The Democrats are leaking like sieves as this chronicle of Natasha’s stumbles and back room moves reveals.

On Monday, a whole file of Satan stuff-ups was given to Crikey. We ran it past another Democrat dissident, who pronounced it accurate.

We’ve done a bit of an edit to protect the author, just in case the material is circulating elsewhere and, given the nature of the material, have to say that from our knowledge these are claims rather that gospel, but here it is – the disillusioned Dem’s dossier:

Early in May Stott-Despoja turns up at tourism conference without notifying the portfolio holder, as was the practice under previous leaders.

Stott-Despoja absents herself from her first Question Time, without notice, leaving one of her colleagues to ask the question she agreed to ask, as Leader, in Party Room.

Stott-Despoja fails to have her new economics adviser admitted into Budget lock-up because he is not officially on staff.

Stott-Despoja declines invitation to be interviewed on 7.30 Report in response to Budget. Democrat Budget response media release not issued until after 9.00 pm.

Stott-Despoja makes major gaffe in responding to Budget on ABC Lateline program

Stott-Despoja doesn’t attend Party Room to participate in the discussion regarding the Budget. Democrats’ response to the Budget largely ignored by the Gallery. When asked why there was so little coverage, commentators dismissed the Democrat response as light-weight and compared the 2001 response unfavourably with previous Budget analyses.

Democrats split on ALP motion to force Government to table documents relating to HIH. The portfolio holder assumes responsibility but is understood to be privately furious with Stott-Despoja.

Allegation made that Stott-Despoja tried to tell one of her colleagues not to vote against her again in the future while telling the media that she would never insist that her colleagues vote according to her instruction.

Amanda Vanstone rips into Stott-Despoja in Question Time over the welfare reform gaffe. Stott-Despoja forced to apologise to the Senate.

Senator Nick Minchin puts out press release criticising Stott-Despoja for being ‘anti SA’ following her criticism of the budget measure bringing forward the GST rebate on new cars for small business. Allegations are made that colleagues urged her not to make this statement.

Senator Ridgeway goes on Radio National to discuss the split vote. Stott-Despoja press sec Alison Rogers rings media officers instructing them not to answer media questions regarding the split vote.

Stott-Despoja issues press releases on tourism and reconciliation without consulting the portfolio holder as was the agreed practice under previous leaders.

Complaints from a number of media advisers that Stott-Despoja has been issuing press releases without consulting the portfolio holder first.

Candidate for Aston resigns 30 minutes after being announced. Media consider the event and its poor handling to be farcical.

“Change Politics” Campaign made notable by the absence of Deputy Leader’s photo on cover.

Invitation to membership-drive nights feature silhouette of Stott-Despoja only. Poor turn-outs. In one instance 300 were catered for and only 70 or 80 turned up.

800,000 membership leaflets printed and distributed nationally by members. As of the middle of June less than 50 applications are understood to have been received.

Reports of a lack of communication between Leader’s and Deputy’s Office. The inside view is that the Dream Team is over.

National campaign director, national membership officer and two national office co-ordinators resign.