The Victorian ALP is more cashed up than they’ve ever been and will roll out an avalanche of propaganda to get re-elected. This is the guest list from the biggest fundraiser in history which provides a rare insight into those seeking favours and influence.

Steve Bracks was forced to issue a personal explanation late one night to Parliament after he misled the house by claiming no taxpayers money had been used when one TAFE and a water company had indeed handed over $6000.

We revealed that Intergraph and Crown casino were paying the Labor Party whilst the government deliberated over having a Royal Commission into both of them.

This list of who sat where at the Labor Party’s biggest fundraiser in its history will made for an invaluable reference point during the Bracks government.

This week we just list the names but over the campaign we will dissect each table and examine why these people were there and what they stood to gain.

Table One