Join the Crikey Army and help us out as we pull our corporate fat-cats into line this AGM season.
Crikey is gearing up for a big AGM season this year and needs the help of the Crikey Army.

If you have shares in any of the companies listed below we’d encourage you to attend or direct your proxies to a Crikey foot solider so that we can sink the slipper into our corporate fat-cats again this year.

If you don’t have shares but can get to some of the meetings, especially those outside of Melbourne and Sydney that we won’t be able to attend, WE WANT YOU!

Neal Woolrich is in charge of logistics this AGM season, so if you’d like to get involved in whatever capacity please drop him a line at

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We’ll assist with a bit of pre-AGM coaching for first-timers who would like a briefing before donning the flak jacket and firing away at Australia’s corporate five-star brass.

8 October 2002

Seven Network Limited – will be held at the Heritage Room, the Westin Hotel, No 1 Martin Place at 10.00am. Adoption of new constitution, issue of pref shares to raise $200 million, buy back of 10% of shares.

9 October 2002

Collection House Limited – ASX Lecture Theatre, Level 5, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane at 11:00 am. Mr W Kagel and Mr D Nissen up for re-election. Proposal to increase the maximum aggregate remuneration for Non-Executive Directors from $350,000 to $500,000 and to increase maximum number of directors from 8 to 10.

News Corporation Limited (The) – the Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia at 10am. Chase Carey, Peter Chernin, Rod Eddington, Aatos Erkko and Andrew Knight up for re-election. “The Board supports the re-election of these candidates.” Stephen Mayne offers himself for election. “The Board does not support the election of this candidate.” Grant of 12,000 preferred limited voting ordinary shares options to the following NEDs and EDs of the company – NEDs – Mr G C Bible, Mr C G Carey, Mr R I Eddington, Mr J A M Erkko, Mr A S B Knight, Mr T J Perkins and Mr S S Shuman; EDs – Mr K E Cowley Mr G J Kraehe. Grant of shares options as follows – Mr R Chernin 1,000,000 Mr D F DeVoe 480,000 Mr J R Murdoch 220,000 Mr L K Murdoch 340,000 Mr A M Siskind 480,000.

10 October 2002

Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited – Ballroom, Level 6, Duxton Hotel, Wakefield Street, Wellington, NZ, 2:30pm. Directors Reddy and Tyler up for re-election. Shareholder resolutions from a Bruce Sheppard should make it lively. The meeting is asked to recommend that the Board investigate and report back to shareholders on methods for aligning Directors’ remuneration with long-term shareholder value added and, if appropriate, prepare and present resolutions and/or Constitutional amendments regarding the same. He has also proposed a resolution that a retiring director’s lump sum retirement payment be limited to ten percent of the total remuneration of the Director in his or her normal capacity as a Director. He also proposes a resolution that the Board curtail the existing share option scheme pending a full review of alternative remuneration strategies to support shareholder value creation. Some constitutional changes will also be voted on, which are required due to ASX listing rules.

11 October 2002

Ansell Ltd (was Pacific Dunlop) – in Ballrooms 1, 2, & 3, Hilton on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, at 11.00 am. Dr E D Treddell, Mr P L Barnes and Mr S P Gold up for re-election. Grant of 1,000,000 options to Harry Boon, Managing Director.

15 October 2002

Australian Gas Light Company Limited (The) – at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, on at 10.30 am. Mr D C K Allen and Mr A B Daniels retiring by rotation and up for re-election, Mr M J Phillips, 72 years old and who must retire under Corps Law also seeking re-election.

Austal Limited – Fremantle Sailing Club, Marine Terrace, Fremantle, at 3.00pm (WST). Re-election of Michael Atkinson and Kevin Stanley, appointment of Ernst & Young as auditor.

17 October 2002

Qantas Airways Limited – 2:00pm, Grand Ballroom of the Burswood Convention Centre, Perth. Re-election of Trevor Kennedy and John Schubert, election of Paul Anderson. Resolution to increase the maximum payable to Non-Executive Directors from $1,100,000 to $1,500,000 per annum. Introduction of deferred share plan and participation by CEO Geoff Dixon and Peter Gregg.

CSL Limited – will be held at the Function Centre, National Tennis Centre, Melbourne Park, Batman Avenue, Melbourne at 10.00am. Kenneth J Roberts, Ian A Renard, and Antoni M Cipa up for re-election. Ernst & Young to be appointed auditor, approval sought for employee and non-executive director share plan.

Origin Energy Limited – Savoy Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria at l0.30am. Former AFL Commissioner Colin Carter along with Trevor Bourne up for re-election.

18 October 2002

Rural Press Limited – will be held at the Company’s registered office at 159 Bells Line of Road, North Richmond, NSW on 10.30am. Rumours of merger with Fairfax will make this interesting. Stephen Higgs and John Fairfax up for re-election. Renewal of the company’s proportional takeover rules (requiring shareholder approval for any takeover). Issue of 300,000 options to subscribe for up to 300,000 fully paid Preferred shares to Brian McCarthy, Managing Director.

Tap Oil Limited – Parmelia Hilton, Mill Street, Perth, 10.00am (WST). Re election of Edward (Ted) Jacobson and Neale Taylor. Changes to Employee Incentive Scheme, approval for issue of Options under Amended Plan to Director Neale Taylor. The Options will have an exercise price equal to the share price at the time of issue. Other than certain exceptional circumstances, the Options may only be exercised two years after the issue and expire in three years.

21 October 2002

Crane Group Limited

Suncorp-Metway Limited – held in Great Halls 1 and 2, at the Brisbane Convention Centre, on the corner of Merivale and Glenelg Streets, South Brisbane at 2.30pm. Mr R J Lamble, Mr M D Kriewaldt, Dr C Hirst, Mr R F Cormie up for election / re-election. Mr J A Law has nominated himself for election – we presume this is the same John Law who has nominated himself for the IAG (NRMA) board.

Stockland Trust Group Limited – The Grand Ballroom, Sheraton on the Park, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, at 2:30pm. Mr P J Daly and Mr R B Corlett up for re-election.

22 October 2002

Cochlear Limited – Exchange Square, Auditorium, 18 Bridge Street, Sydney at 2.00 pm. Mr Tommie Bergman, Professor Edward Byrne and Dr John Parker up for re-election. The grant of up to a maximum of 100,000 options under the Executive Share Option Plan of the Company to Mr Jack O’Mahony, the CEO/President of the Company. The grant of up to a maximum of 50,000 options under the Executive Share Option Plan of the Company to Dr. John Parker, an Executive Director of the Company.

Burswood Limited – 10.00am in the Burswood Theatre, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood. Mr D J Young and Mr W G Martin up for re-election. Renewal of proportional takeover provisions.

Text Media Group Limited – Storey Hall, 342-348 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, at 2.00pm. Mr E A Beecher and Mr R I Horden up for re-election. Approval sought to grant Mr Nicholas Chan (CEO) during the period of 3 years after the date of this meeting up to 750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand) options over fully paid shares in the capital of the Company, at no cost. Exercise price of 90 cents per share.

Sydney Aquarium Limited – The Spinnaker Room, Medina Grand Harbourside, Kings Wharf, 55 Shelly Street, Sydney at 10.30 am. A G Sherlock up for re-election. To approve the establishment of a plan to be called the Sydney Aquarium Share Option Plan.

23 October 2002

TAB Limited – 11:00 am in the Grand Ballroom II, ANA Hotel, 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney. Belinda Hutchinson and Gary Pemberton up for re-election. Approval sought for buy-back of 10% of shares.

Smorgon Steel Group Limited – at 11am, ANZ Pavilion, Victorian Arts Centre, 100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Mr B L Cusack, Mr T C-E Bergman, Mr G J Smorgon up for re-election. The issue of 83,400,000 fully paid ordinary shares in the Company at an issue price of $1.20 per share to Allottees. Appointment of KPMG as auditor.

PaperlinX Limited – will be held in the Yarra Room at Melbourne Park Function Centre, Melbourne Park at 11.00am. Mr B J Jackson, Mr D A Walsh and Mr L J Yelland up for re-election. Proposal to ratify the issue of securities which have been made by the Company pursuant to the Institutional Placement and Share Purchase Plan.

Wattyl Limited – at the Barnet Long Room, Customs House, Circular Quay, Sydney at 10.30am. Roger Flynn and John Ingram up for re-election. Grant of 1,500,000 options over unissued fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of the Company to the Managing Director of the Company, Mr Ian Jackson. Resolution to increase aggregate maximum remuneration of non-executive Directors by $200,000 per annum to $600,000 per annum.

24 October 2002

Tabcorp Holdings Limited – will be held at the Carlton Crest Hotel, 65 Queens Road, Melbourne at 10.00 a.m. Mr M B Robinson, Mr W V Wilson and Mr P G Satre up for re-election, Mr M J Slatter up for election. To note the participation of the proposed new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr M J Slatter, in the Company’s Executive Share Plan and the grant to him of options to acquire shares in the Company.

Amcor Limited – Ballroom, Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square off Parliament Place, Melbourne, Victoria at 11.00am. Elizabeth Anne Alexander and David Charles Keith Allen up for re-election. That the company approves the acquisition by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr R H Jones, of options to subscribe for ordinary shares.

Futuris Corporation Limited – The Duxton Hotel, 1 St George’s Terrace, Perth at 2:30pm (WST). Mr C E Bright, Mr L P Wozniczka and Mr G D Walters up for election. Mr S Gerlach and Mr W R Beischer up for re-election. Appointment of Ernst & Young as auditors.

Downer EDi Limited

Miller’s Retail Limited

Orbital Engine Corporation Limited – will be held in the Thomas Hardwick Room, Old Swan Brewery, 173 Mounts Bay Road, Crawley, Western Australia at 10.00am. Mr R W Kelly, Mr J R Marshall, the Hon A S Peacock AC and Mr P C Cook up for re-election. That Mr P C Cook (being an Executive Director of the Company) participate in the executive share plan.

25 October 2002

Adelaide Bank Limited – at the Hyatt Regency, North Terrace, Adelaide at 11.00 am. Mr R A Cook and Dr P A Crook up for re-election. Resolution to issue pref shares to raise $100 million.

Billabong International Limited – Pacific Ballroom at the Grand Mercure Hotel, 81 Surf Parade, Broadbeach Queensland at 10.00am. Ms Margaret Jackson, Mr Allan McDonald and Mr Derek O’Neill up for re-election.

Boral Limited – 10:30, Grand Ballroom, Wentworth Hotel, Sydney. Mark R Rayner and J Roland Williams up for re-election. Grant of options to subscribe for up to 700,000 fully paid ordinary shares to Rodney T Pearse, Managing Director.

Novogen Limited – Dr G E Kelly and Professor P J Nestel up for re-election.

TAB Queensland Limited – at 2.30pm (Brisbane time) at the Silk’s Function Room, Albion Park Raceway, 3 Amy Street, Albion, Brisbane. An election of directors will occur.

28 October 2002

SMS Management & Technology – at the ANZ Pavilion, Victorian Arts Centre, Theatre Building Level 8, at 10.00am. Mr Thomas Stianos and Mr Francis Bruce Thompson up for re-election. Resolution to issue 750,000 options to Mr Thomas Stianos, CEO & MD. Resolutions to extend buyback and appoint KPMG as auditor.

Bendigo Bank Limited – at the Bendigo Regional Arts Centre, View Street, Bendigo at 11.00 am.

Foster’s Group Limited – at the Melbourne Concert Hall, Victorian Arts Centre, at 11.00am. Mr GW McGregor and Mr FJ Swan up for re-election. Approval sought for the participation of Mr Edward T Kunkel, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, in the Foster’s Long Term Incentive Plan.

ION Limited

Ridley Corporation Limited

29 October 2002

Perpetual Trustees Australia Limited – in the Perth Room, Wentworth Hotel, 61 Phillip Street, Sydney commencing at 11:00am. Re-election of NEDs Bonita Boezeman and Charles Curran. Resolution to grant options and shares to Graham Bradley, Managing Director, Gai McGrath – General Counsel and Company Secretary (alternate director for Graham Bradley), and Michael Stefanovski – Chief Financial Officer (alternate director for Charles Curran).

Skilled Engineering – at Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Walk, Melbourne, Victoria on Tuesday 29 October 2002 at 11.30am. Mr K V Loughnan (AO), and Mr B J Kelly up for re-election. Directors’ fees to be increased by $150,000 to $400,000 per year.

Pacific Hydro Limited

Austrim Nylex – 9.30 am at Albert by the Lake. Cnr Albert Road and Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, Victoria. Mr K H Parker up for re-election, Mr A R Lewis up for election.

KAZ Group Limited

Australian Stock Exchange Limited – held at ASX Lecture Theatre, Level 5, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane, at 11.00 am Eastern Standard Time. Mr Maurice Newman and Mr John Fraser up for re-election, Mr Trevor Rowe and Mr Stephen Mayne standing for election.

30 October 2002

AurionGold Limited –

Vision Systems Limited

Macquarie Infrastructure Group – in The Grand Ballroom, The Westin Hotel Sydney, 1 Martin Place, Sydney at 12.00pm. Issue of new securities.

Newcrest Mining Limited – at the Hotel Inter-Continental, 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney at 12.30pm. Mr Palmer up for election, Mr Milne and Dr Scheinkestel up for re-election. Resolution to increase directors’ remuneration by $300,000 from $500,000 up to a maximum sum of $800,000, appointment of Ernst & Young as auditors, issue of securities, renewal or partial takeover rules.

GWA International Limited

Infomedia Limited – at the Hotel Inter-Continental Sydney (Treasury Room), 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, at 4.00 pm. Ms F Hemon up for re-election. Resolution to increase directors’ fees from $300,000 to $450,000.

Bristile Limited

Intellect Holdings Limited – end Oct TBA

Investa Property Group

31 October 2002

MIM Holdings Limited – Sheraton Brisbane Hotel, 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane at 10.00 am. Messrs C R Stubbs and M A Eager retire by rotation and, being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.

Toll Holdings Limited – at Hotel Sofitel, Carillon Room, 25 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria on Thursday, 31 October 2002 at 11.00 am. John Moule up for re-election. Approval sought to issue 568,800 ordinary shares to various shareholders at $23.50 per share. Approval sought to issue 244,781 ordinary shares to Deutsche Asset Management (Australia) Limited, BT Financial Group, Colonial First State Investment Management, AMP Henderson Global Investors Limited, and Queensland Investment Corporation at $34.64 per share. Resolution to grant 200,000 options to Mr Paul Little. Resolution to grant 200,000 options to Mr Mark Rowsthorn and 120,000 options to Mr Neil Chatfield. Resolution to grant 500,000 ordinary shares to employees.

Southcorp Limited – at the Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia (enter from North Terrace), at 10.00am. Mr R I Oatley up for re-election.

Flight Centre Limited

Ecorp Limited – at 9.30am at the Grand Ballroom, Sheraton on the Park, Level 2, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Mr James McLachlan up for re-election.

Publishing & Broadcasting Limited – at 11.30am at the Grand Ballroom, Sheraton on the Park, Level 2, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Mr Rowen Craigie, Mr Ian Johnson, Mrs Rowena Danziger, Mr Ashok Jacob, Sir Laurence Muir, Mr Robert Whyte up for re-election.

Gunns Limited – at the offices of Gunns Limited, 110 Lindsay Street, Launceston, Tasmania, at 10.00 am. Mr D M McQuestin and Mr C A van der Kley up for re-election. Controversial logger, likely to attract some greenie protests.

1 November 2002

Southern Cross Broadcasting – in Parkside Room 4, Eden on the Park Hotel, Level 1, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne commencing at 11.00 am. Ernst & Young to be appointed auditor. Geoffrey David Allen and John Christian Dahlsen up for re-election. David Ronald Kingston and Colin John Smith up for election. Grant to the Tony Bell (the MD) of 400,000 options.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Limited – at the Harbourside Auditorium, Sydney, 11am. Mr J M Schubert, Mr N R Adler and Mr C R Galbraith for re-election. Shareholder resolution being put forward but not supported by the bank.

Brickworks Limited

Coates Hire Limited – at the All Seasons Menzies Hotel, Sydney Room, 14 Carrington Street, Sydney, at 10.00am. Otto Cornelius up for re-election. Maximum aggregate amount of directors’ fees payable to Directors by the Company be increased by $100,000, from the current maximum of $200,000 to $300,000. Acquisition of shares by the Group General Manager, Mr Garry Woods, pursuant to the Coates Hire Limited Deferred Share Plan.

Technology One Limited

Abigroup Limited – in the Club Rooms, at the Sydney SuperDome, Cnr Edwin Flack Drive and Olympic Boulevard, Homebush Bay NSW at 11.00 am. To re-elect Mr John McDonald and the Hon Don Hayward as directors of the company and the Hon Neville Wran as a Director of Sydney SuperDome Pty Limited. To increase the maximum aggregate annual remuneration which may be paid to the Company’s Non-Executive Directors from $300,000 to $450,000.

4 November 2002

BHP Billiton – at the Melbourne Concert Hall at the Victorian Arts Centre, at 7.30pm. Mr B P Gilbertson, Dr D A L Jenkins, Dr J M Schubert up for re-election. Mr C W Goodyear up for election. KPMG and PwC to be appointed as auditors. Resolutions to approve remuneration and incentive schemes. Grant of Performance Shares to the Chief Executive, Mr B P Gilbertson, grant of Performance Shares to the Chief Development Officer, Mr C W Goodyear.

BHP Billiton Plc – at the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London, at 8.30am. Business as above.

Burns Philp & Company Limited

Wesfarmers Limited

Brazin Limited

Envestra Limited – at the Hilton Hotel, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide, at 10.00am. Grant Alfred King and Olaf Brian O’Duill up for re-election, Charles Christopher Agar Binks up for election. Resolutions to approve issues of securities.

OPSM Group Limited – at the ASX Auditorium, 20 Bridge Street, Sydney, NSW, at 10:30am. Ms H A Lynch and Mr G C E Wild up for re-election. Ms C J Schwartz, being eligible, offers herself for election. ), Resolutions to issue to Mr Jonathan Solomon Pinshaw, the chief executive of the company, 75,000 options having an exercise price of $3.42 per share; and 34,301 performance rights. Resolutions to issue to Pinshaw up to 750,000 options having an exercise price per share equal to the weighted average sale price of the company’s shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in the 5 trading days up to and including the date of issue of the relevant tranche of options and up to 300,000 performance rights.

6 November 2002

Fairfax (John) Holdings Limited – in The Plaza Ballroom, The Regent Theatre 191 Collins Street Melbourne at 10.30 am. Sir Roderick Carnegie, Mrs Julia King and Mr Dean Wills up for re-election.

7 November 2002

Hills Motorway Limited – at The Hotel Inter-Continental, 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, in the Fort Macquarie Room, commencing at 10.00 am. Bill Jocelyn, Michael Polin and Stan Howard up for re-election. Resolution to increase maximum aggregate annual remuneration which may be paid to the Company’s Non-Executive Directors be increased from $400,000 to $600,000.

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited

Leighton Holdings Limited

Mirvac Group Limited

MIA Group Limited

Computershare Limited – at 10.00am at the Park Hyatt Ballroom located at 1 Parliament Square, East Melbourne Vic 3002. Mr A S Murdoch, Mr A N Wales, I D Saville, and Mr P D DeFeo up for re-election. Resolution to appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers as the auditor of the Company. Resolution to increase the maximum aggregate annual remuneration of non-executive Directors by $140,000 to $500,000.

Energy Developments Limited

Austereo Group – at The Westin Melbourne on Regent Place, 205 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, at 11.00am. Peter M Harvie, Michael E Anderson; and R David Mattingly up for re-election.

8 November 2002

Lend Lease Corporation Limited – The Westin Hotel Grand Ballroom 1 Martin Place, Sydney, at 10.00 am. Mr R E Tsenin retires and submits himself for re-election. Dr Y H Chua and Mr R G Mueller retire but do not submit themselves for re-election.

Goodman Fielder Limited

9 November 2002

Ausdoc Group Limited

12 November 2002

Mayne Group – at 9.00 am, Melbourne Concert Hall, Victorian Arts Centre. Mr P E Mason, Professor Judith Sloan up for re-election. Mr P J Willcox up for election. Approval sought for the grant to Mr S B James of rights to 420,000 Performance Shares.

13 November 2002

Spotless Group Limited

Insurance Australia Group Limited – at 9.30am at the Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney. Mr John Astbury, Mr Geoffrey Cousins, Mr Rowan Ross up for re-election. Mr John Law has nominated himself for election as a Director. (Is this the same as JA Law who has nominated himself for Suncorp-Metway?) Resolution to require each NED to take at least 20%, but not in excess of 90%, of their annual base Director’s fees as shares. Resolution to issue to CEO Michael Hawker up to 300,000 Performance Award Rights.

Mayne Nickless Limited

Altium Limited

Adsteam Marine Limited

Westfield Holdings Limited

14 November 2002

Simsmetal Limited

Baycorp Advantage Limited

15 November 2002

Sons of Gwalia Limited

Telstra Corporation Limited – Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Clarendon Street Southbank, Melbourne at 10.00am. Robert Mansfield, Catherine Livingstone, Samuel Chisholm and Tony Clark up for re-election. External board candidates – Leonard Cooper, Francesco Rossi, Mervyn Vogt, Edvard Pregun.

Brambles Industries Limited

Solution 6 Holdings Limited

Neverfail Springwater Limited

18 November 2002

Onesteel Limited

19 November 2002

Village Roadshow Limited

Harvey Norman Holdings Limited – at the Tattersalls Club, 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney at 11.00 am. Mr M J Harvey, Mr I J Norman and Mr J E Slack-Smith up for re-election. Appointment of Ernst & Young as Auditors

Ramsay Health Care Limited

Tempo Services Limited

20 November 2002

McGuigan Simeon Wines Limited

21 November 2002

ResMed Inc.

Challenger International Limited

ERG Limited

Henry Walker Eltin Group Limited

Gribbles Group (The) Limited

National Foods Limited

22 November 2002

Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited

Woolworths Limited

Amalgamated Holdings Limited

Australian Magnesium Corporation Limited

25 November 2002

Transurban Group

Gandel Retail Trust – no AGM

26 November 2002

Great Southern Plantations Limited

Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited

PMP Limited

David Jones Limited

Jupiters Limited

27 November 2002

Coles Myer Limited

Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications Holdings Limited

Hardman Resources – end Nov TBA

Timbercorp Limited

28 November 2002

Thakral Holdings Group

Silex Systems Limited

29 November 2002

Sonic Healthcare Limited

3 November 2002

Aquarius Platinum

5 December 2002

Foodland Associated Limited

TEN Network Holdings Limited

11 December 2002

Lion Nathan

12 December 2002

Nufarm Limited

13 December 2002

Bank of Queensland Limited

Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited

National Australia Bank Limited

Westpac Banking Corporation Limited

14 December 2002

St George Bank Limited

19 December 2002

Orica Limited

Jubilee Mines Limited – TBA

5 February 2003

Patrick Corporation Limited

26 February 2003

Peptech Limited

14 March 2003

AWB Limited