age)
“Daicos: Collingwood and Me”, Floradale
Productions, 1991.
Tom Noble (The Age)
“Untold Violence: Crime in
Melbourne Today,” John Kerr Pty Ltd, 1989.
“Walsh Street,” John Kerr, 1991.
Laurie Oakes (The Bulletin, Sunday)
“Whitlam PM: A Biography,”
Angus & Robertson, 1973.
“Crash Through or Crash: The Unmaking of a
Prime Minister,” Dummond, 1976.
Mary Louise O’Callaghan (The
” Enemies Within: Papua
New Guinea, Australia, and the Sandline Crisis: The Inside Story,” Doubleday,

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Authors P-R

Tony Parkinson (The Age)
“Jeff: The Rise and Fall
of a Political Phenomenon,” Viking, 2000.
Derek Pedley (West Australian)
“No Fixed Address: The Hunt For Brenden
James Abbott,” HarperCollins, 1999.
Kevin Perkins (Sydney Sun Herald)
“The Gambling Man,” Polynesian Press,
“TJ: The Midas Man,” Pan
Macmillan, c1993.
“Against All Odds: Gai Waterhouse, Woman
in a Man’s World,” Macmillan, c1996.
“Dare to Dream: The Life
and Times of a Proud Australian,” Golden Wattle Publishing, 2001.
John Pilger (ABC, BBC)
“Aftermath: The Stuggles of Cambodia and
Vietnam,” 1981.
“The Outsiders,” Quartet
Books in association with Channel 4 Television, 1984.
“Heroes,” Jonathan Cape, 1986.
“A Secret Country,”
Vintage, 1989″.
“Distant Voices,” Vintage, 1992.
Hidden Agendas,” Vintage,
“The New Rulers of the World,” Verso,
Peter Rees (ex-West Australian Canberra
“The Boy From Boree Creek:
The Tim Fischer Story,” Allen & Unwin, 2001.
Alan Reid (ex Daily Telegraph)
“The Power Struggle,”
Shakespeare Head Press, 1971.
Matthew Ricketson (ex Age and Time
“Paul Jennings: The Boy in the Story is
Always Me,” Penguin Books, 2000.
Andrew Riemer (SMH book reviewer)
“The Ironic Eye,” Angus
& Robertson, 1994.
“The Demidenko Debate,” Allen & Unwin,
“Sandstone Gothic,” Allen
& Unwin, 1998.
“Hughes,” Duffy & Snellgrove, 2001.
Stuart Rintoul (The Australian)
“Ashes of Vietnam:
Australian Voices,” William Heinemann Australia, ABC, 1987.
“The Wailing: A National Black Oral
History,” William Heinemann, 1993.
Andrew Rule (The Age)
“Cuckoo : A True Story of
Murder and its Detection”, Floradale Press, 1988.

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Authors S-T

Paul Sheehan (SMH)
“Among the Barbarians,”
Random House, 1998.
Greg Sheridan (The Australian)
“Tigers: Leaders of the New Asia-Pacific,”
Allen & Unwin, 1997.
“Asian Values, Western
Dreams: Understanding the New Asia,” Allen & Unwin, 1999.
John Silvester and Andrew Rule (The
Various Chopper books.
“Underbelly: True Crime
Stories,” Floradale Productions & Sly Ink, 1997.
“Underbelly 2: More True Crime Stories,”
Floradale Productions & Sly Ink, 1998.
“Underbelly 3: Some More
True Crime Stories,” Floradale Productions & Sly Ink, 1999.
“Underbelly 4: True Crime Stories,”
Floradale Productions & Sly Ink, 2000.
“Underbelly 5: More True
Crime Stories,” Floradale Productions & Sly Ink, 2001.
John Silvester (The Age), Andrew Rule (The
Age), Owen Davies
“The Silent War: Behind the Police
Killings that Shook Australia,” Floradale Production and Sly Ink, 1995.
Margaret Simons (ex The Age)
“Fit to Print, Inside the
Canberra Press Gallery,” UNSW Press, 1999.
David Solomon [ed.] (Courier Mail)
“Howard’s Race: Winning the Unwinnable
Election,” HarperCollins, 2002.
Gavin Souter (ex SMH)
“New Guinea: The Last
Unknown,” Angus and Robertson, 1963.
“The Idle Hill of Summer: An Australian
Childhood, 1939-1945,” Angus and Robertson, 1972.
“A Peculiar People: The
Australians in Paraguay,” Sydney University Press, 1981.
“Company of Heralds: a century and a half
of Australian publishing by John Fairfax Limited and its predecessors,
1831-1981,” Melbourne University Press, 1981.
“Acts of Parliament: A
Narrative History of the Senate and House of Representatives, Commonwealth of
Australia,” Melbourne University Press, 1989.
“Heralds and Angels: The House of Fairfax
1841-1990,” Melbourne University Press, 1991.
“Mosman: A History,”
Melbourne University Press, 1994.
“A Torrent of Words: Leon Gellert: A
Writer’s Life,” Brindabella Press, 1996.
“Lion & Kangaroo: The
Initiation of Australia,” Text Publishing, 2000.
Gerald Stone (ABC / Channel Nine)
“War Without Honour,” Jacaranda Press,
“Compulsive Viewing,”
Penguin, 1999.
“Singo – Mates, Wives, Triumphs,
Disasters,” Harper Collins, 2002.
Anne Summers (AFR)
“Gamble for Power: How Bob Hawke beat
Malcolm Fraser, the 1983 Federal Election”, Nelson, 1983.
Mike Steketee (The Australian) and Milton
Cockburn (ex SMH)
“Wran: An unauthorised
Biography,” Allen & Unwin, 1986.
Michael Stutchbury (The Australian)
“Australia Rebuilds”, Financial Review,
“Boom to Bust”, Financial
Review Library, 1991.
“Gain From the Pain: Australia Recovers
From its Economic Boom-Bust”, Financial Review Library, 1992.
Trevor Sykes (Fin Review)
“The Money Miners:
Australia’s Mining Boom, 1969-70,” Wildcat Press, 1978.
“Vintage Pierpont,” Allen & Unwin,
“Two Centuries of Panic: A
History of Corporate Collapses in Australia,” Allen & Unwin, 1988.
“Operation Dynasty: How Warwick took John
Fairfax Ltd,” Greenhouse, 1989.
“The Bold Riders: Behind
Australia’s Corporate Collapses,” Allen & Unwin, 1994.
“The Official History of Blue Sky Mines,”
Financial Review Library, c1996.
“The Numbers Game,” Allen
& Unwin, 2001.
Laura Tingle (SMH)
“Chasing the Future: Recession, Recovery,
and the New Politics in Australia,” Reed Books, 1994.
Brian Toohey (Fin Review)
Marian Wilkinson: “The
Book of Leaks: Exposes in Defence of the Public’s Right to Know,” Angus &
Robertson, 1987.
William Pinwill: “Oyster: The Story of the
Australian Secret Intelligence Service,” Mandarin Australia, 1990.
“Tumbling Dice: The Story
of Modern Economic Policy,” William Heinemann Australia, 1994.
Virginia Trioli (ABC)
“Generation F: Sex Power and the Young
Feminist,” Reed Books, 1996.

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Authors U-Z

Robert Wainwright (SMH)
“Rose: the unauthorised
biography of Rose Hancock Porteous” Allen & Unwin, 2002.
Christine Wallace (ex Fin Review)
“Greer, Untamed Shrew,”
Pan Macmillan Australia, 1997.
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