Crikey is contributing to a TV series on music and needs to come up with brief segments that have a business bent. All feedback is most welcome.

1. How pokies have affected pub values and the number of venues with live music.

2. How Roadshow Music cross-promotes talent such as Killing Heidi and Savage Garden through the Austereo radio network.

3. Ireland’s wonderful tax treatment of bands and where Australian music legends are located for tax reasons.

4. Who is making money out of rave and how big is the industry.

5. What shares you can buy to make money out of music.

6. The economics behind JJJ.

7. Why radio licence values have gone through the roof.

8. How diversified is Michael Gudinski?

9. How big is Sanity boss Brett Blundy?

10. The economics of movie sounds tracks and revenue for record companies from secondary use of recordings.

Other topics we’ve toyed with include the following:

Critique of the BRW highest paid entertainers list.

Whatever happened to Brashs and whose making money retailing music these days?

Famous music bankrupts or near bankrupts – Jimmy Barnes, Mike Brady, Glenn Wheatley, Darryl Braithwaite.

Rupert Murdoch’s connection with Australian music through Festival/Mushroom.

The big fly in fly out gigs and what they paid: Sinatra to Sanctuary Cove opening. Elton and Billy Joel for Crown opening, Elton for Packer wedding, Dame Kiri at Denis Horgan’s Leewin Estate winery in WA etc.

Bunfight between APRA and ACCC. Two years on how has the parallel prices battle worked out.

Sheer size of the Australian music market. CDs sold, hardware etc and how do we compare as music consumers.

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