Always wondered what benefits of becoming an dAFL member were ? Well wonder no more. Irwing Hirsh, long time AFL member provides you with a brief but informative view of what you get for your money.
The MCG is the temple of Australian sport – but what do the people who worship there get for their money.

For the sporting spectator Melbourne Cricket Club and AFL memberships are about on par. They are both focused around football and cricket events at the MCG, have a limit on the size of their membership and a waiting list, and occupy a niche which is ‘above’ the general admission and club membership (where there is no limit on membership size), but is ‘below’ the various high-priced, reserved seat, coterie groups. In 2001 the Full AFL Membership annual fee is $20 more than that of the MCC, and this is what AFL Members get for that $20 premium:

AFL Members attending the cricket get a valuable 50% discount on the price of general admission and access to about 10% of the MCG; MCC Members get free admission to the cricket and have access to about 25% of the MCG.

AFL Members get no entry privileges to other sporting events (for instance, the two big soccer matches being played in November); MCC Members get free admission to those sporting events.

AFL Members have to reserve a ticket to the AFL Grand Final, at the cost of $29 for an adult; MCC Members have the option of reserving tickets (for $22) or going for a free, ‘walk-up’ seat on the day. When lodging their reserved seat application MCC Members are able to express a preference for seats in particular sections of the stand, AFL Members don’t have this option.

MCC Members have a vote at an annual AGM; AFL Members never have to concern themselves with the question of giving up a valuable night in front of the TV in order to express an opinion about how their Membership is administered.

Irwin Hirsh has been a Full AFL Member since 1982 and on the MCC waiting list since 1990. Over the years Irwin has met quite a number of AFL Members who intend to give up their membership once they graduate from the MCC waiting list. By contrast he has never met an MCC who is so eagerly waiting to become an AFL Member.

A member of an informal email discussion list AFL Members, Irwin would like to thank his fellow list members for their ideas and view.

Anyone with an interest are encouraged to join the group, by visiting

Peter Fray

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