This is the amazing story of the SPAM fighter who has been sued by one of Australia’s worst spammers and attracting attention around the world.

I normally wouldn’t use this option as I realise in many cases this is just a Beacon to say YES this address is valid so lets spam the crap out of it!

But like I said this seemed to look like a company with some sort of ethics , I assumed WRONG! I hit the reply and put ” Remove” in the subject line and hit send! 3 minutes later that all to familiar “unknown recipient” message comes back!

Ok so now I look further into the email and notice the business name:

The Maverick Partnership

ABN: 90 091 728 620

Postal: P.O. Box 159, Northbridge W.A. 6865

Phone: (08) 9463 7805 Fax: (08) 9463 7806

Opt -out mailto:[email protected] /

First thought, ok I’ll call them and ask them to leave me alone and tell them I am not interested in their CRAP! So I call the phone number above. Surprise, surprise, it is an answering service , so I leave a message.

Now I’m thinking it a little strange that a supposedly big company uses an answering service in the middle of the afternoon. And now not only have I paid to receive their crap in my email, I have also wasted a phone call to be removed from an email list I never asked to be on to start with.

Anyway, I left my work phone number on their machine because I knew if they called back I would have their phone number displayed on my caller ID. About 2 hours later I got that phone call with number displayed as 9221 0922 , on the other end of the phone was the most obnoxious females I have ever spoken too: “What is you problem honey?” she says. “Is Days of Our Lives finished?” and ended with her telling me to F— Off before she slammed the phone down in my ear.

Now I am a patient man , but by now I am getting just a little pissed off!

That night I did some research into this company and firstly noted there were no listings in the phone book? So I then go to the ASIC web site and do a business search for “The maverick Partnership” and found nothing! Then I did a search for the ABN number above and found it was registered to “The Which Company Pty Ltd” with Wayne Mansfield listed as the director.

After this I tried another search for “Maverick” and the Name “Maverick Partnership” showed up with the same director.

With this information I found the proper registered business address and also the phone number that I had already obtained from the call from them.

At this time I had still found no reference to any web site of theirs, so I did a google search for “Australian Script Book” the title of one of their many Spams, and come up with their main web site . Now I have another business name to look at in ASIC, I typed in T3 and come up with more even more companies with the same director Wayne Mansfield (“T3 Group” and “T3 Direct Marketing”). Then I continue to look through the t3direct web site and notice some more names like and other odd things like T3 Group Pty Ltd, and of course my search through ASIC found no such company as “T3 Group Pty Ltd” but instead finding a small business name “T3 Group” not a PTY LTD at all.

Now with a web site and the above information I start to do some trace routes and find yet another company “Trinet digital Ltd”, yet again registered to the same man!

I continued on searching through all sorts of places and found out a pile more information on Wayne Mansfield’s operations and host of companies most of which listed on my web page /

Through this I come up with the following basic business name and address etc and all the while I could not understand why a legitimate Company wouldn’t have put in their promotions to start with (Unless they were doing something illegal or had something to hide).

The Which Company Pty Ltd

A.B.N 90 091 728 620


Phone: 9221 0922 Fax: 9221 0933


Email [email protected]

With this information I wrote to and emailed them and explained I was not happy at all with the attitude of the female that called me back, and that I had also noticed some rather deceptive use of business names and had also found that every single SPAM they had sent out to me had “FORGED HEADERS” and let him know if I didn’t receive a satisfactory response I would be taking this further.

The next morning I received this back from Wayne Mansfield

Thanks for your email.

We have a recording of all phone conversations made to our answering service – I wonder whether you would like to have yours played back?

Further, all emails are sent from dial up accounts that are fully paid for.

And still further, the Maverick Partnership is, if you care to check further, a registered trading name of The Which Company Pty Ltd, and therefore is one and the same entity, so its ABN is the same as that of The Which Company Pty Ltd.

Lynda is far from a “rude aggressive person” unless provoked into such behaviour. As someone who has had the abuse and vile language hurled at me over the period “we have been in business because we dare challenge the right of people to “shut us down,” becuase we use an effective lawful method of business promotion, I can assure you that when abused, we will return it in kind”.

I look forward to meeting an action you should choose to take by employing any lawful means available to myself and my company.

Wayne Mansfield T3Group

Tomorrows Techniques Today

Perth Western Australia… as close as you get to Paradise on Earth Email: [email protected]

visit us at and

Phone: (+61 8) 9221 0922 Fax: (+61 8) 9221 0933

As you can see from the response, a very defensive approach and very poor attempt at public relations, in fact enough for me to pursue this even further. So after putting as much information as I could together I contacted Swiftel, the ISP that were up until June 10, 2002, hosting them

The CEO Mr Chris Gale assured me he would look into the matter, and true to his word announced to the press that he had terminated the services of T3 Direct, not only due to my complaint but also through several other complaints and an internal investigation of their own.

With all this information and having reporting this to their host ISP and also UUNet where the SPAM originated through the use of disposable dial accounts, I then did some more google searches on T3Group and some of the other companies like Maverick Partnership and found that there were a heap of people that had been complaining about this company’s continual Spam, but what caught my eye was the fact that many people were asking questions in newsgroups like “who is Maverick” and “Who are these Australian Spammers” etc. People like this that found it difficult to locate the actual source of this RUBBISH we were getting in our mail boxes

I found that most of the reports and questions were posted in the or NANAE, so I posted several posts in there saying things like “Found Australia’s Largest SPAM Source” and similar headings with some information and also a link to the web page that I had put up with all their details

After this I started to receive several emails from people that were getting Spam from T3direct, thanking me for doing the research because they were previously unable to locate this company

As you can see from my research I had obviously exposed a raw nerve somewhere because on about the 28th of May 2002 I was issued at work with a “Writ of Summons” From The Which Company Pty Ltd T/A T3 Direct dated the 24th of May 2002.

To this day I have never seen Wayne Mansfield or talked to him on the phone, I was never asked by him or anyone from his company not to publish the publicly available information that I posted on my web site

Nor was I warned of made aware of any pending legal action, So to have some Goon walk into my workplace and throw this Summons at my feet was a HELL of a surprise, especially considering this has never happened anywhere in the world before!

The rest of this case is and has been open to the public and has exposed a nerve in many internet users around the world. The support I have received from business and the general public has truly blown me away!

I don’t fear many things, but I can honestly say I fear if I was to lose this case, then email as we know it will cease to be a usable medium and will be open to SPAM and abuse from all sources! Us users will be powerless to stop it or complain about it!

I am no different to most internet users. I am sick of paying to receive crap I have never asked for. I am sick of spammers forcing the cost of their SPAM onto me the receiver!

I know it is my name JOSEPH JOHN MCNICOL on this LAW SUIT , But in reality it is also you!

As for links and info, pretty much the whole thing is covered on here and also here

I can be reached at [email protected]