If you haven’t seen them by now, get a load of these because they the best set of pictures an Australian political leader has been caught by.

Can you believe that Bob Hawke is preparing to review the Labor’s Party’s internal structures just weeks after allowing himself to be caught out like this at Derby Day in Melbourne.

The pix are said to have some connection with legal firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth and the latest Hillary column also has some details as to who the players are?

There also said to be shots of people mooning above Bob but snapper turned distributor Sean Keating (jacket and shirt off in the last photo and tongue in the ear man) wisely opted not to release these. The bloke in the grey suit is Sothebys boss Justin Miller and we’re keen to put more names to faces.

Former Sydney University type turned part-time actress Bronwyn Davies is said to be the lass getting some of Bob’s attention in photos 2 and 5.

Another reader wrote in to claim that a Sophie Moran is also getting some of Bob’s attention and the names of some of the other players are El McGough, Jules, Liz and Andrew but we are not sure who is who.

Sophie is said to be the one with long dark hair in the pink dress with red flowers and she just happens to be the daughter of well known furniture manufacturer, John Moran).

But can anyone name the bloke trying to put his tongue in Bob’s ear. Is it really Sean Keating?

One subscriber emailed to say the following: “Off the record comments which you may already know about the Hawke snaps; apparently taken at Becco. You may want to talk to staff there about a mess made in the toilets and the lack of an effort to clean it up!?”

It really is amazing that it has taken this long for someone to come up with some embarrassing photos of Bob given all the stories that have abounded over the years.

Who will be the first journalist to actually get a comment from the great man about them?


Peter Fray

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