Crikey’s token lefty columnist Rory Cahill has filed from Toronto with an interesting take on the Beijing Olympic victory.

And what a win it was! What a victory for the forces of fascism!

Today dear readers, Juan “From The Atlantic To The Volga The Glorious Reich Reigns Over Us” Antonio Samaranch and Li “Blood Lubricates Tank Treads Very Well” Peng pulled off the greatest anti-democratic coup since Stalin and Hitler divided Poland between them and they did it in fine style too – a first round knockout.

Of course they were aided and abetted by rabid corporations keen to make a buck no matter what the cost (IE – human rights, human lives, human dignity) but the fact remains that today must rank as the darkest day in Olympic history since Sophie Gosper lifted the first torch, whoops no sorry, since Hitler lifted his left arm and gave the Nazi salute that opened the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

What has this got to do with Canada you are probably asking yourselves? Not much apart from the fact that Toronto was the only city with a Falun Gong members chance in China of beating Beijing.

I am writing this only two hours after attending the street “party” on Front and Yonge that lasted all of, ooooh, twenty minutes before the result of the first round came in.

Most of the Canadians were fairly philosophical about the loss. Everybody knew Beijing had it in the bag and in true Canadian style, the general feeling was, “Well, at least we didn’t lose to Americans!”

Actually not all Canadians were so restrained. Toronto has a large Tibetan community, being the most multi-cultural city on Earth and they certainly were not taking the defeat lying down.

“Shame IOC Shame” they chanted “The World Is Watching You” and I couldn’t have agreed more.

In fact, it was at the street party today that I really grasped the true obscenity of the decision to reward 50 years of bloodthirsty rule by the Chinese Fascist Party – a Communist Party that allows businessmen to join? No, that’s a fascist party – with the most coveted spectacle on the planet.

I remember seeing a young East Timorese bloke demonstrating outside the Garuda office in Melbourne during the dark days of early 1999 when the militia and their Kopassus cronies were systematically destroying Timor Loro Sae.

I remember the shining, righteous fury in his eyes as he screamed at the dopey surbananites piling in to book their yearly getaway to Bali.

“Your money kills my people, you know that? Go to Dili, not Bali. See what the Indonesians do there!”

But today I saw a Tibetan guy, about the same age, 18-20, obviously very articulate and very committed, literally weeping in frustration and abandoned anger at what the world had just done to his people.

Some TV news crew were covering the party and seeing as a) Toronto lost and b) it was all over at the first turn, they were obviously running a bit short on material to fill their spot so they were filming the Tibetan protestors.

This young bloke, who’d I’d seen not half an hour before deliver an elegantly passionate speech decrying Chinese abuses in Tibet had now nearly lost the power of speech for the weight of the emotion that Beijing’s victory had roused in him.

“Why they do this?” he begged, lapsing into broken English, “How can they do this? How can they do this for China? It’s wrong,” he continued, tears flooding down his face, “It is wrong.”

And even though I have never been to Tibet or a Falun Gong session I know in my heart he is right. Some things in this world are black and white and giving the Olympics to Beijing is simply wrong, no way around it.

Just as the Americans boycotted Moscow in 1980 to protest the bloody invasion of Afganistan so we, educated Westerners, should boycott the 2008 Games in Beijing as noted Canadian author Naomi “No Logo” Klein suggested in the paper today.

If NBC wants to get into bed with the Butchers of Beijing that is their problem. We just won’t watch the snuff movie that will result.

Perhaps if ratings drop significantly, the all-powerful network will pull its weight around the IOC and get the next games located in a democratic country, irrespective of how many new consumers to be wooed there are.

Now to the Australian angle. As I’m safely on the other side of the world I can do what so many journalists back home cannot do – criticise Cathy Freeman.

Once away from the sycophantic and sickening Australian media that has put Freeman on a truly undeserved pedestal, Our Cathy begins to appear in a whole new light.

She was a prominent supporter of the Beijing bid and she remains a prominent supporter (obviously) of Aboriginal people and issues at home.

Which begs the question: are the Tibetans not aboriginal people, native to TIBET (der!), victims of an imperialist invasion and cultural genocide not too dissimilar to what happened to the Australian Aboriginal people?

What about the Muslim Uighur people of occupied East Turkmenistan? The Chinese oppression there is brutal, with mosques being burned, regular Russians-in-Chechnya style sweeps through villages by the PLA and millions of ethnic Han Chinese relocated there to dilute the predominantly Muslim native population.

Of course Cathy probably doesn’t know about these issues or places although she does know that Beijing is rooly cool and if asked would flash her trademarked (Nike Inc – see Mr Sandy Boedecker-Freeman, Asia-Pacific COO for franchising details) smile and giggle at which point the Australian media would piss their pants with excitement.

But the fact remains that just because Cathy doesn’t know about something, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, as she likes to remind white Australians vis-a-vis the appalling state of our own Aborigines.

It is hypocrisy of the most damaging and deplorable kind to engage in the two-faced behaviour as displayed by Freeman during the Beijing bid.

Such is the power of her spin machine that I will be villified for saying this but Cathy Freeman is a hypocrite who cannot actually do anything except run fast and marry her bosses.

Next time La Freeman decides to sound off on Australian Aboriginal issues, her words will be zealously recorded and broadcast ad nauseum, occupying thousands of column inches and minutes of airtime for weeks on end.

So why not ask her to have a bit of a look in ye olde mirror? Perhaps she could go to the refugee camps on the frozen steppes of East Turkmenistan where families starve in the snow for refusing to deny their religion and give them some nice new shoes? They would probably appreciate strawberry flavoured Nikes although I’m sure they’d force down plain old vanilla leather if they had to.

In fact she and her Yank hubby missed a great promotional opportunity two years ago when the Karmapa Lama, second only to the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist hierachy, fled occupied Tibet over the Himalaya to the safety of exile in northern India.

Was there ever a better chance to promote Nike’s new outdoor range? The tagline could have been great: “Escaping Chinese Oppression? Just Do It!”.

But of course I am going too far. We all know, deep down, that no matter how much she giggles and runs around waving every flag known to Australia – apart from a Republican flag of course – Our Golden Girl Cathy Freeman is the sole property of Nike and nobody else.

And Nike is salivating at the thought of flogging sneakers made by poor young Asian kids in Burma to newly cashed up rich young Asian kids in China so Cathy, not wanting to bite the hand that feeds her, simply does what she is told and doesn’t ask questions.

In fact, I suggest Cathy do a Jelena Dokic. If she loves Beijing so much, she is welcome to go and live there anytime she wants, although it would probably be better not to tell her about the endemic racism towards blacks in China.

Because that might send a few dark clouds into the permanently sunny day that is the inside of Cathy Freeman’s head and we wouldn’t want Our Cathy to have to think or anything would we now?

No, she should just stick to running very fast and flogging blood-stained Nikes: she’ll be a shoo-in for the Senate come 2020.

NEXT WEEK – hopefully Stockwell Day will have once and for all resigned and I can give you the full lowdown on the rapid rise and equally rapid disintergration of the Canadian Alliance and the Canadian right in general.

As a teaser get this – he offered his resignation last weekend only to withdraw it on Monday and claim that offering to quit hadn’t affected his leadership at all.

So, as the half-resigned right wing Opposition Leader grins maniacally from the TV like Tony Abbott on crack (surely not!) and half-pregnant women stroll down the street, I shall hand over to Prime Minister Chretien to wind things up.

“Ca va Australie? So the cuchon Ontarios are losing les Olympiques to Chine eh? Is good for Quebec, bad for Canada. Maybe they should be giving les Olympiques to Quebec soon no? We are doing it very gooder than the Chines or the Ontarios. What’s this thing you say? Montreal is already having the Olympics in 1976? Tabernac! Tabernac! Tabernac! Oh no, you be forgetting that I am ever mentioning les Olympiques pour Quebec! Merde! Why am I reminding myself of this how you say anglais … total and utter cock-up? Still we are paying the bills for these filthy stinking Olympiques of 1976. Let the Chine have them, there are nothing but la maladie for everybody! Bienvenue Australie!”

Rory “Lucky” Cahill can be reached at: [email protected]