Crikey has put together this useful internet guide to the Victorian election

Labor Party – Information on Labor election policies, latest media releases and the Labor candidate for every electorate.

Liberal Party – All the latest Liberal Party election news including policy statements, candidate information and a full transcript of the Bracks/Doyle election debate.

The Greens – A full list of election candidates endorsed by the Greens and an environmental report card for the Bracks government by Victoria’s leading environmental groups.

National Party – Basic information on the Nats and their representatives but from looking at this site you wouldn’t know an election was on.

Victorian Democrats – Still reeling from the party’s self-destruction at federal level, the Democrats are fielding several candidates in Election 2002, all listed here.

Craig Ingram – A member of the Independent’s Charter, through which Labor is able to govern. He has confirmed he will be contesting in Gippsland East on November 30.

Susan Davies – Another member of the Independent’s Charter, who will be trying maintain her influential position following Election 2002.

Russell Savage – Third member of the Independent’s Charter. No election information on the site yet, but he will be defending the seat of Mildura.

Public Transport First – a new political party formed to contest the Victorian election, set up by a group of sustainable transport activists.

Victorian Election Commission – All the information on how to vote and the swing required in each seat for it to change hands.

Also at the VEC site is the complete list of candidates for each electorate. here.

ABC online – has an Election 2002 site, with all the latest news and live streaming audio of the leaders’ debate.

The thinking political groupie’s sex thimble, Antony Green, has a Victorian election site at the ABC’s public affairs site, which we recommend heartily. – Last state election, this little polemic popped up on the web. All the news and views of Election 1999 are still there and worth a look as we approach the next Victorian election.

If you have any interesting Election 2002 links we have missed, email them to [email protected]