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Previous emails included details of Hugo Kelly’s sneaky on air fight with Neil Mitchell and the last ever British America Tobacco Australasia AGM chaired by NSW Premier Nick Greiner. We’ve also updated on the first ever ABC shareholders meeting in front of 11,000 at the Opera House on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Sharon “No Way Mayne” McCrohan has a lot to learn about the media and PR work. At crikey we hope she holds the vic government “Media Director” job for a while to come.

After banning a suit wearing, media awards in hand Stephen Mayne from an official media conference last week things have gone from bad to worse for her and the government.

Crikey subscribers were kept up to date with each move in the sorry saga of government heavy handedness.

Firstly subscribers were informed of the ban on Crikey because “Crikey is not a journalist and cannot attend today’s 1pm announcement in the Melbourne Room” by email at 12:10pm.

Then at 2:09pm subscribers received the details of the banning , complete with emails exchanged between said media director and crikey.

Finally at 4:30pm the email to wrap up the days events with the last words from a amaturish looking government and crikey ‘s usual insightful commentry.

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Recent emails have also covered the following topics:

  • Ron Walker’s resignation as chairman of the Victorian Major Events Corporation, to be replaced by someone else with just as many conflicts of interest, comedian Steve Vizard.
  • Our Chris Murphy defamation settlement, the Darwin to Alice railway white elephant, Packer’s new CEO, George Pell’s spindoctors, Michael Knight’s new job and a list of sporting heavyweights who got into trouble on the booze.
  • Stuart Littlemore’s attack on The Oz, the Optus takeover, more victories for the gaming lobby, the fallacy of independent stockbroking analysts and the madness of Nigel Freemarijuana.
  • Robb Hulls’s illness, the 3AW register of commercial interests and Richard Li’s fake degree.
  • The heavy links between the banks and the Liberal Party, how the Herald Sun fell for the spindoctors line on gambling taxes in Victoria and that the first sackings are already under way at 2UE after the Southern Cross Broadcasting takeover.
  • The heavy Liberal politics of Southern Cross Broadcasting which has now bought 2UE and might just sack Alan Jones and John Laws.
  • Kerry Packer’s cash payments from property developer Brian Ray, the man who gave former Tourism Minister John Brown a free apartment which the tax office now wants its share of.
  • A hilarious encounter between the PM and Crikey’s grandma in a Brisbane nursing home and our plans for the MCC election and a detailed calendar of upcoming AGMs.

And last year we carried the following sealed section which are available in our archive:

  • Nick Whitlam’s dodgy stitch up at NRMA AGM
  • Costello’s mate David Knott goes after Big John Elliott
  • What happened at Boral and One.Tel AGMs
  • How we helped force Steve Vizard’s resignation from Telstra
  • Kerry Stokes and his mysterious love life
  • The infamous Daily Telegraph hit list
  • How the Commonwealth Bank stuffed up its board elections
  • Steve Vizard’s growing bank balance, enemy list and conflicts of interest
  • Kerry Packer shooting at a chopper carrying Paul Keating
  • Bob Hawke’s $80,000 in free suits
  • Shane Warne’s off-field antics
  • The tabloid editor having an affair with his secretary
  • The chairman who passed off his children by his lover as his own grandchildren
  • Felicity Kennett’s song for an injured dog
  • What Col Allan does in his sink
  • The complete Rash Long debacle over Media Flash
  • The restaurant fight between Piers Akerman and John Singleton
  • Kerry Packer and Heidi Fleiss
  • The real story of Looksmart found Evan Thornley
  • Paul Keating’s millions from Colonial
  • Why Rupert Murdoch hates Ron Walker
  • Rupert Hamer’s complaints about the Kennetts
  • 3AW’s connection to a $100 million taxpayer loss
  • The corporate battle behind the Stan and Tracey debacle