3AW program director Steve Price will shortly be heading into mediation with Crikey over our defamation and contempt of court dispute but just before Christmas he revealed on 3AW what it was that former Richmond coach and Premiership player Kevin Bartlett said about him on Magic 693 that prompted his first of at least 4 defamation actions against fellow media people. And below that is a transcript from Channel 9 which, based on his past record, will also have attracted a writ from Pricey.

REX HUNT: I might ask a question before we throw to this. Actually when you were just looking through your rubbish bin, how did you actually climb out of it?

PRICE: Let’s just hear this and we’ll get your reaction at the end.

KEVIN BARTLETT: There is another commercial radio station in the market that has been going for about 60 years, Magic football has been going for 6 weeks. That other commercial football station is more worried about Magic 693 than what we are of them. The reason being of course is they recognise our product is damn good and we are going to erode away what has been a very, very cushy time for them in the market place.

So I take it on behalf of my team that it is a complement that a station with 60 years behind them are petrified of Magic 693 after only 6 weeks of football.

That other commercial station is so concerned that there is another station doing football, now that is something I find quite ironic.

Something like the football public wants, they want more football, they crave for more football. The AFL has been fantastically supportive of us for they are thrilled that football fans at home have the opportunity to listen to more football and to be part of our great game.

Unfortunately the other commercial station where I once worked and where there are some very, very fine people, they have a monumental nobody who tells pork pies about the football ratings.

This little, little man with a brain to match forgot during the week when talking about Magic that we increased (unclear) and by 25 per cent overall. He forgot to tell that his own station with the corresponding survey from last year, dropped, dropped around 20 per cent. He forgot to tell that the overall on Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 6, that his station was beaten by another network.

He forgot to tell that the 60 year old station on a Sunday rated 9.8 per cent and Magic 693, after 3 weeks of football history behind it, rated 6.5 per cent. No wonder this monumental nobody is running scared and trying to play down Magic 693.

It is sad that the monumental nobody who is a frustrated broadcaster himself who takes and likes to criticise in the dark, hasn’t got the guts to have a crack at the big time himself.

Of course he does fill in jobs occasionally on air but that carries no responsibility, but no guts to put himself on the line in the radio market place. Of course, it is silly of me not to suspect no-one wants him as an on-air full time shift.

PRICE: What did Kevin rate in the last ratings, 2.1?

HUNT: Who was he actually talking about? Who was he actually talking about? Is that Kevin Bartlett from Sport 1.8? That’s him. Well you sacked him. But the thing about it is that Belly (Southern Cross Broadcasting CEO Tony Bell) actually did Steve a favour because when Bartlett was working for Magic, Belly bought Magic and he went to Sport.

DR TURF: Why have you had that tape in your rubbish bin for 6 years? Clear it out.

PRICE: Isn’t he a beauty eh? He says that no-one would want me on air and I am a frustrated broadcaster and I wouldn’t have the guts to have a crack at the big time.

HUNT: Well you are, sometimes the truth does hurt.

PRICE: He rates 2.3. They went down during the Spring Racing Carnival.

DR TURF: It is a niche radio station, why do you keep going on about it? A nicer bloke you wouldn’t find.

PRICE: He got sacked from that as well.

HUNT: It’s like that bloke from Mornington who rang up who told you that he didn’t like you on the television. Well I tell you what I had to adjust me set when I saw you little self on there.

DR TURF: The vertical hold?

PRICE: I can tell you – I can’t give any details – but I have had a major offer, television offer.

HUNT: Fantastic.

PRICE: And negotiations are underway.

HUNT: Is it called ATV Mute?

PRICE: The Doc has put me in for a big job.

HUNT: Is that what the Channel Ten bag is doing in the office?

PRICE: No, wrong Channel.


CRIKEY: One of the ironies in all of this is that Price also sued Dr Turf for defamation a couple of years back and is rumored to have collected $12,000 in a settlement. It’s good to see the lads have now kissed and made up. If anyone knows how to get hold of Kevin Bartlett please get in touch with us.

Has Price now sued Sam Newman?

On Caulfield Cup day last year, Eddie McGuire hosted Channel Nine’s coverage and the star was that well-known racing expert, Sam Newman. Here’s the transcript of an interview Eddie conducted with Sam, his Channel Nine Footy Show troublemaking sidekick.

Now Sam used to be great mates with 3AW afternoon host and program manager Steve Price – that was before Sam left 3AW to take up a lucrative contract at Triple M.

And a week or so ago, Price – who is one of our good friends here at Crikey, and renowned and respected as a humanitarian – wrote a column for the Hun criticising Nine’s coverage of the Ireland-Australia footy international.

Cue the interview:

Eddie: In the celebrity tent, where there’s free grog and plenty of freeloaders, they’re getting stuck right into it here. And my partner in crime on the Footy Show, Sam Newman, is with us. Hello Sam.

Sam: Hello Ed, how are you? Very nice to be here. Don’t you love the races? Seems like only last year we were in this very spot.

Eddie: We were.

Sam: Was it that long ago?

Eddie: It was indeed.

Sam: Doesn’t time fly when you’re actually at the races and having fun.

Eddie: What did you think of Garry Lyon’s performance last night as coach of Australia, losing to Ireland by 19 points?

Sam: I think a stellar performance by Garry…The coverage has been fantastic, unlike some media whores – some pygmy media whores – who’ve said that it’s not quite as good as the previous telecasting network. But of course that would be just injudicious to say that. Because they only try, because they’re parasites, to ride on the coat-tails of people who actually do it.

Eddie: Sam, thank you very much for that. Your tip for the Caulfield Cup!

Sam: Not mentioning any names, because he’s litigious, that little bloke.

Eddie: Come on mate, give us a tip!

Sam: Well, I think Hill of Grace, Ed, mainly because I’ve had about six of them already.

Eddie: Not surprised. Go back and have your seventh. Next race is the Norman Robinson Stakes, let’s go back to Simon O’Donnell.

Simon: Yes, Eddie, and I’m glad you were doing that interview and not me with Sam Newman and six Hill of Graces under his belt.