The gun control debate is raging again in the wake of the Monash University shootings and how are gun owners reacting? With an ugly mixture of paranoia and racism, if the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia web site guestbook click here is anything to go by.

Ethnics increase in crime stats

Name: John

From: Canberra

Date: 23-Oct-2002

Comment: Ive said this before and I’ll say it again – if you remove the crime committed by ethnics from the statistics you would see that serious crime in Australia has been on the decline for decades.

I’m sick to death of having the actions of people from non-Australian backgrounds and flawed cultures, who supposedly come here as our guests and for a better life, people who hold very different views to Australians on human life and social conduct, impact on mine.

It’s about time we stood up and called a spade a spade and stopped all this pussyfooting around. GCA play down and dirty with their deceit and innuendo – it’s about time we took the gloves off. They have the media in their pockets and we have no hope of winning any “hearts and minds” when we are gagged so.

The government will continue to use gunowners as a convenient scapegoat for it’s ill-conceived and implemented social policies until such time as we cease to exist – who will they use then?

If Who Flung Dung, or whatever his bloody name is, had used a machette instead of a firearm to inflict the same number of casualties this would have all passed over by now, esepecially in view of the fact that the perp was an ethnic. GCA and it’s little band of supporters, as does Howard, have an idealogical opposition to firearms ownership, logic and the truth have no standing in their tactics.

If we were to expose where the problems really are it might cause the Government to pull it’s head in for fear of feeding a racial backlash that they themselves, in pursuing us, would be contributing to. This is not being racist – it is an acknowledgement of the truth, a truth that those in denial hide from.

Let us deflect blame for these incidents on those who are guilty. The ALP caused the proliferation of cheap semis with it’s “sugar for arms” deals with China, the ALP emptied the asylums of inmates in the 80s and hyped them up on wonder drugs. When some forgot their medicines and fell out of the trees they committed massacres and the government blamed us, Both parties subscribe to an Immigration policy that will, in time, spell the death of this country and it’s way of life, Howard’s buyback has backfired and we now have a proliferation of illegally inmported handguns in our midst and once again it is our fault.

I’m sick of being treated like a crim when the guiltyu are getting off scot-free.

This will go close

Name: Bruce

From: Perth

Date: 23-Oct-2002 Comment: Doug #8413 “Line in the sand”?? I much prefer the term civil disobedience.

This will go close, Doug, very bloody close — and I don’t possess a handgun at all.


Lets stack the ninemsn poll

Name: Simon

From: Willetton

Date: 23-Oct-2002

Comment: People, go to the website. There is a poll on “should automatic handguns be banned?” another rat to smell – there is an overwhelming Yes up on the results already. Little Jonnie W Howard is meeting with the states tomorrow, I don’t even need to imagine what he will demand, given his current popularity status and the size of his ego. Doug: Yeah the stealback is like legalised theft – or fraud. Giving you a sum of money that is not what you paid for it in the first place. I am not selling them mine!

Cheers all, Simon

The Asian conspiracy

Name: Greg

From: N.S.W.

Date: 22-Oct-2002

Comment: Ohhh No, Licenced shooter eh’???. An interisting thing is two of his victims were (S.E.) Asian , one apparently a fellow student and the other a flat/room mate. Makes you wonder?

On a more depressing note, how can he be such a excelling student if he can’t speak english(OS paying Student?)and need a cantonese translator?

Wouldn’t want to be in the uni enrolement dept! or for that matter, the person who wrote PASS on his Firearms Saftey Awareness Test.

Howards got the daggers out. This IS very serious indeed. Start Emailing now. I’m off to the suggested(Doug’s) Gov sites. Rough weather Ahead!!!!!!!!!


Asians cant understand the range instructions

Name: John

From: Brisbane

Date: 22-Oct-2002

Comment: Please could the time be spent to find out some details about this supposeded licenced shooter as John from Sydney has asked. How the hell could someone that cannot understand english shoot at a public range and understand the commands of the range officer etc, etc,. Did he simply pay someone for the paperwork?

I really smell a rat. Not as big a rat as Port Arthur, but a rat just the same. We will all know in 20 years about Port Arthur.

Ta, John from Brisbane

Tim Costellos blatant untruths

Name: John

From: Melbourne

Date: 22-Oct-2002

Comment: Rev. Tim Costello has changed my opinion on an important issue, unfortunately I don’t think it’s the opinion he wanted to change.

Being a church-going christian, I have always believed that there is only one God, then I listened to Rev Tim on the TV this morning. I heard Rev. Tim state blatant untruths regarding the levels of control on privately owned handguns in this country. These assertions were claims such as it easier to obtain a licence for a semi-automatic handgun than obtain a licence to drive a car. These false assertions were designed to rally public support for the confiscation of my property and the vilification of myself and my sport, as happened in 1996. Clearly, the God worshipped by Rev. Tim is a somewhat different deity to the God I worship, therefore there must be more than one God.

My God teaches me not to bear false witness against my neighbor…………

Dodgy Sky News poll

Name: Bruce

From: Perth

Date: 22-Oct-2002

Comment: There’s something _very_ fishy about that SkyNews poll!! It’s all over the place — and there’s been as h-u-g-e turnabout in just a few minutes. There is certainly some skullduggery afoot.

One-eyed muckrakers at Channel 9

Name: Pete

From: brisvegas

Date: 25-Oct-2002

Comment: Well knock me down with a feather, we seem to be in front on the MSN 9 poll. Bet its not what the one eyed muck rackers at channel nine wanted.

Lets all be civilly disobedient

Name: Fred

From: Townsville

Date: 25-Oct-2002

Comment: I read earlier about civil disobedience, what a great suggestion.

Howard is a wanker

Name: rick.h.

From: Sydney

Date: 24-Oct-2002

Comment: I cant belive in a time of national emergency regarding terrorist attacks that our wanker of a prime minister would disarm the most law abiding members of the community.In any other country he would be called a traitor.

The terrorists whoever they are must be watching all this and pissing
themselves with laughter.

Regards Rick

How did this Asian get licensed

Name: James

From: Hunter Valley, NSW

Date: 24-Oct-2002 Comment: This needs to be said !

HOW does a newly arrived Asian, who can’t speak English (and now needs a translator for proceedings) get to fulfill the licensing criteria ?

And WHY – what was his real desire and purpose in owning handguns ?

I think there is an issue of ETHNICITY here that needs to be canvassed, and to hell with the p.c. brigade !

There are two ethnic groups in this country, that contain elements which behave in ways totally alien to our culture and our standards of normality. I speak of elements within the Asian and the Muslim community. Without wishing to besmirch the entire of each of those ethnicities, it must be recognised that elements within them, have been responsible for the majority of violent / gun related / drug crime in this country !

In the very least, those elements look upon the legal acquisition of firearms to carry on like gangsters – to impress their triad / clique friends or their girlfriends – to run around in their dark sunglasses on campus or in nightclubs and make as though they are in some Jackie Chan movie ! And that’s in the very least – else, for the commission of crime – for blowing away their petty squabbles by way of drive by shootings – for reacting with overwhelming force against some poor unsuspecting young bloke they might be involved in a road rage incident with. Time and again this has happened !

I would bet dollars to peanuts, that Mr ‘Who Flung Dung’ (or whatever) has never had the remotest interest in sporting shooting or hunting ! I would bet he is of the type described above.

So how did he slip through the system ? How did he con his way into being accepted in a pistol club ? Well, I think I’ve seen somewhere that his club was all Vietnamese ! Tell me guys – have any of you seen any newly arrived Vietnamese or Lebanese persons shooting along side you in recent hunting trips or competing at ranges ???

But he slipped through the system ! A club catering almost entirely for one ethnic group (and a volatile one at that) is a real worry IMO.

I don’t know what the answer is. But I do know that any system, no matter how good, is not perfect and can be breached – as seems to be the case with Mr ‘Who Flung Dung’ !

What I do know, is that rather than this thorny issue being faced by Johnny Howard and Co., all I’m hearing from them is proposals for more assaults andrestrictions on LAFO’s – that’s ME !!!


Deal with Mr ‘Who Fung Dung’ and his ilk !

Find out where and who abused the system, and deal severely with them !


(PS – Malcom, Brisbane … High Court Challange ? I’m willing to throw in $1,000. SSAA – just say the word !)

Hillary Bray can be contacted at [email protected]

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