With the corporate AGM season now complete, attention is focused on the upcoming AFL AGMs. Crikey is keen to make this calendar more complete and to get to as many meetings as possible so send in the details of meeting and proxies if you can.

Collingwood Football Club AGM in the evening at Victoria Park. President Eddie McGuire is not being challenged this year and under the antiquated constitution members can only appoint another member as a proxy so we’re keen to find a Collingwood member to go along and ask the tough questions. Eddie has massive conflicts of interest with gambling and internet interests which cut across those of the club. However, the reported $1 million profit will save him from too much criticism.

Tuesday, December 18

Melbourne Football Club AGM. 8pm, Bellarine Room, Melbourne Convention Centre. Joe Gutnick is mounting his challenge and there are 19 candidates going for 10 spots. Crikey’s man Neal Woolrich will be covering all the action for us.

Thursday, December 20

Essendon Football Club AGM: 7pm at the Clocktower Centre on the Corner of Mt Alexander and Pascoe Vale Rd. Crikey is trying to persuade the Gadget man to turn up and ask the tough questions because he is a member. Graeme McMahon did a pretty ordinary job at Ansett and remains President so this should be raised by someone, along with Essendon’s pretty dodgy tax planning in recent years.